The Darkest Appeal

Nyoka Li

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Chapter 3

Out in the patio, I can finally spot the Quidditch game I earlier heard. My eyes follow the platinum blonde racing around with the quaffle under one arm. I'm so absorbed; I'm barely registering my father speaking to his death eaters.

"...and Lucien will then sneak in under Dumbledore's nose and steal…." That's all I hear before tuning him out once again. Let him believe that he can take control of me. But in the end, I'll do things my way. I'm no minion.

Yet again, I feel my eyes drawn to Draco, teasing his teammates with insane swerves and the like. One day, he'll get himself killed. But my watching this little show from all the way back here, when I can be right in the action?

"Father, I'm going down to the Quidditch game. I'm bored." It clearly wasn't a question. I'm going down and no one will stop me. Queue evil laughter. Not really, can't seem to be insane, although I'm doubting that myself. Father nods discreetly, motioning for several death eaters to follow me. Like I need a bodyguard.

I walk, no, strut down the lawn toward the game, perfectly aware that I'm being followed by the parents of the players. No doubt they're the ones told to tag along so no one would get tortured for disrespect. But I wouldn't hurt them. Much.

Finally, I come to a stop at the edge of the pitch. The players, noticing their parents' arrival, quickly land and discard the brooms, confusion etched on each and every face. Each parent silently moved forward to explain this little situation before things got too awkward.

Lucius Malfoy speaks to my Draco barely 5 feet behind me. Does the man think I'm deaf? But of course, being me, I decide to eavesdrop.

"…the Dark Lords' son. You will serve him as I serve my Lord; with loyalty, dedication, and obedience. Anything and everything he says, you will do without question."

A rather inappropriate thought enters my mind at this. 'He did say everything…' I think, raking my eyes up and down Draco's body. It's exactly the way I remember it. Perfection.

He gulps as if he knows what I'm thinking. "Anything Dad? No….No, I can't. It's Potter! Have you lost your mind!"

Getting a little emotional there, my poor baby. I'll fix that later.

Lucius grows angry at this blatant display of disobedience. I for one really don't mind, since I like a little wild temper in my lovers. Clearly, Lucius has other ideas about my preferences.

Raising an eyebrow, he murmurs softly, though it obvious he is trying not to yell due to my close proximity.

"You're disobeying me?" He questions, voice little more then a whisper.

Fear races across Draco's face, before disappearing faster then it arrived.

"Well…I mean…that is to say…." The stuttering may be because there are two dark lords in the yard, or because of his fathers' anger. Frankly, the man scares me too, but it's not like I'm telling him that.

A sudden dash of courage takes him over. He straightens up, accepting the consequences of his next action. Sticking out his chin, he speaks one word, quietly, but quite bold just the same.


"I see," Lucius says. He turns around and begins to walk up to the manor, before evidently changing his mind. Quickly, so quick that I myself may have missed it if I had not been watching Draco so closely, he struck his son across the left cheek. Momentarily seized with shock, I could do nothing but gaze at the red handprint marring Draco's flesh.

Absolutely disgusted with his son, Lucius does everything but spit out his next words.

"The Lord and the Prince are in this very area. I will not allow you to disrespect me or the family name. You are my son and you will do as I say. I will not let you jeopardize everything I've ever worked for with your idiocy. Do you have any idea what's at stake here?"

He raises his hand again, as if to hit his now cowering son yet again. I immediately snap out of my shock at this movement, hand automatically shooting out my hand to grip Malfoys. Giving it a slight twist and squeeze, I can't help but feel slightly empowered at the look of intense fear and pain on his face.

"You, Mister Malfoy," I growl, throwing his hand to the side. "Are embarrassing your family name far more then your son ever could. My father will hear about this, rest assured."

He nods fearfully before high-tailing it back up to the patio and my father. I can feel Draco's gazing at my back, a mixture of confusion and gratitude in their depths.

Smirking, and feeling quite pleased with myself, I too head off to the manor, trudging up the hill, the wheels in my head turning with thoughts of how to manipulate my father into giving me exactly what I want.

Winding endless hallways, never-ending staircases, deep dungeons and doorways twice the size of Hagrid. Unfortunately for me, the Malfoy Manor is full of them.

As I reach my fathers chambers, I notice Lucius coming out of them. Grimacing slightly at the thought of what they could have possibly been doing, I walk up to the man, waiting patiently for him to finish shutting the grand oak door. Turning around, he jumps slightly, clearly not expecting to be seen. I raise my eyebrow lightly, a sneer coming across my face.

"My Lord Lucien." He murmurs before bowing and rushing quickly out of sight.

Pushing open the doors, I walk in.

"Father." I greet in a cool tone, bowing stiffly. If that man expects me to get on this filthy floor to kiss those robes, he's got another thing coming. They went out of style years ago. Poor fashion-blind father.

He sits regally in his seat without a clue as to what flies through my mind. At first, I don't think he hears me, for his eyes continue to stare out the window.

"Son…" he acknowledges my presence for no more then a moment before once again re-directing his attention out the window yet again. He was quite possibly the most pre-occupied man I'd ever seen.

"Father, as you're son, I'm entitled to anything you feel you can give, right?" He nods hesitantly, clearly not liking where this was going.

"I want Draco Malfoy as my slave." I say this simply, as if asking for a cookie. It's a different tactic I once read about. Perhaps if I ask for what I desire, with no explanation, he'll simply give it to me. As much as I dislike Lucius, Draco won't thank me if his father gets tortured because of me.

But I will have Draco. If I can get him easily, that's fine, perfect even. If I must resort to the less honorable way, which may involve the destruction of a reputation or two, so be it. I may not always get what I want, but this time, I will.

Father looks rather shocked for a moment before regaining his composure.

"I'll see what I can do."

AN Again, if you like this, be on the lookout for Monster- same idea, better story. And it makes more sense too!