Baby Boy ch.#2
By, Mimi Love Fox

Angel sat staring at his grand-childette Spike who was seated on his lap. Spike looked right back into the face of his Grand Sire. Angel had so many conflicting emotions running through his heart. He was happy to have a fresh new start with his childette, but angry at the situation. His confidence in his fathering abilities had been left shattered by the past. He was going into brood mode. How was he supposed take care of a baby? His only experience caring for a baby was cut short by Conner's kidnapping. Angle began to feel a warm sensation spreading across his lap. With the dawning realization of the problem at hand, Angel was awakened from his musing. Angel stood, holding baby Spike at arms length as he tried to think of what to do. The yellow stream continued to flow. The river paused. Angel took a deep breath and asked, "Are you done?" As if answering Angel's question, the stream starts again. Then it stops. Angel looked down at his damp dilemma with a mixture of surprise and disgust. His eyebrows knitted over widening eyes peering out above a pinched nose and pursed lips. The expression on Angel's face must have hit baby Spike right on the funny bone. The baby bubbles out a cute little baby giggle. Angel laughed out loud. "O.K. Spike, let get you cleaned up"
Spike looked back at his Grandsire with adoring sky blue eyes. "Who's going to get a nice warm bath?" Angel asks in an upbeat voice. He was rewarded by another laugh from his new guest. "Oh, you are cutest baby!" Angel couldn't help but remark. Angel went to his room for a change of pants for himself and to look for anything that could be used in lieu of a diaper. First he found a new pair of jeans, and then some old t-shirts that he would not miss. He then sat Spike in an open topped cardboard box, to keep him corralled while he changed his pants and drew a warm tub. Spike peered out, over the side of the box, as he watched the activity around him with interested. Angel then whisked Spike off to the tub. The baby began to flap and flail his arms in childish glee as soon as he hit the water, splashing Angel with lots of big waves.
"Spike, I am not the one who needs a bath!" Angel said with a mock stern voice. After a while, Spike let out with a little yawn.
"O.K. Little one, you've had a big day"
Angel lifted spike from the tub, wraps him in a nice warn towel, and takes him to the bedroom where he is dried and dressed for bed. Folded t- shirts double as diapers and another becomes a long nightshirt, too long. Angel knotted the bottom and it became a bunting. "Spike you're are going to have to sleep with me," said an exhausted Angel, who lay down with the baby's head resting in the crook of his arm. They both closed their eyes. Angel drifted off to sleep with feelings of contentment and happiness. But within a few hours a crying baby Spike awakened him.