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Note: Italicized sentences are Hermione's thoughts. Bold sentences are Draco's thoughts.

Chapter 2- "Under My Skin"

Draco had smoked more than average already. He had smoked more and more ever since the beginning of that term. He grew anxious and bewildered more quickly.

Merlin, I need sex...

He glanced around the Great Hall and his silver-gray eyes landed on...

"Parvati Patil, Gryffindor slut..." he whispered.

He watched her carefully. After lunch ended, he made his way to Arithmancy. He seated himself at the back of the room and watched Granger enter the classroom.

Indeed, our little mudblood had changed quite a bit. Her hair had grown longer and less bushy. It was now wavy and golden-brown. It framed her face nicely and floated around like it was in the wind. Her body had filled out and she had very dramatic curves. Her lips had grown redder and fuller. Draco hardened as he imagined what was underneath the uniform.

Hot, very hot, indeed.

Class began and ended fairly well. Professor Victor assigned no homework and let them go early. Draco walked his normal route to Potions. Potions began and ended quickly. Professor Snape assigned an easy homework on wolfsbang; the rest of the day was uneventful, until dinner...

Draco watched Parvati strut out with her group of friends. He hid behind a statue and muttered a spell. Her shoelaces untied. She told her friends to go on and she would catch up with them later. Draco emerged from behind the statue after her friends left. He whispered from behind her, "Hello, Patil."

She jumped, but regained her composure by saying, "Hello, Malfoy. What do you want?"

"Um... you?" he smirked.

She broke out a sly grin. Draco grabbed her wrist and muttered, "Let's go."

He pulled her to a room and began kissing her neck roughly as he unbuttoned her shirt with ease. Finally, he took it off revealing a black bra. He took that off, too.

Sweet mother...

He sucked on "it" gently, taking extra time. He massaged the other, occasionally alternating. She moaned many times and began to get wet. He moved on and ripped her skirt off, hearing the buttons fall away. Parvati took his shirt off impatiently and licked his well-toned chest.

She slid his pants down, showing a pair of green silky boxers. She took that off and began to suck on his "manhood". She sucked and put the whole thing in his mouth.

"Patil!" he groaned.

He pulled her back up and pressed her against the wall. He picked her legs up and pushed into her. She moaned. He pushed it harder, panting as he moved faster. She met in harmony with him and they moved at a rapid pace. Deeper, he went into her, feeling her juice gush out. He finally pulled out with reaching the climax and sucked on her breasts again.

"Oh, Merlin," she screamed.

"Want more?" he asked with his signature smirk.

She nodded. He laid on top of her and moved into her again. She panted and shook as they both felt the electric pleasure throughout their bodies. He was about to reach the climax when Parvati turned him over (so she was on top) and she moved faster.

Boy, it feels good when you're not the one doing the work.

"I'm coming, soon," he panted.

"Me-too," she panted as she faster and faster.

He felt her juice gush out and he felt himself release his cum. She got off and Draco made her suck on his dick.

"Oh, right. Oh, that feels good. Suck, baby, suck!" he yelled.

She obliged and began to play around. This lasted all night until three o'clock in the morning.

"Fuck me one more time," she commanded.

He smirked and entered her once more. He pushed un and out, in and out. She was now moaning very loudly, "Malfoy, harder, harder, HARDER!"

"I'm-trying," he panted.

He released himself and groaned. They both fell into an orgasm with him still inside her. Finally, regaining consciousness, he pulled out and left her there naked. He whispered in her ear, "Thanks for the sex."

After licked her breasts one more time, he walked away with her underwear in his pocket.

Draco woke up the next morning in his own bed. He turned over to check the grandfather clock in the corner.

"5:46..." he groaned.

He had only slept for two hours, but no matter; he couldn't go back to sleep once he was awake.

He got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Granger was there brushing her teeth.

"Morning," he greeted.

"Up so early?" she asked.

"Yeah, couldn't sleep..." he replied

"How was the 'night' with Parvati?" she asked to his surprise.

"How'd you know?" he asked in amazement.

"You know Parvati. Gossip Queen of the school. She was blabbing about how you spent extra time on her breasts. Bla bla bla... Loads of crap to me," she said in a monotonous tone.

Draco nodded. He washed his face and brushed his teeth. After Granger left, he took his normal shower.

He finished and went into his room. He got out a pair of boxers, black pants, and a Manchester United T-shirt. He walked out into the common room and saw Granger sitting there in jeans and a white tank top, reading a book.

She looked up and asked surprisingly, "You know Manchester United?"

"Of course! They're a football team," Draco said.

Hermione whistled, "I thought you didn't know about anything muggle..."

"You might be surprised at how much I know," he sat down with his CD player.

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