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The necklace's properties

Lily fell asleep quickly that night, not even needing a sleeping potion from the nurse. She even forgot to argue with Madame Pomfrey about leaving. She just needed to be in her own subconscious where things were relatively happy and cheerful. Where she could make things happen the way that they should, or at least the way that she wanted them to happen.

Isaac and Matt trudged back up to Gryfinndor tower in low spirits. They really wanted to get back at that stupid Kikkert who used to be their other best friend. But they didn't want to go against Lily. She was their other best friend. They entered the tower and then their dormitory, defeat written all over their faces.

When they got in, they immediately plopped down on Matt's bed, ignoring the looks from the Marauders who were planning who knows what. But it didn't stay that way for long because the Marauders went over to them anyway.

"Sooo, I assume that you went to see Lily?" Remus asked hesitantly.

They both grumbled a yes.

"Then how is she? Is she getting out today yet?" James asked excitedly.

"Doubt it." Matt grumbled.

"Oook. Is that why you're grumbling or is she getting worse."

Isaac looked up at them with a weird expression mixed with hurt and anger. "No. She won't let us prank that stupid Kikkert."

Sirius grinned broadly. "Well then never fear. She said that you can't prank him right?"

They looked at each other, an evil grin spreading across their faces. "Yes, exactly. So you guys will… right?"

Sirius grinned even more, if it was possible. "Of course! You can help us plan but you won't be doing the actual act. We already have something in mind, it will be for all of Slytherin through, but mostly the sixth year guys."

They all sat on and around Matt's bed, planning what would be the perfect prank of them all…

Dani and Sarah had life going pretty good with them for some time. Dani and Sirius had been going out for awhile and had just recently told the rest of the Marauders and Sarah about it, even though they could already tell. Sarah also had gotten together with a Marauder, Remus, just Saturday at Hogsmeade. But Sarah could feel that something was obviously missing. She didn't know if Dani felt the same way, but she missed having Lily as a part of their group. She missed the times that they spent secretly laughing at some of the stupid pranks that the Marauders did. She missed Lily always being there with a smile when she couldn't see anything bright about the day. Hey, she even missed Lily rant and rave about how stupid Potter was and having herself and Dani roll their eyes preparing for the long speech. But when she heard about what that Kikkert did to Lily, she was beyond upset. She felt so bad for Lily, and even talked about it to Dani, but that didn't go over very well…


It was late on Sunday, almost 10:30 at night and Lily was asleep. Dani was flipping through he DADA book looking for a passage that would help with the essay due later that week and Sarah had just walked in.

"Dani, don't you think that we should patch things over with Lily? You know, say that we're sorry and stuff?"

Dani almost laughed out loud. "No." She retorted. "I knew that this was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. It's no one's fault but her own. Let her deal with it herself, we don't need someone who doesn't listen to us as a friend."

"But Dani! She's hurt! Look, I know that you don't like what she did. But still, that doesn't mean that we can't be friends still with her. Friends who abandon other friends who are in need –"

Dani cut her off. "Sarah, I don't think that-"

"I don't care what you do or don't think. You came here as a transfer right? Lily befriended you. She saw that you were alone. She is just doing the same to other transfers and you can't stand to see it because you had a small fight with them before."

"I wouldn't call it small. They filled my room with bugs! Most of my things were eaten because of that!"

Sarah decided to ignore her. Dani would never forgive Lily it seemed, not for a long time.

End Flashback

When Lily woke up the next morning, Madame Pomfrey was already on her way over to her bed with a load of potions. But before Lily could say anything about leaving the nurse had already started to speak.

"Now, I know that you want to leave today, and I might have let you, but I can't because of what you did last night."

Lily was confused, she must have showed it too because the nurse spoke again.

"You mean you don't remember? You don't remember at all? I'll be right back. I need to get Professor Dumbledore." The nurse walked off muttering to herself forgetting about the potions and leaving the hospital wing.

Lily sighed and flopped back on her bed trying to remember what happened but her mind came up blank. She knew that she had argued with the nurse about leaving that night but that wouldn't mean the she would have to stay another day there. The last thing she remembered was talking to Matt and Isaac. When they left she had gone right to sleep, even though it was early. Lily looked around the room and couldn't find anything that was different, so she couldn't have thrown a tantrum; well she could have if Madame Pomfrey had already cleaned up the mess.

Lily got up out of bed and went over to the mirror above the nightstand to see if she could do something with her hair while she waited for the nurse to get back. That was when she noticed it. Her neck had scratches all over it and the necklace she was wearing had turned from the light sliver to a dark green that was almost black.

Now, this change in the necklace wouldn't have been so noticeable or mattered that much if it was a normal wizard necklace, for many of these changed colors depending on the mood of the wearer. But Lily knew now that Owen Brooker had charmed it and put types of curses in it so there was no telling what this meant.

At this time Madame Pomfrey came in with the headmaster following her.

