By, Mimi Love Fox

It was midnight and the stars were shining brightly. A young woman was walking to the stairs to Angel's penthouse. In her right arm she protectively clutched a soft bundle. Angel's apartment door was locked, but with a graceful flick of her wrist she had the door jimmied opened. Startled by the noise, the nestled baby began to weep. "Hush little one; your sire will come home soon," his protector crooned. The woman seated herself in a dark corner of the room. A sad smile spread across her gentle face as she looked down at her precious bounty.

A few moments later the weary homeowner returned to his dark dwelling. Angel's mind was elsewhere, his thoughts consumed with anxiety. He had not seen Spike since the Battle of the Cup of Doom. Where was he? Why had he gone so long without contacting Angel? "I sense you are worried about your grand-babe," the soft voice echoed from the corner. Angel had not been aware of the stranger's presence. Startled, he leaned closer. His eyes were met with the small figure. She was a mixture of girlish beauty and elfin charm. With a cute little nose and pointy ears, her ethereal glance shown up at him. Angel swallowed down his initial shock, his game face returned, "Who are you, and what are you doing in my home?" he asked firmly. The woman exposed the infants face and said, "My name is forgotten, but I have rescued your stolen one. I sensed his struggle and a pain so deep, it made me cry. I was drawn closer and discovered that the poor lost soul was your Spike." Angel's composure fell away as he caught site of the baby's feisty blue eyes. His face softened, he suddenly felt old and sad. The woman sensed this, "There were forces too strong for him to fight alone. They have taken his soul and enfeebled him to the vulnerable state you now see before you. They had the hopes of molding him to become their emissary of evil."

"I do have the power to turn him into a human but I don't believe it is right. I also have hidden his soul but it is still intact''
Angel was in rage and yelled "How dare you do this to him. H e worked
so hard to win his soul " "I have the right to do what is the best for him." "What right do you have over him? I am his sire." "I am his guardian Angel. I know you are his sire. That is the only reason why I am letting you raise him," she said with a frown to her lovely mouth. "I can not raise him. He is evil now." As if baby Spike understood what his sire had just said he cried. It was a heartbreaking sound. The woman sighed and handed the baby to a reluctant Angel. She also gave Angel a bottle of blood. They both took a seat to talk. The woman said, "I can understand your reasons but you are wrong about him. He is not evil. He still has a soul, but it is hidden and needs lot of love to bring out the best in him. Do you agree?" Angel was thinking about everything the woman said. He was thinking how wonderful it would be to raise him. His decision was made and he looked to the woman to tell her of his answer but she had disappeared.