Aelita's Hero

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Chapter Nine: Aelita's Amnesia

"Hello, I'm Aelita and this is Lyoko. Can I ask who you are?" Aelita asked as her back up was activated. Little did he know that when he activated her back up that in another part of the factory, another super computer had been activated, as well as a little floppy disc in the corner of the room.

"My name is Jeremy. I'll be right back Aelita. I have some friends of mine that would like to see you again." He replied as he started to leave the factory, but before he did, Aelita asked, "What do you mean by again?" Jeremy replied that he would explain everything after he got back.

Jeremy was running from the factory with a lot on his mind, so much in fact that he didn't see Sissy and ran into her.

"Watch where you're going!" Sissy exclaimed as she got up and walked past him, with her two cronies behind her. Jeremy said sorry as he got up and started to run off again. He wanted to find Odd, Yumi and Ulrich as soon as possible.

After spotting his friends, Jeremy started to jog and then walk. He was still a little out of breath, but he was alright. "Guys, Aelita is still alive." Jeremy said while still trying to catch his breath, so the group had to ask him again, not only for that reason, but to see if what he said was correct. After Jeremy caught his breath, he repeated what he said. "Come on, let's go to the factory so we can reintroduce ourselves."

"Huh? If she's alive, why do we have to reintroduce ourselves to her?" Ulrich asked Jeremy. Everyone else was wondering the same question, but was too nervous to ask it.

"It's because Aelita has amnesia, I guess you can say. The back up copy of her may have the same stuff that she does, like her powers and such, but she hadn't encountered us yet." Jeremy said. "So don't get her too confused. I accidentally said again and she was curious about why I said that. Just a little warning for you." He finished as they got to the factory and headed down the elevator towards the super computer.

"Aelita, I'm back," Jeremy said as he got back to the super computer, "and I brought my friends to meet you." He finished as he sat down and Aelita came up. "So who are your friends Jeremy?" Aelita asked him.

"The guy behind me is Odd and has a bottomless pit for a stomach." Jeremy started.

"Hey! I'm still the fastest one in Lyoko, well only second to Ulrich." Odd stated.

"Well its true Odd. On both accounts, but Yumi's also fast. I'm Ulrich by the way Aelita, and that is Yumi." Ulrich said, laughing and trying to save his butt from an angry girlfriend.

"Aelita, now remember when I said that I would explain everything that happened? Well here's what happened. I was working on an anti-virus for you, still am in fact but that's not the point. Xana kidnapped you a week ago with a fake tower. He then issued a challenge to me." Jeremy started, and stopped there, knowing that Aelita would be confused and he was right.

"How were you able to get into Lyoko, Jeremy? I assume that you can all go into Lyoko, am I correct?" Aelita asked.

"Yes, they can. We have three scanners down below us, which with the help of this super computer can get the to Lyoko. Do you have any more questions before I tell you more of the story?" Jeremy asked, feeling a faint blush forming on his cheeks. "Just as I thought. I still love her." Jeremy thought to himself as he started picking the story up again. "Now where was I, oh yeah. Xana issued a challenge towards me and I accepted, thinking that he would use his monsters Odd, Ulrich and I went into Lyoko to rescue you. However he had another trick up his evil sleeve. He brainwashed you and made me battle you, as well as my heart." Jeremy stated and noticed that Aelita looked confused.

"I feel as if I would never hurt you, but why do I feel like that?" Aelita asked. Jeremy knew she would ask this type of question, but now that it was out, he would have to answer, and he didn't want to answer in front of his friends, but he was going to anyways.

"That feeling would be love Aelita, which is an affection felt by two people of the opposite gender. It also explains how I feel about you." Jeremy said. "Now let me continue with the story, please. I had no choice to delete you. The brainwashing device made you think that I was the enemy, and kept taunting me. I was holding back so that I didn't have to delete you. He made it a battle to the death, and I won. Afterwards, Xana attacked the school grounds using an old tactic once again, the tower that made the city sink into the ground. Something inside of us snapped, and we transformed into better versions of our Lyoko forms. Xana was not much of a match after my little transformation. He went down easily that is, after Yumi gave me the Vir-usle. Xana was down quicker than lighting, but the price for his defeat was too high. You see, having Xana make me kill you made me angry, which started his undoing." Jeremy said, finishing the story of Aelita's last adventure.

"So do you have the Anti-virus data ready yet Jeremy?" Aelita asked him. He didn't have the time to create the anti-virus, however with Xana gone, he had all the time in the world to create one, or so he thought.

"Let me scan you and see if you have the virus Aelita. Your 'twin' had it, but I'm not sure if you do yet." Jeremy said, as he scanned her. The results shocked Jeremy.

"I don't know how, but Xana must have known about your back-up, because when he activated that virus, he gave you the same virus. Why he didn't delete you as well I have no idea, but I'm glad that the virus, and not the brainwashing device only affected you.

However, in another part of Lyoko, another person dwelled. Someone else was trapped in Lyoko, not because he wanted to, but because he chose to. He was at the top of the world and then suddenly went downhill. His revenge was transferred to Cadic Jr. High, after the person sued him for everything he had. "I thought Jeremy killed her. No matter, I can finish the job that my other part started myself with one blow. Those kids would never know what hit them, starting with his digital sweetheart. He'll wish that he never found out about Lyoko after I'm done with them." He thought to himself as he turned into a dark substance and sank into Lyoko, into his own world of darkness.


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