Aelita's Hero

Sword Master Jeff: Well, I see that everyone liked the first chapter of this story. I thought that I would get the second chapter up right away.

Staff Master Kristi: Why you little suck up.

Sword Master Jeff: Someone has been watching the Garfield movie a little too much. Anyways, this will mostly revolve around Jeremy and Aelita. Odd and the others might be in more of the beginning of the story, but as it gets towards the end, they will make less of an appearance.

Borrowed Time

"As long as Xana doesn't attack, I should work on creating a character to help Aelita. Otherwise, I'll never be able to go into Lyoko and help Aelita stay alive, and then the anti-virus won't even have a purpose because she'd be dead." Jeremy thought to himself as he was working on creating a character with high life points to help the love of his life. He was just getting started, first getting the image started and then to program the image.

"Perfect." Jeremy said as he equipped four swords to his character, one for each main element: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. "Now what could my special technique be?" Jeremy thought to himself. Yumi had her telekinesis, Ulrich had his speed and clones, and Odd had his Foresight. "I got it!" Typing in his special technique, and okaying it, he was now ready to program it into Lyoko. It was a good thing it was a Friday; he was going to stay up all night working on his character.

"Jeremy, shouldn't you go to sleep?" Aelita asked as she came up on his computer screen.

"I should, but I'm creating a Lyoko character to help just in case something happens to the others. And I am using all of the time that Xana doesn't attack to create it." He replied.

"Can I see what it looks like?" she asked.

"Sure." He shows Aelita the character. It was like Ulrich's uniform, but blue and the four swords.

"I think that you should go to sleep Jeremy. I'll finish this for you." She said to Jeremy after she saw his character. He started to feel tired, yawning. He agreed and kept the computer on as Aelita worked on his character. She was starting to worry about him as he was going to all of these lengths in order to help her, but she was starting to feel something that she didn't know about, love.

By the time that Jeremy woke up, Aelita told him that she had finished the programming for the character and that she started to feel some pulsations, which meant that Xana had infected a tower. After Jeremy localized the tower, he found out that it was in the desert region. She signed off of Jeremy's computer and after putting the coordinates in. She went towards the edge of the tower and jumped off. After a while, she stopped falling and stopped on the floor of a deactivated tower in the desert region. She exited the tower and followed the pulsations to the activated tower. Jeremy went to the factory, but didn't call the others since it was a Saturday and only ten in the morning.

He was looking at the area where the tower was, but the super computer didn't show any enemies, it was as if Xana wanted her to purify his newest infected tower.

"Be careful Aelita, the computer isn't showing any of Xana's monsters." Jeremy spoke into his microphone. She ran towards the tower, suspicious about the whole thing, but it was her duty to stop Xana from attacking Earth. She went into the tower and went to the top floor. A menu came up with her name on it, as well as the word Code: she put in LYOKO, but nothing happened to the tower. An error message came on the menu where she put in the code and a net came out from the top of the tower and captured her, while Xana was laughing, saying "hook, line and sinker."


Sword Master Jeff: Flame me if you want to, but then you would only be powering Jeremy's fire sword, as well as Valermos, which is my fire sword. I hope that you liked this chapter, and this is the story where I might start having a ton of cliffhangers. I call foresight and telekinesis and speed special techniques, because only they can use them.

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