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Chapter 1 Red in Morning, Better take warning

Erutis walked down the dirt road, her cape flowing behind her It was cold out but she still had to keep on going if it meant that she could leave her group. The sun had not risen she did not want to wake anyone. The only sound she heard was the light clicking of her sword and the light tap noise as her boots hit the ground. She needed to get away or else it would mean the slaving life of a "mistress" or so what her new "group" now called her.

Thoughts of anger were all she thought about giving her more reason behind her mission of escape. 'Men and their stupidity! I would rather starve than get help from that stupid lovesick demon lord! It is HIS fault that I am in this mess! Always talking about love and how he wants to care for me and he goes around allowing me to starve! Going around threaten all the guilds! Why me? Stupid Krayon!'

"You mean the love of my life, Krayon!" Came an over bearing, boastful voice from none other than the demon himself.

"You reading my thoughts weren't you cocky bastard?"

"What love? You know as well as I do that only a true couple in love can read each other's minds. The life that you live is not that of my future wife! Why are you leaving your men and I? I thought that you wanted to have a guild!"

What he said was true, Eclipses and Raenef had entire conversations cause they were so much in love. That's why Erutis left she felt it was not necessary to stay in there love nest any long. That and she hated hearing the cries they made from their now shared bedroom.

"Will you mind your own businesses? I never wanted to RUN a guild I wanted to be in one! I didn't want to be responsible for other people in my life! I will only watch out for number one! Never to be some stupid housewife! Not some stupid mother that worries about children! I am a Knight! I am a Sword Master! Both positions I have worked my ass off in this life to get to! You think that I am going to give that up for someone that I don't have those kinds of feelings for? I would live a lie! I would rather slay you that marry you! If you want I'll kill and maybe in the next life you can get your dream wife!" Erutis declared with an irate look in her eyes.

"I know you have feelings for me! Stop denying it! We are meant to be!" Krayon declared in a poetic voice flaunting around in front of her.

"Listen I don't have feelings for you and yet you pursue me like a hunter would his meat! I am not now, and not ever something to be won by some person. I want you out of my life! And I mean NOW!" Erutis drew her sword and jumped up on was about to strike him down when he teleported about 10 feet away. All Erutis saw was red she had the burning desire to had a certain demon lord's blood on her sword. To watch the crimson blood to drip from her blade, to see his if his heart is really that dark and black as she always thought it was to be. To kill the one that had caused her so much pain and lack of any paying job. In her book: payback was always at ten fold.

"Demon, I have wanted to slay you ever since I had laid eyes upon you!" She yelled declaring the final speech of knight about to kill a demon lord. "My hate has only grown ever more. Now it is time to draw your merzera and prepare to DIE!" Erutis held her sword and lunged with all her might at Krayon.

To her surprise he did nothing only looked at her. His eyes full of sorrow but complete trust in the events that were about to happen but, seemed to open it with open arms.

"If this is what you choose then so be it. I will love you even in the next life and there you shall become my dream wife, this I promise you. I wish we will meet once more and love grow into what it should be." Krayon gave a smile and welcomed the blade in to his flesh and let it hit his melting heart of ice due to the woman that was striking the blade.

Erutis was in shock. She blinked and looked again. Krayon was dead. His body laid there lifeless nothing but pure happiness showed in his pale face only thing that was still appear warm was the star that graced upon his cheek. He had just given her the largest gift he could ever give her. With that he gave her a blessing of a good life with a reputation of slaying a demon lord and a promise of meeting in the next life. Erutis already heard the running footsteps of her "group". Hell, after what they have seen her done with Krayon they would show homage because she exterminated a demon lord and not because they assumed she was his lover. She gave a small smile. "Thank you."

Taking her dagger she cut off his blond curly hair and wrapped it around the hilt of her sword. Then took the cape, the famous cape. She took off her old torn green one and replaced it with a demon lord's cape. Such armor made from the finest Dragon wings it was so flowing. Orange color, like his eyes she mused to herself. She felt safe in it. 'I killed him. Krayon is dead because of me he no longer has breath to breath, never will see the sight of the sun- in this life. Next life Krayon I will give you a chance to Court me but not in this one. Hopefully you won't be so cocky!' She laughed to herself Krayon not cocky? That'll be the day!

Her men came. 'Yeah I guess I will keep them around. Hell, I think just to make my own guild! Yes and I will be the queen of bondage all of you kiss my feet! I like the sound of it!' That is what she thought as she went in to the sunrise to meet her men and her new life. Feeling the sweep of a soul a going to the next life.

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