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Well, I finally finished. I didn't exactly mean for the story to end up being a tragedy, but I figured I would try something different, because sad endings are short in supply. The line that Ellie and Vash use repeatedly, "just in the stories," was meant to be rather ironic, considering most of the stories we all read are happily-ever-afters, and they ended up dying in each other's arms while their son Frey is taken by Kyte to safety.

I recieved an email from someone stating that they were angry at Ellie for "forsaking" Frey and going back to Vash. They viewed it as selfish, especially if she was pregnant. Well, to tell you the truth, if she hadn't gone back to Vash, chances are both she and the babies would have died anyway, because she was a plant and was known throughout most cities and would have been hunted down. Frey, however, is unknown and can be raised among the humans-he could very well pass as a human, like Vash did- without any danger. Anyway, I'm sorry you were disappointed with Ellie, but I believe that if you think logically about her situation, she wasn't being selfish-she was doing what was in the best interest of her child, the one that was most likely to survive.

I think really the main point of this fic was not just the romance between Vash/Ellie and Knives/Eve, but rather how Vash and Knives changed as characters. At first they were bitter with one another, but after all that happened they were finally able to put away their past and start anew, with forgiveness. I think what I was subconsciously trying to point out was that in order to achieve love and peace, we have to exercise tolerance and forgivness.

Believe it or not this is probably the shortest fic I've ever written! Most of my fanfics end up being epics, 320 pages or so long. Phew!

I was thinking about doing a sequel to this story but I'm pretty sure I like it the way it is. You can all imagine what happened to Frey on your own-besides, there are plenty of sons-and-daughters-of-Vash fics out there already, and I would prefer not to add to the collection.

Thank you all so much for reading and reviewing this. I hope you found it enjoyable.


I've never been a real fan of cross-overs, but for my next fanfic I am going to be blending the two shounen animes "Full Metal Alchemist" and "Naruto."


"Are you kidding?" Iruka gasped. Edward and Alphonse shifted uncomfortably on either side of him. "I'm not marrying her! No way! I don't even know her name!"

"It has already been arranged." Lord Kyoung said calmly. The girl that sat across from him glared and then lowered her eyes to her tea, saying nothing.

"By who?" Iruka demanded.

"By your brother, of course."

Iruka blinked. "By my . . ."

The door slid open and Kakashi stepped through, looking bright and cheerful as he put away the latest edition of "Come Come Paradise" in his pocket. "Well, well, good morning, everybody!"

"Well, hello, Kakashi." Lord Kyoung greeted with a laugh and a chuckle. The sweatdrops on Edward and Alphonse kept getting bigger.

Iruka's eyes popped open and he turned bright red, gripping his fists. "KAKASHI!"



There was crashing and the ruckus outside continued. The girl looked emberrassed and angry as she stood up and spoke so fast neither Edward or Alphonse could understand it. "Sit down, Hong Li." Her father commanded.

"Father, I am NOT going to marry that pig!" She shouted, pointing outside to where Iruka and Kakashi were wrestling.

"You'll do as you're told!" Lord Kyoung scolded. "He's a good man!"

"If you like him so much, you marry him." She retorted, taking off her ceremonial attire and revealing much more boyish clothes. And with that, she stormed out.

Edward and Alphonse sat awkwardly with the father; Edward sipped his tea and cleared his throat. "What a little-"

"Nice girl." Alphonse interrupted, kicking his brother.


"I'm sure she and Iruka will . . ." Alphonse tried to laugh. "Get along just fine."

Edward rested his elbows on the table, sulking. "I hate this place."


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