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Well, I guess I should get out of the bathtub. Staying in here until the water is cold ultimately isn't a good way to avoid discussing a sensitive topic with your best friend/ love interest. With a sigh I hoisted my lanky frame out of the chilled water and proceeded to dry off with a towel, donning my pajamas after all that was done.

I walked out of the room to see Nick leaning out the window, a cigarette dangling from his lips and his thin eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. "Wolfwood is everything okay?" Smoky blue eyes locked onto mine, a smile gracing his features.

"Yea I'm fine. Just thinking about something." A long yet comfortable silence passed between us, Nick eventually turned his gaze back out to the window. "V-Vash...I kind of have a problem and well...I don't know what to do about it." At my raised eyebrow he hesitantly continued. "There's this guy that I kinda like. Actually I kinda like this guy a lot but I don't know how to tell them."

I couldn't help but feel a little unsure about telling Nick that I love him, especially since he clearly holds an interest in some other man. Nonetheless I still have to get this weight off my chest and do the right thing...well at least what I hope is the right thing.

"Well how about we both say things that we like, or can't stand about them. That way maybe you could think of something I can't and vice versa." Nick nodded, eyes gazing upon the desert landscape bathed in the light of a moon.

"He's tall, my exact height and he has a gorgeous smile...when he actually smiles truly." Nick took a drag on his cigarette and blew a smoke ring, letting it float off into the night.

"Well, this guy is tall too. And tan, and wonderful. He looks especially good when he's deep in thought or grinning triumphantly covered in either gun grease or motor oil." I can never forget the day when Nick worked for six hours straight on his bike, hollering and shouting praises to the Lord that it was finally fixed. He had grabbed me, covered motor oil and sweat, and swung me in circles laughing all the while. I always want to see him like that, happy and smiling.

"He's kind of a crybaby, and he whines a lot. And he cares too damn much." Unconsciously I frowned, so we're discussing faults are we.

"Sometimes he lets his anger cloud his judgment, and he smokes." When I first met Nick he could kill a person in cold blood without batting an eye, its just the way a past like his changes a person. Thankfully he has been making attempts to curb his itchy trigger finger.

"But even then...he is an extraordinary gunman that never wants to intentionally hurt someone. At first I thought his ethics were damn stupid but now...he amazes me every time. The only thing that tops his zealous proclamations of 'Love and Peace' is his insane love for donuts." Is Nick talking about...ME!?

Oh shit I didn't just say that out loud did I? Now Vash knows its him I'm in love with! I planned to break it to him with more finesse than that! I wince slightly when I hear the famous outlaw gasp. Yep, he knows. Now I just have to wait and see what his reaction will be...dun dun duhhhhh.

"He's a little rough around the edges, but he has a big heart. The only thing he loves more than his motorcycle is probably children. The wandering priest who leaves at the drop of a dime, and I always hate to see him ride away into the horizon." I felt my eyes go wide and I turned to look at Vash, who's sparkling aquamarine eyes held depths of emotion...just for me.

With a smile he lifted a scarred hand to the side of my unshaven face, wrapping the other arm around my waist. "The man who is worth more than the price on my head. My priest...my gunman...my Nicholas." With that Vash pulled me in for a kiss, his body coming into full contact with my own. There is no possible way to describe what his lips, his touch, his whole being feels like, the only thing I can say is that in him I have found my nirvana.

He pulled back I sighed in disappointment over the loss of intimate contact. "You haven't told me who your in love with Nicky. Who is it that has captured your heart? Has succeeded where I have failed?" I chuckled at Vash's imitation of a heartbroken lover, right down to clutching my shirt in desperation.

With a pained sigh I removed his hands from my nightshirt, holding them fondly within my own. "Silly Outlaw, I love you!" I seized his lips in a fierce kiss, one that he deepened by parting his soft lips. When the necessity of air once more became apparent to me, I reluctantly pulled away from Vash's sweet essence before breaking out into a helpless fit of the giggles. Vash looked at me strange for a few moments before joining in with his own maniacal laughter, a true smile on his face.

Eventually we engaged in more...interesting activity shall we say? (A/N: Sorry no lemon! I might do one later but I can't right now. Use your imaginations!)

I have found my paradise. A soft bed with Nick laying in my arms. My priest. "How are you feeling Nicky?"

"Sore." I chuckled a little, well until Nick slapped me on my bare stomach. "S'not funny. I hurt like hell!"

"I'm sorry Nick, I honestly didn't mean to." A sleepy kiss on my jaw eased away my fears. "S'okay, I enjoyed it. Plus I will have my revenge tomorrow." I grinned, thinking that Nick was talking about our positions being switched. "Oh? And how would you do that?"

"I get to see Meryl's reaction when I kiss you at the breakfast table." Ohhh Shit...

Buying a new nightshirt because your recent lover ripped it in his earlier haste: $$6.00

Whipped Cream and various other toppings to use later on: $$12.00

Having your lover laugh at you while you get yelled at by a small insurance girl because you dare to think that she ever liked you: Priceless.

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