Kurama and the Mysterious Wizard

Chapter Eight:

Trina blushed a bright red when she found herself laying on top of Kurama, and quickly jumped off him. She could have sworn, just then, that her face had gone from red to scarlet in an instant when she noticed the amused expression on Kurama's face.

A smile twisted on Kurama's lips, and he gracefully stood, eyeing Trina. He held back laughter when he saw how red she was, and hoped he wasn't turning the same shade...

Trina's blush increased, if at all possible, when Kurama didn't seemed fazed in the least. She would have glared at him, but he was a friend, and she KNEW he wasn't purposefully teasing her. She sat back down in her chair and tried to ignore the amused red head that followed suit. Trina would have tried to apologize, but she knew it wouldn't help her situation any further. Lucky for her, no one in the class had noticed...

Charms flew by without any more important occurrences, and soon the gang found themselves wandering around in the halls once again. Kurama was the one to break the silence with a suggestion.

"Why don't we go back to the Room of Requirement and hope Hermione turns up?"

The others looked at him, then exchanged glances.

"I vote for that course of action," Trina said, her eyes closed.

Harry and Ron stared at eachother, but Harry was the one to speak, "I guess we'll go look for Hermione, and if we don't find her soon, we'll meet you there?"

Kurama nodded his head and the two pairs broke off from eachother at an intersection.

It's just you and Kurama now Trinity said, her voice mocking as she dragged out 'Kurama' sensually.

Ah shut up Trinity, since when did you come out of Morgan le Fay's control?

... Did she hurt you? I didn't know anything had happened... WHAT happened Trina?! Trinity asked forcefully.

Trina didn't answer, and Trinity began to worry.

What HAPPENED Trina! Trinity yelled harshly.

Nothing... Trina weakly answered.


Trina panicked... Trinity had NEVER spoken like that to her before. Instead of answering, she showed Trinity what happened through her mind's eye.

Trinity was silent, but soon enough she gritted out angrily That little bitch... when I get my fuckin' hands on her... I'll tear out her bowels and make her EAT THEM!

Trinity HAD been getting protective lately, BUT THIS WAS REDICULOUS! Trinity! You know as well as I do that Morgan le Fay's special power prevents ANYONE from intervening, helping, or KNOWING the whole thing... So stop it. I don't like it when you yell. I've been commanded to go to her tonight, there is nothing either of us can do, I must do as ordered. If you find ANY way possible to counteract her, let me know... please...

Trina's weak voice shut Trinity up, and the presence realized how stupid she was. I'm sorry, Trina... I over reacted... you shouldn't have had to hear all that...

Trina was shocked speechless, to put it lightly, when Trinity apologized.

And I HAVE found a way to help, but I need a willing... vessel...

Vessel? What are you talking about?

Trina, I am an ancient warrior who possesses the bodies of people LIKE a spirit, yet I'm NOT one. It's complicated... I'm more like... an immortal entity that does as I so wish... Trinity said, having trouble explaining the concept.

Trina remained silent, waiting for Trinity to continue. The 'presence' had NEVER before discussed such things, and Trina had been kept in the dark until then. When Trinity didn't continue, Trina's curiosity got the better of her. So how would you 'possess' them?

Well, once I found a suitable candidate, I would ask their subconscious mind if I could 'borrow' the body for a short time. If I were able to take complete control of the body, I might be able to negate the effects of that bitch's magic with my own.

But... you wouldn't BE there... even IF you couldn't help...

... You'd rather have me there, even if I COULDN'T help, rather than be... alone? Trinity asked curiously.

YES! Don't abandon me! Trina was close to tears from her inner turmoil.

Then I won't leave. It's that simple. Besides, I haven't had the change to exercise all of my... abilities... on that bitch yet... because I wasn't with you when you were younger... she said the last part so softly that Trina brushed it off.

Yes, I know. You showed up AFTER the damage was done... Sadness was evident in Trina's voice.

I know... but your 'insanity', as a crude way to put it, was what drew me to accompany you in the first place...

Why DID you help me ANYWAY? Trina asked, curious.

I helped because... you reminded me of myself in more than one way... besides, I was curious to see if I would be able to help your mental state balance out. Look at all that my help's done for you, not including how stable you are now, mentally AND physically. All of your 'teachers' thought it was THEIR doing that got you to your level, but 'I' was the one who TRULY did all the work of training and teaching you. And now, I have someone to pass my skills on to at last...

