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Chapter One, The Beginnings

"Potter, leave me alone!" Lily shrieked, "I am trying to do my job and you are interrupting and annoying me!" And you are going to get me into trouble, AGAIN.
Lily's job during the summer was to deliver newspapers once a week. Today it was even worse, there were two routes and she was in immense pain. Her mother and father had beaten her so bad this time, and it was all because of HIM. Her back and shoulders still were bleeding, and her heart and soul torn completely in two.
"Lillian Marie Evans, I just want to talk to you!" James pleaded.
"I'm sorry Lily, I was just trying to talk to you the other day and I heard your parents say your full name, I'm sorry. Let's just talk ok? Please?"
"Do you have any idea how much trouble you have gotten me into just trying to talk to me! You have tried climbing up to my window, just to talk to me – what happened? My au- err – parents saw you and gave me the worst beating (inside and out) that I have ever had! You call on the phone to try and talk to me, you stalk me everywhere I go and each and every time I get home I get another beating – ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!. If you would just lave me alone so I could get my job done and hopefully they didn't see you anywhere near me."
"Lily what are you talking about? All I'm doing, all I have ever done was try to have a civilized conversation with you, to help you as best I can to – "James started to say as he put his hands on Lily's shoulder. Lily winced as she quickly shook them off.
"You want to help me? Then get away from here and leave me alone just – "Lily stopped short, her parents had seen him, and she knew that she would get it when she got home, BAD. "NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID! THEY SAW YOU AND NOT THEY'RE GOING TO KILL ME!"
"I'll help you! I'll get you out of that place. As long as my name is James Isaac Potter I'll do it!"
Lily stopped walking... What did he say? "What did you say?"
"I said that I was going to get you out of here."
"No, not that, your middle name, what is it?" Please don't say what I thought you said; please oh please don't say –
"Isaac, why? That doesn't matter. I meant the other part though too. I'm going to owl Professor Dumbledore and get his approval to have you stay at my place until term starts again. After he approves then my parents and I will come and get you and – Lily what's wrong?"
James had finally noticed that Lily had literally been shaking in her shoes ever since he had repeated his middle name. "Lily, are you ok?! There, you see you're terrified of going back home! I am defiantly owling Dumbledore, then I'll owl you and – "
"NO! Don't ever owl Dumbledore about this and defiantly DON'T owl me. You know what happened to me after you did that last year? I still have the scars on my back! I forbid you to owl ANYONE about this!"
"Ok, Lily, I'm sorry. It looks like your done, you want me to walk you home?"
"N- no Potter, you'll just get me in more trouble, just leave me be!"
Lily took off running back home to get away from Potter and to get her punishment done and over with, leaving James Isaac Potter standing there shocked and once again feeling rejected. As Lily was getting severely punished James rushed home to talk to his parents a plan forming in his head. After all, Lily hadn't forbidden him to talk to his parents! Plus, James knew something Lily didn't.
Harrison Potter and Patrice Potter, James' parents, knew the Evans very well (at least Mr. And Mrs. Evans). They had been great friends for as long as James could remember but they didn't know that they had 2 daughters. What they had heard was that they had one daughter (who was attending the finest boarding school for ladies) and a horrible niece (who was attending a school specializing in the discipline of children). Mr. and Mrs. Potter had never met either one of the girls and did not even know their names. James kept telling them about Lily and how poorly they were treating her... Constantly he would tell them "They beat Lily, they hurt her for no reason at all!" But neither of them believed that the Evans we capable of doing that. But tonight he had a perfect plan to prove it.
James walked into the house with a sad, dreary expression on his face, earning him a confused and sympathetic look from his mother.
"James dear, what's wrong?"
"It's Lily Evans, wait before you say anything I need you to listen to me and I need you to please visit your Evans friends tonight..." James went on to tell his mother what Lily told him (leaving out the middle name fiasco) and what he had promised her. "Mother please, just visit the Evans and just look for Lily – you saw her picture briefly in that picture I took of her – and just ask a couple of questions. You need to see that they are mistreating her! You have to see!"

James couldn't contain it anymore, he was upset but he wasn't quite sure whom he was upset with. Was he mad at his mother and father for not believing him? Was he mad at Lily for refusing to have anything to do with him? Or was he mad at the Evans for treating Lily the way that they did. He had no idea but he expected that it was a little of all of them.

"James, your father and I will go over there, but don't expect anything."

"Thank you..."

"Harry (James' father, Harrison), we have to go! I promised James, plus I am curious about the accusations that James is making against our friends."
"But Patty (James' mother, Patrice), I d – "
"We're going, so get ready, and remember they are muggles so dress very nicely and appropriately. I have a plan to see if what James is saying is true..."
"H – he's j-j-just a-a b-boy from around cough around the neigh- neighborhood" Lily stuttered between gasps for breath. She had been beaten very very badly because of Potter. Worse than ever before. The reason being that she just couldn't seem to say who "that boy" was.
Ding Dong
"Go get the door girl, and remember... were Aunt Dawn and Uncle John... NOT your parents" John Evans (Lily's father) sneered at Lily.
"Yes father." Lily said weekly.
Ding Dong
Lily hurried to the door, not daring to look back to see her parent's angry faces. She looked through the peephole to see who it was and she saw a mess of unruly black hair... Potter! What is he doing here!
"James Potter, you have already gotten me into trouble once today, why did you come ba-"Lily stopped mid-sentence. For instead of seeing James Potter, she saw someone else, his look-alike, almost, except this person was about 25 years older than him and had a serious expression on his face. Please don't be James' parents!
Lily gasped; hoping terribly that her parents hadn't heard her small outburst. If they did gulp she had no idea what they would so to her, well actually she knew that would beat her but, well, yeah. She quickly cleared her throat and said, "Who shall I tell my pa – er Aunt and Uncle has arrived?"
"Harry and Patty Potter dear." Mrs. Potter said sweetly.
"Umm, come in, I'll be right back." Lily shrank back into the kitchen where her mother and father were waiting. "It's Mr. and Mrs. (cough) Potter... Sir." Lily quickly added after receiving a glare from them.
"WE HEARD, GIRL!" John Evans yelled causing Lily to stumble back into the hallway (in front of the Potters). John followed her out slapped her across the face and punched her in the stomach. When Lily groaned. She received another slap across the face. "HOW DARE YOU ACT LIKE THIS IN FRONT OF GUESTS YOU STUPID GIRL! GO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!"
Lily quickly got up and stumbled into her room, not even looking at the Potters fearing more punishment.

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