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I really don't understand why she does it. She overreacts and yells a lot but I highly doubt that she will carry out half of the things she threatens to do to me. So what's the point? Of course I always whimper for mercy and beg her forgiveness; earning a smug look from her and a rich chuckle from Wolfwood. Then there's that, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. The unconventional priest that totes around a cross full of deadly weapons, and a sharp wit just as lethal. You never really know when he's going to show up, or how long he's going to stay before taking off on his own again. I guess we are kind of alike in a sense.

Fortunately he comes to my rescue and drags me away to our hotel room, throwing a 'goodnight' over his shoulder at the two insurance girls. He lets go of my arm once we reach our room and shuts the door behind him before bursting out laughing. It really is a nice sound but I would enjoy it a lot more if I knew what he was laughing at. "Excuse me but am I missing something here?" The priest picked himself up from the floor, where he had not so gracefully fallen, and sat down on the bed across from mine.

"You do realize that she does that because she likes you right?" "Huh? Who does what?" Wolfwood suppressed another fit of laughter and wiped tears out the corner of his eyes. "Meryl, she's always yelling at you and causing a ruckus because she likes you." I frowned and slit my eyes at the priest, crossing my arms over my chest. "It doesn't seem like that, if she does that must be the most sadistic way of showing your feelings to someone you like." That set him laughing again until he could barely breathe. Leaving me no choice I had to remind him the importance of breathing, and the necessity of air.

"All right come on Wolfwood quit laughing before you die from it for cryin' out loud!" I sat next to him and slapped his back until he turned around and grabbed my approaching hand. He narrowed his eyes and growled low in his throat very menacing compared to my good-natured grin. "Bastard," and with that he tackled me, knocking me to the floor. He crowed success until I shoved him onto his back, pinning his hands above his head. "You are no match for the Humanoid Typhoon, get used to it!"

"Oh really now?" I have decided as of now, that look in his eyes only means one thing. Trouble. "Take this!" Wolfwood wrenched one arm free and used it to tickle me, automatically weakening my defenses. "S-s-stop! Ch-cheater!" He didn't stop tickling me until there was a loud bang on the door, followed by a shrill voice. "Vash open this door right now!"

Before I could blink, Wolfwood was under the covers of his bed feigning sleep and leaving me to face the insurance girl. This time I was the one that muttered bastard, earning a slight snigger from the priest that was silenced by a carefully aimed pillow. Putting on my most innocent face, I opened the door just as Meryl started to try and break it down; therefore she ended up in my arms. "Oh," I must admit she is very pretty, but she is so not my type. "Yes, can I help you Meryl?" I used my most debonair attitude, attempting to discern if what Wolfwood said is true.

"N-no I was just w-wondering what all that noise was. Ah... goodnight." "Goodnight Meryl, sweet dreams." She blushed several shades of red before running out of the door. Wolfwood sat straight up in bed laughing again and I rolled my eyes when I realized that I would have to get him to breathe, again. "Honestly you're going to die before you hit thirty if you keep laughing like that!" As his howls turned into chortles of amusement, I ceased my back slapping and lay down on my bed.

"So what are you going to do now that you know she has the hots for you?" I sighed and turned onto my side so I could see Wolfwood. "I honestly don't know, what do you think I should do?" He shrugged and started getting ready for bed, unbuttoning his black jacket. "Well, do you like her?" His voice was slightly muffled by the shirt coming over his head, leaving his hair sticking up in all directions. "Not really, she isn't my type."

Wolfwood laughed a sound I could seriously appreciate. "Understood. So what is your type? Milly?" I shook my head, sure I like Milly but more as a sister than anything romantic. "No, my type is strong, smart, gorgeous to look at, perfect body, charming, funny, and matches me in everyway." "Well I hope your ideal girl doesn't match you in every way. For some reason a girl with a broom-styled hair-do like yours isn't very sexy. But if I see a girl who matches your description, I'll contact you."

Even though I do chase a lot of women, its all for fun. In truth none of them actually meet my standards. Well one person does, except he's most definitely not a woman. I look over at Wolfwood walking to the bathroom in his boxers and realize that he meets all my wants in a partner. To bad he doesn't swing that way. Actually I didn't know I did either until I met him. "What's up Needle-noggin, thinking about something?" It sounded funny due to the toothbrush in his mouth as well as the foam from the toothpaste but I got the general idea.

"No, just thinking…and dreaming." He nodded and went back to the bathroom to rinse, coming back in with a smirk on his face. "What, dreamin' about your dream girl?" For lack of a witty response I simply nodded, sitting up to start removing my red trench coat. "Hey Wolfwood…..is it okay if it's not a girl?" That question threw him for a loop; he was clearly shocked by it. "Well yea I guess so…sure why not. Love is love I guess." I nodded and finished taking off my coat, picking up my pajamas and heading to the bathroom to take a relaxing bath. I hope he isn't disgusted by what I just admitted; I would die if he did. After running my water, removing the rest of my clothes and sitting in the water, I made up my mind. I'm going to tell him tonight, friends don't keep things from each other and I would rather have it out in the open instead of festering in the dark. I just hope it doesn't go as bad as I think it will…

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