Aelita's Hero

Sword Master Jeff: I think I forgot to say this, so I'm saying it now, I don't own Code Lyoko. All I own is the idea. Now that that's out of my system, let me just say this one more time so reviewers don't complain about it. I've seen the spelling for Aelita as this and as Aelita. I'm not sure which one is the right one, so I'm going to keep it the way that I've been spelling her name, so I can keep my sanity intact.

Tests for Jeremy

On the way towards the factory, Jeremy asked Yumi if she could use the computer again so that he could go to Lyoko.

"But you can't go into Lyoko. The last time you tried, you were almost killed!" Yumi responded but Jeremy said just to trust him on this one. Yumi nodded, knowing that if it came from Jeremy, then she could trust him.

"Yumi, are all systems ready to go?" Jeremy asked her as she was in front of the super computer, doing Jeremy's job. He trusted her over the other two because she had sent Odd and Ulrich to Lyoko the time that he was taking that test.

"Yeah, you're all set Jeremy. I'll send Odd and Ulrich with you just in case Xana tries to pull something." She replied back to him. She had willingly given up the scanner that she used to get to Lyoko so that Jeremy could go. "Scanning Jeremy, Scanning Odd, Scanning Ulrich. Transferring Jeremy, Transferring Odd, Transferring Ulrich. Virtualization." She said as she completed the transportation from the human world to Lyoko.

Odd and Ulrich were surprised that Jeremy was in Lyoko, but also with high life points. They were also surprised that the super computer could store this much in the memory. Xana was waiting in front of an army of crabs, launchers, tanks and wasps. Jeremy dodged a Mega tank attack and drew the sword that was closest to his hand, the sword that was made out of ice.

He quickly went through the army as he froze them with his Ice Sword. A block tried to freeze Jeremy, but at the last second, he absorbed it. He then stabbed the block and quickly went to a group of Wasps that were giving Odd a hard time. Jeremy snuck up and jumped up to attack them from behind. He did a horizontal slash and got all three at once. However, at the same time, a crab had hit Jeremy.

"Laser Arrow!" Odd shouted, shooting one of his ten arrows. The crab exploded after the arrow had hit the Xana mark. One of Ulrich's clones just got deleted as the original yelled "Impact!"

"Guys, we need to get to Xana. Try to just cut through the army. Odd, use this when your arrows run out." Jeremy said as he gave him the fire sword and sheathe. Odd tied it around his waist and helped Jeremy and Ulrich clear a straight line. Nine arrows later, Odd unsheathed the sword as he started swinging it as soon as he got close enough to use it against the crabs and tanks that were in his way. A crab just had hit Odd before he killed it and now only Ulrich was the only one with full life points.

"Well Jeremy, it seems as if I win by the default. You have your friends helping you." Xana stated evilly, but Jeremy knew he was wrong as he started to get closer, he noticed that Xana was cloaked in shadows.

"You said only for the fight between us. Besides, I can say the same thing for you Xana, bringing out those monsters to attack me as soon as I got to Lyoko." Jeremy replied quickly so that Xana would not activate the Kill Switch that he had implanted into Aelita's data flow. Frowning, Xana stepped out of the shadows and got ready to fight.

Jeremy got into a fighting stance of his own, and got ready to defeat the evil that haunted and showed him his love. However, he was shocked to see that Xana had stooped even lower.


Sword Master Jeff: Don't worry the next chapter is going to be the first fighting chapter, and if you've read The Sword of Hope, my Yu-Yu Hakusho story, then you know I write great fighting scenes. Also, my source just changed the spelling of Aelita and it now has it right. If I plan on doing a sequel, then I will make sure to spell her name right.

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