Shaule Sachs

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Version 0.1

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Nabiki Tendo was slightly nervious as she walked through the open

streets of New Nerima. As a city girl, in her three-piece business

suit, she drew a lot of attention to herself. Something she was,

trying to avoid. While she was not the only city girl in the small

town, she was the only one that was Free, as marked by her wearing


It was hard to believe that in the five years since the 'GI Jane

Rebellion,' that World had changed so much. Or rather, that the Old

Ways had returned in such force, and taken to such extremes, in

several areas.

In that time, she had gotten used to the looks of contempt and

hatred her fellow women shot at her that she was Free, and proud of

it. She heard the whispering behind her back, calling her names, the

worse, of course, that she was a 'Jane in the Closest'. Her 'peers'

knew she was no Jane, nor held any such beliefs. They knew that the

whispering was just because she was different, while she was no Jane,

she was independent. And that it was her seemly independance that

scared them and made them hate her. What they did not understand was

that her much valued independence was only an illusion. Nor how much

that fact irked her. She knew her independence was only because of

Ranma Saotome and his protection, and not anything she done or could


She knew that her pre-Jane Rebellion business 'practices' had

made her a lot of enemies and rivals, several of whom, survived and

would love to buy her, but she was not a war criminal, a

Traditionalist, nor did she seek any more power then what was

absolutely required for her position in the company. She did her job,

she did it well, and she was the best fiancial analyst in most of

Asia. Although, thanks to the Janes, that did not mean as much as it

once did.