Title: John's Quest

By: Abra de Winter

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Pairing: John Hoynes/Ellie Bartlet - Romance

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Spoilers: season 5 episodes 15 – "Full Disclosure" and 16 – "Eppur si muove"

Considering events in season 6, the story is AU material.

Disclaimer: The characters are from the NBC, WB, Bravo, A John Wells Prod., TV show, 'The West Wing'. They are the creation of Aaron Sorkin.

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First of all, thank you so much for your kind support. I hated leaving the story like that, but my life was so messed up, I could not write anything. To add to that, I haven't seen most of season 6, and the episodes I have seen were a bit of a turn off. So the story is completely out of sync with the show.

Anna (lunaticbabe), you have no idea how much your words meant to me. This is the first story I've written that I feel I'm getting right (with lots and lots of help from dot until now), and I'm happy that you seem to like it as much as I do. Tim Matheson is one of the most enduring crushes I've ever had. He is so hot, and thanks to that I was able to come back to this story.

I don't know how much of this chapter I can publish on Anyone who wants to read more than the few R rated paragraphs, should go on This chapter does absolutely nothing to further the story. It's just something I needed to write about this couple. Hopefully, you will appreciate my effort to get me back in gear to write the story. About taking John all the way to the presidency, it's probably not going to happen in detail, but that was the planned epilogue for a while now. A bit of fast forward after the wedding. Although the wedding is not going to be what you would expect. I'm not inclined to write about the ceremony, just some sidelong action about John and Ellie and some of the West Wing characters.

Chapter XVIII

The last hours before the Hoynes-Bartlet wedding

Ellie unlocked her apartment door and went straight into the bedroom. She saw John stop in the middle of the living room.

"Bedroom," she said, in a half amused, half ordering tone.

He grinned instantly.

"So this is the way it's gonna be from now on?" he inquired, following her. "You just say 'bedroom' and I jump?"

"Yes, that would be nice. I'd do it for you. Indulging the other, I heard that's what marriage is all about."

She was amazed how liberating it felt to say something like that, in a playful tone, just as it came to mind. A few days ago she would have carefully censored her words, worrying how John might interpret them. Not anymore, though. She had risked everything when she went after him in Texas, and now they trusted each other more than ever before.

His smile was so warm now that her heart swelled up with happiness. When he was smiling like that she wished she felt she could look at every line in his face for hours. She loved the thin wrinkles, visible at the corner of his eyes and his mouth.

She shook herself. Later. She had the rest of her life to bask in his smile. For the moment, all she wanted was to make up for the long years devoid of sexual gratification.

He dropped the bags on the floor and she threw her purse on a chair and. When she looked back up, he was grinning again. The earlier warmth had turned into heat. She melted inside. She reached out to take off his jacket. She started to undo his shirt when he leaned over and kissed her. Ellie lost all concentration while their mouths were connected. Then she felt the cool air touch her skin. He had unzipped her skirt, slid it off and was well on his way to get rid of her shirt.

She was surprised to hear the strange noises coming out of her own throat. He was caressing her body so thoroughly that he seemed to be all hands.

"My next door neighbors are in for a shock," she said.

"Why?" he asked.

"They're going to hear noises coming out this apartment that haven't heard since I moved here."

She saw the shadow of hesitation on his face.

"I never had a man in this bedroom before," she said, and shrugged her shoulders. "As long as they don't call the police for disturbing the peace I don't care."

She hoped she had put his mind at rest. He wasn't going to have to deal with her inhibitions ever again. She had finally unbuttoned his shirt, and was groping to unbuckle his belt when her bra miraculously fell to the floor next to the shirt. God he was good at it! For some reason, she wasn't jealous for the years of practice he must have had to be able to do that.

"I'm going to need tutoring," she said, in a frustrated tone.

"What?" he asked, still kissing her. "Tutoring on what subject?"

"Taking off your damn clothes. This is killing me!" she exclaimed when her fingers fumbled uselessly with his buckle.

"No problem. I'd much rather have you naked as soon as possible. I don't even need to take my pants off to have my way with you."

She giggled. Now there was a thought. The way he had touched her in the limo made her entertain the idea of having sex with him fully clothed, somewhere public. His years of experience in concealing his affairs might as well be put to some good use. Ellie had been strictly vanilla all her life, but she was certain he was going to be the one to introduce her to a whole lot of firsts.

She purred delighted when he bent down and started suckling her nipples. Oh, yes, he had to be the one to introduce her to her first sexual experience in the back seat of a car. An image of their car stopped on the side of the road to her parents' New Hampshire house flashed through her mind. She had spent many nights with such fantasies during their long, almost platonic engagement. The wave of moisture brought by these thoughts drenched John's fingers.

"Please take off your clothes," she whispered, giving up her semblance of self control.

"I love it when you ask me nicely," he said, raising his head. "OK, I'll do you this favor."

She wanted to say something witty, but she couldn't think of anything looking at him, casually stripping off his pants.

"Thank you," she said, dreamily.

God he was fit! And the phrase "for his age" didn't even cross her mind. He was absolutely gorgeous. She had seen him in pictures and he had always been a handsome man, but he had gotten so much better. There was something about him lately… oh, yeah, she smiled, licking her lips, he had less and less clothes on.

"God, what are you doing to me, John?"

He retreated again, and lowered himself on top of her. The next time he sheathed himself fully into her, Ellie wrapped her legs around his waist. The warm weight of his body was pressing her deliciously into the bed. He continued thrusting gently into her. Ellie smiled when she caressed his back. She trailed her fingers through the film of sweat that covered him, pleased to realize that his self control came with a heavy prize.

She had forgotten her question when he answered.

"I'm loving you."

She opened her eyes instantly only to be swept into his fiery blue gaze. All of a sudden her eyes filled with tears. John murmured her name like a prayer as he dried with his mouth the ones that fell on her face.

"I love you so much," she managed to whisper.

"Sweet God," he groaned.

His thrusts were no longer gentle and Ellie's release came with glorious intensity. She was still convulsing around him when he surrender his control and exploded inside her.

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