Aelita's Hero

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Anger Management

"All right Xana, no more tests! Come out and face me NOW!" Jeremy said enraged at the fact that this was just another plot to keep him alive, and at the brink of finishing the anti-virus. As soon as Xana came out, Odd and Ulrich attacked together, or at least tried to. They managed to barely scratch him, but Xana was able to get them both down to ten and twenty health points.

"We still have a deal Jeremy. Since Aelita is no longer alive, the previous deal is off. However, the rules still imply, and since your friends attacked me, I'll have to retaliate. Now what should I do? I know, I'll activate the tower that made the school sink into the ground!" Xana said as he activated the tower.

This pushed all of the guys over the edge. Having Jeremy kill Aelita had brought them to the edge, and now that he was endangering the school, he pushed them pass their limits. Everyone started glowing black as Xana started laughing. After their glowing stopped, Jeremy had a black sword and was dressed in a ninja suit, as was Ulrich. Odd was transformed more into a cat, giving him the ability to use his claws as an attack.

"Odd, Ulrich go deactivate the tower. I'll take care of him. I'm not trying to be a hero, I'm trying to atone for my sins." Jeremy said as he got into a different fighting stance. A stance that radiated that Jeremy was furious and powerful enough to kill.

"Alright, but remember that it was Xana who made you fight her, Einstein." Odd said as he and Ulrich departed to look for the tower in the dessert. As they headed off, Xana sent ten Mega-Tanks after them.

"That should take care of them. Now, let the fight begin." Xana said as he ran towards Jeremy giving him a punch or at least tried to. Jeremy caught it before it could hit him. He then tried a kick, but Jeremy dodged it. "What's going on here? I thought Aelita's death would make you easier to defeat." Xana said to Jeremy, holding his hurt arm.

"You're wrong Xana. It angered me that you brainwashed Aelita and had me kill her. That brought us all to our limits, but then you had to use another tower. That pushed over our limits, and made us stronger. I guess you could say that this would be my anger mode." Jeremy said as he advanced towards Xana. Xana threw another punch at Jeremy, and he caught it once again. However, Xana shot electricity through his hand, shocking Jeremy.

Xana kept throwing punches at Jeremy, but like any ninja, Jeremy was too fast for Xana and kept dodging his attacks. Xana tried to catch up to him, the keyword being tried. Xana had enough of fooling around with the kid and decided to take the speed out of him. Punching straight towards the ground, he unleashed a paralyzing field of electricity, which hit Jeremy. Jeremy was stuck where he was, right behind Xana.

Jeremy tried his best to block, but he could only move his arms to block his attacks. Blocking most of them, he ignored the punch and kick to the stomach, which Xana gave at quicken speeds. He couldn't withstand the constant beating that Xana was giving him, so he tried to escape. He went invisible and moved out of the way of the paralyzing field of electricity.

Xana noticed the distance as he put a lot of force and bitterness towards him in his attack. "Try dodging this. Lighting Bolt!" Xana shouted the attack as Jeremy could only watch the attack come towards him. As a desperate measure, he put both arms in front of his face, waiting for the final attack of Xana to finish him.


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