"Miss Evans!" she shrieked. "Get back into that bed."

Lily obeyed rather shakily, still very nervous about the necklace. "Professor, I don't understand! W-what happened to me last night? Why is my neck all scratched? Why-" Lily was interrupted when Professor Dumbledore began to speak.

Professor Dumbledore sat down next to the bed and shooed the frantic nurse away. "Do you not remember anything that happened Miss Evans?" When Lily shook her head no he sighed. "Well then. I guess that I should explain. First of all, I want to make it clear that I do not know why you do not remember what happened last night. Now, I'll try to explain this to you the best that I am able to. At 9 o'clock last evening Madame Pomfrey came to give you your sleeping drought to find you already asleep. A few hours later she heard you moaning and shrieking. She immediately went to get me when she was unable to calm you down or wake you up. When we got here you were clawing at your neck trying to rip off your necklace, which by the way was glowing. I could not get you to calm down right away either but together we were able to restrain your hands and ten minutes later you relaxed. We woke you up and asked you what happened. You told us that you were too tired to talk and you would tell us in the morning." The professor sighed. "Now you are telling us that you do not remember a thing."

"Yes Professor, I'm sorry. Do you have any idea why any of that was happening?"

"No, I am afraid to say that I do not. May I ask you where you got that necklace?"

"I got it for my birthday Professor. At the time I thought that it was from my friend, but it wasn't." Lily trailed off, unsure if she should tell him who had given it to her.

It seemed like the Professor had read her mind because he said quite firmly, "Tell me who gave it to you Miss Evans."

Lily tried to form the words in her mouth but before she was able to reply, a voice that was not her own came out. "Leave us be Dumbledore. It is none of your business where this necklace came from." Immediately after that Lily clamped her hands over her mouth and then tried to speak again but no words came out.

Professor Dumbledore looked quite shocked and put a hand on Lily's shoulder. "Don't worry Miss Evans. We will get to the bottom of this." He started to leave but Lily grabbed his arm and pointed to the necklace gesturing wildly. "Ah… you wish for me to take it off?" Lily nodded and the professor sighed. "I do not think that that would be the best course of action. You see, when you were trying to snatch at the necklace and it was glowing. I noticed something else that I felt that I shouldn't tell you, but maybe… maybe I should…"

Lily's eyes went kind of wide and she shook her head no vigorously. If he hadn't wanted to tell her before, she didn't really want to know.

The headmaster looked at her oddly. "Alright Miss Evans, if that is what you want I will respect your wishes. But I want to ask you not to ask anyone else to take it off either." When he saw Lily's confused face and opened mouth he continued. "Do you realize how many securities we have seen so far Lily? When you tired to tell me who gave you the necklace someone else took over your voice and now can no longer speak. I also believe that what happened last night was a defensive mechanism." He then got up again. "I must go now Miss Evans. I'm sure that soon will have some other visitors.

Lily slumped even farther back in the hospital bed. Owen had told her that she wouldn't be able to take it off, but she had though that maybe Dumbledore could have done something…

Matt woke up that morning very excited. They were going to be pulling their prank on the Slytherins the next day and Lily was supposed to get out of the hospital wing that morning. He got up and ready, quickly packing his bag for the classes of the day. Slowly the other 5 members of the dorm got up and did the same.

They had gotten up rather late that day so they knew they couldn't see Lily before breakfast if they wanted to make it.

When they got there, the 6th year girls were already eating.

"So, did any of you see Lily yet today?" Matt asked eagerly.

Ashley nodded and Jessica spoke. "Ashley and I did. Danielle and Sarah did not though."

"How is she? She's getting out this morning right?" James asked, also eager to hear how Lily was doing.

"Actually, she gets out sometime tomorrow. Something happened to her last night and now she can't talk so Pomfrey wants to keep her there for observation." Ashley said in a low voice.

A roar of laughter went up from the Slytherin table and they looked over there briefly. Owen Brooker seemed to be telling some story that was quite funny.

They all turned back to their food and sighed.

Jessica finally spoke. "Ashley, wasn't Lily's necklace a different color?"

Peter looked confused. "What necklace? I didn't know that she had one."

Jessica looked at him oddly, "The one that she got from Kikkert for her birthday you dolt."

Matt and Isaac looked at each other quickly then back at Jessica. "Kikkert didn't get her a necklace for her birthday. He had forgotten to get her something." Isaac said.

"So THAT'S why she wasn't mad at him. I thought for sure it was-"

"Anyway, the thing is that it was a different color." Jessica said again interrupting Matt.

Everyone ignored her though. "But if Kikkert didn't give her the necklace, who did?" Remus asked, "Did any of you?"

They all looked at each other and shook their heads.

Jessica was getting annoyed at not being listened to so she tried to connect the two subjects. "Well, my guess is Malfoy, or someone else in Slytherin. Did you notice that her necklace was a different color? That can't be good."

"It was?" Sirius asked.

