The challenge to you is to write a fic where Sam switches Jack's normal sugar fruit loops with the less sugar and what happens as a result. (From the Sam/Jack NC-17 list)

Well guys here's my first Stargate SG-1 fic.

Slight spoilers for Season 8



I do not own Stargate it is owned by MGM SciFi channel and Gecko (sp). If the SGC would be more like NASA so Sam & Jack could be together also I would not have killed off Janet.

Major Samantha Carter was in the base commissary early talking to one of the cooks, "Can you please switch the regular Fruit Loops with the low sugar ones I just gave you for Gen. O'Neill?" giving the poor cook a pleasing look.

"Sure Major I'll make sure Gen. O'Neill gets your Fruit Loops," with a smile.

About an hour later all of SG-1 and Gen. O'Neill are sitting around a table in the commissary with their food. Daniel has his normal large cup of coffee, Sam is eating a cup of yogurt and coffee, Teal's has his plate full of bacon, eggs, pancakes, what ever, and Jack has what he thought was his usual bowl of Fruit Loops. As they are eating. Daniel rambles on about what he was working on.

Jack takes a bite of his cereal, and makes a face while she chews. After swallowing the first bite, Jack reaches over to where Daniel is and grabs the sugar from in front of his friend. He pours a large amount of sugar on his food then takes another bite and make an other face. This continues for about ten bites before one by one the members os SG-1 notice what Jack is doing to his food.

After a few minuets Jack comes to the last spoonful of his bowl which is all sugar and some milk. After downing the spoon ful, he looks Sam right in the eye saying "Now that last spoonful was what Fruit Loops are suppose to taste like." then leaves the room.

As Jack walks out the door, Daniel lean over to Sam asking, "You replaced Jack's Fruit Loops with the low sugar ones?"

To which a still stunned Sam Carter can only nod her head in response.