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Chapter 11

Still Standing

Moving around the marble tub showed a beautiful dragon. It had fire red scales with a black stomach and black spikes running along the spine.

Erutis walked towards it and reached out to touch it. Immediately she felt a strange hot ice run through her veins. She tried to yell but no voice came to her. She looked at the young dragon who did not move from its spot. Erutis kept her hand there until the dragonet moved and started with clicking noise.

"My, seems that you and your dragon wasted no time to bond! With any luck you will have a mark on your hand to show that you have a dragon,"

Erutis looked down at her hand, and sure enough she had a faint black and blood red Celtic knot on her palm. It looked much like a tattoo.

Erutis blinked looking at the dragon then to Raenef, then her hand. "So will I have this on my hand forever?"

"Yup! Long story on me but my mark of my dragon is on my back. Seems that Ryuichi needed attention as soon as he was born and wasn't about to wait until I woke up." Raenef paused with a sigh. "Wanna see it?" He asked gleefully.

"Erm…" Before Erutis could answer Raenef had already stripped off his shirt and was pulling away his hair to give Erutis a better look. It was not a Celtic know but looked more like random marks but they all had a yellow-orange tint.

"It looks a lot different than mine." Erutis said still looking at it.

"Yeah, Eclipse once said it looked like I had taken a whipping. Yours thought is more feminine, if I'm not mistaken; I think that your dragonet is a female. A very pretty one at that." He said happily scratching under her chin and was rewarded with a happy clicking sound.

"What is her name? Or is it one of those I just give her a name?"

"Well, you pick out a name but she also has to approve of it. It took forever to get Ryuichi a name he was so picky. But then son of dragon seemed to be okay with him. I'm going to leave you two alone for a while to talk."

'Dragons can talk?' Erutis thought.

'Sort of, but not really.' Came a voice in her head.

Erutis looked around the room to she who it was and all she saw was her dragon.

'Oi! Down here!' Erutis looked down and saw her dragon staring back at her.

'You can talk to me?'

'Yup and only you! I'm your familiar! I can protect you and keep you from all harm! See I can even breath fire!' The dragonet gave a small cough and a bit of smoke arose from her nostrils.

'Wow, that's cool, it'll be a hit at parties.' Erutis said half awake.

'I really don't like larger crowds but I'll still fight battles with you!'

'I'm sorry, but I don't think any battles will take place anytime soon.'

The young dragon cocked her head to the side. 'You never know! Always have to be on your guard!'

Erutis sighed and gave up on the fight to avoid conflict with her new friend. 'So a name! What shall we call you? Jonna?'

"No, it sound weird.'

'Well, its Finnish, it just sounds a lot like your accent.'

'Okay, what other finnish names do you have?' She asked at she started to go through the room and randomly explore.

'Ritta, Aleksi, Saku, and Annis. That's all I can think of so far.'

'I like it!' The dragon declared.

'Like what?'

'That second name Aleksi!'

'Okay, Aleksi it is then!'

'So, what do we do all day?' Aleksi asked.

'I really haven't been doing much, yesterday with the ceremony was all the took my mind. Would you like to see the grounds? I could go on Ville and we could go riding.'

'Can I fly?' Aleksi asked.

'Well, you WERE just born…'

'Aww, come on! It's not that hard!'

'How about I let you just take today off and tonight you can fly. How about that?'

If there was such a thing as peeved dragon teenagers Aleksi was one of them right now.

'Whatever.' She scrambled up Erutis' jeans and made a perch on her shoulder.

'Wow, now I know what a tree feels like when squirrels climb up its trunk!' Erutis playfully thought.

'Ha Ha, very funny now onward! I don't want to be keep in here much longer!'

Erutis pulled on some combat boots and headed to the stables.

'Bout bloody time. Krayon said with a final dramatic hit of the key board saving his work. He had a complete slide show from random pictures from the HIM concert. All were of Krayon and Erutis together. In the background was none other than Entwine's Falling apart. He thought it would be the best for the situation.

'Now just to know her reaction.'

Erutis and Aleksi were almost the way out of the room when a pop up sound came from her computer.

'Oi! What was that?" Aleksi asked.

'Just my email, I'll check it later.' Erutis said shrugging as she was about to close the door.

'Could I see it now? Before the ride?'

'Yeah, sure why not?' Erutis walked to her computer and checked her mail. The email was from Krayon.

'So what is in the mail?' Aleksi asked.

'Oh, who knows from Mr. Even-if-I don't-bleed-from-my-crotch-once-a-month-I-still-have-moodswings.'? Erutis said with a scowl. Half way tempted to just delete it and get on with her day, better yet life.

'Well, aren't you going to open it?'

'No, I really don't want to see what it has to say.'

'Well, I do! Come on!'

'Fine, lets get this over with.' Erutis clicked on the page to find a file, and by the looks it was rather large.

She opened it to find a pipe organ chords, then builded to with a drum and key boards. Then the lyrics came on.

I'm not here to break you.
I am here to save your soul.
I'm not here to hurt you.
I don't want you to lose control.

A picture of Erutis and Krayon in the mosh pit holding their hands to touch Ville Valo's out reached hand.

I am the shape of your life.
I am the seed of your mind.

I'll be your dream. I'll be your star.
Can't you see that I'm the one?
I'll be your hate. I'll be your love.
Don't you know that I'm the one?

Another picture then came on with Erutis and Krayon linking arms and doing a jig during a song, Erutis remembered it was For You.

I'm not here to use you.
I am here to tame your soul.
I'm not here to blame you.
I am here to play your role.

I am the shape of your life.
I am an illusion of your mind.

Then it showed to Krayon with his arms wrapped around Erutis and had his head to her side, that was when he sang along with Ville Valo.

I'll be your dream.
I'll be your star. Can't you see that I'm the one?
I'll be your hate. I'll be your love.
Don't you know that I am the one?

Can't you see that I'm falling apart?

Then it showed the final picture of Krayon holding a slip of paper in what appeared to be his room and it said, "Sorry, I am a complete idiot could you ever forgive me?"

Tears were pouring down Erutis's face.

'Wow, does that happen every time when you check your email?' Aleksi asked.

'No, it doesn't' Erutis mentally said to Aleksi.

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