"YES! I have been trying to say that for the past five minutes!" Jessica exclaimed.

The group fell silent for awhile then Isaac spoke up. "If it is from Malfoy, the fact that it changed color isn't a good thing at all. I have an idea… I'm going to go to the library to look something up. I'll se you in our first class." He got up from the table and left the Great Hall in a hurry.

Everyone then looked at Remus expecting him to follow Isaac seeing as Remus was the smartest one of the group. But he shook his head. "I have no idea what Isaac's idea is, so stop looking at me like that!"

Isaac walked into DADA class just on time but shook his head when eight (every sixth year Gryfinndor but Pettigrew) eager faces turned to look at him. He hadn't found what he was looking for yet.

At lunchtime Isaac simply grabbed a roll before heading off again to the library while Matt, Jessica, and Ashley went off to visit Lily and the others went… who knows where. He stayed in there all of break and made it to History of Magic just in time. But after classes he would simply grab a roll and head off to the library until Madame Pince shut the doors and told him to leave.

When he got back to the common room he went over to Matt, Jessica and Ashley who were sitting by the fire. "Any changes in Lily?" He asked eagerly.

Matt sighed. "No, although she said that she should be getting out right before supper tomorrow because Pomfrey can't find anything that would prohibit her from leaving."

Isaac nodded his head then jerked it back up again. "Wait, you just told me that Lily said something to you! She can talk again?"

If it wasn't for the situation Matt and the girls would have laughed. "No, she didn't say anything. She has some parchment and writes on it to talk to us." Jessica said.

"Oh, well, I'm heading off to bed." Isaac started, "Tell the Marauders to hold what we had planned till Thursday when Lily's there for breakfast. We don't want her to miss it. I need to wake up early to go to the library again. I think I almost found what I'm looking for."

The next day during break the Marauders, Matt, and the 4 girls were sitting out by the lake when Isaac came running towards them from the castle with a very large book in his hand and victory mixed with grief all over his face.

"I found it! I found the spell that Lily's under! It's called the Imerteans Spell." He panted as he collapsed by the others.

Nine eager faces looked at him and James spoke. "So that means that you can undo it right?"

At this Isaac's face completely fell. "Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do about it. But because of this information I have a better guess as to who gave Lily that necklace and it ISN'T Malfoy, although I wouldn't have put it past him."

Jessica looked at him oddly. "Well, if it isn't Malfoy and it isn't that slime ball Kikkert who could it be?"

James looked straight at Isaac and said two words. "Owen Brooker." He didn't say it as a question or a theory, he said it as a fact.

Isaac looked right back at him and opened the book to the page that he was looking for. "Before you make any drastic decisions you need to read this."

As Isaac pushed the book towards the group, no one was paying any attention to Remus' horror struck face when he heard the name of the spell or his distant, "Of course, It all makes sense now" as Sarah began to read aloud from 'Curses, Jinxes, and Spells More Horrible Than Words Can Describe… A Journal of John Webly'.

A man named Michael Jennings in 1752 discovered the Imerteans Spell. Michael Jennings actually tested various spells and curses on himself so one can never be 100 certain that the Imerteans Spell is what we all think and believe it to be.

This spell requires a great deal of ability in dark magic and depending on the castor's strength allows them some control over the victim's body. The Imerteans spell can be cast on any inanimate object that can be worn but the most common type to use is the jewelry.

When the victim puts it on, they are unable to take it off, only two people are able to.

The effects of the spell are quite simple. Depending on the variation of this spell that is used, when the victim is asked to reveal something about the topic they will loose their voice for up to 10 days. When about to hear about the spell will loose their hearing for up to 10 days. And when about to see something about the spell will loose their sight for up to 10 days. Of course the only exception is if one of the two people (mentioned later) are the ones asking, telling, or showing information about the spell.

If the spell is work to its full capacity other things may occur, such as when the victim becomes unconscious unwillingly, when they wake up they are in immense pain and can not move and can barely talk until the castor shares a breath with the victim.

If the victim or anyone else tries to remove it, the article will glow and part of the victim's inner self is brought into it causing it to turn a different color. If this is tried numerous times, eventually all of the victim's inner self will be inside the necklace and it is more complicated in getting it of and sometimes can't be without killing.

However, if the castor dies, it can be taken off by one other. This one other can take it off but it is not known to anyone (even the castor) who it is except for themselves.

If both the castor and the other dies, a new other is found and so on until the spell is ended or the victim dies.

Not much else in known about this spell except that here is no known cure other than having it removed.

The rest of the article was blurred and to hard to read but after reading it everyone was quite. Everyone looked first at Isaac, then at James. It was beyond a doubt that he was right, that is was Owen Brooker that had given Lily the necklace. They had even seen him kissing Lily in the hospital wing.

Matt's eyes got darker and darker and finally he spoke. "I'm gonna kill Brooker."

"Oh, I wouldn't think about dong that if I were you." A voice behind them said in a gloating way.

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