Since WHEN have I been your pupil? Trina asked incredulously.

Since the day you excepted me into your body, mind, heart, and soul. That was a year after what that bitch had been forced to stop 'playing' with you because of how conspicuous it would be. You'd been, to put it mildly, insane in a unique way, though it wasn't noticeable to an onlooker.

What exactly was my mind LIKE anyway, when you found me, I mean...

That is a horror flick I will not yet unveil... besides, Kurama's calling you.

With that said, Trinity cut the connection and left Trina to stumble over why she'd been so spaced out.

"What did you ask again?" Trina asked, sweatdropping.

Kurama couldn't help but smile, amused. "I asked what you wanted to learn while Ron and Harry are gone; we can team up on eachother, practicing spells, if you want."

Trina smiled, "I'd like to practice normal hexes and such. One can't resist embarrassing Malfoy."

Kurama smirked, startling Trina, and replied evenly, "I believe I would have to agree with you on that. The stunt you pulled in Potions was very... unique..." Kurama let a mysterious smile grace his lips, and started to walk back and forth to activate the room.

Once they got inside, chaos began. The room, strangely enough, was FULL of monsters!

Trina quickly jumped out of the way of a claw that had tried to rip her in half. "Jesus Christ!" she exclaimed, eyes wide as she dodged a... a... VAMPIRE? "WHAT THE HELL?!" she screamed as the 'thing' wrapped its arms around her from behind. She panicked when it leaned down to bite her neck...

Kurama had his hands full. Sure, he'd been thinking of a training room, but not of THIS magnitude! He had a hard time keeping on his feet just DODGING the monsters that attacked him. He'd been about to pull a seed from his hair on reflex, but Trina's scream caught his attention. His eyes widened when he spotted her in the... arms of a vampire?! He tried to jump towards her, but a river of beasts came at him, blocking him.

Trina was panicking, she hadn't been prepared for this! She didn't know she had to be on guard! If she had, SHE WOULDN'T /BE/ IN THIS GODDAMN MESS! The vampire was just about to bury its fangs into her neck, when her training kicked in...

The redhead had his hands full, and his patience was being greatly strained. His eyebrow twitched as he destroyed ANOTHER 'monster' with his wand. Annoyance began to streak into his expression bit by bit, and he was starting to get pissed. THEY JUST /DIDN'T/ END! 'When I get out of here,' Kurama thought to himself, annoyed, 'I'm going to KILL the one who created this damn room.' The last part resonated coldly through his thoughts, and he became calm and calculating as he continued to kill. His attention was torn away from his battle when an explosion issued from Trina's direction.

Oh yeah, She was pissed. Trina's eyes glowed a calm and cold ice blue, nearly white, calculating the shredded remains of the vampire like he was the most despicable creature she'd ever seen. Her mind became blank, as she switched into the person she did her job as...

Kurama's eyes flashed over to the clearing dust, and he was shocked at the sight he beheld. From his vantage point, he could see everything. Trina's eyes had become the coldest ice blue, as well as her expression. She looked down upon what he could see was a mangled body as if it was the most disgusting creature she'd ever laid eyes upon. His breath caught in his throat when her eyes met his and he froze in place. The monsters came at him, but he didn't notice, so did this strange goddess capture his attention...

Trina's eyes narrowed as her mind coldly and calmly calculated the situation Kurama was in. From what she could tell, Kurama was in a trance, like everyone else went into if they looked into her eyes when she was in 'killer mode'. She quickly tore her eyes away from his when monsters came up behind him to attack. The icy goddess of death dashed faster than the eye could see, heading in the direction of Kurama's assailants.

Kurama snapped out of his 'reverie' and was surprised to find himself surrounded by monsters not two feet away from his body. His eyes widened in shock and he reacted purely on impulse. He quickly tore a rose seed from his hair and changed it into a rose whip in an instant. He calmly regarded the monsters for a split second and then raised his whip.

Trina was halfway to Kurama when he moved... faster than a human, transforming a rose into a whip! Her icy eyes widened so slightly you wouldn't have noticed, and she stopped running toward him just in time to avoid being cut into a million pieces by the redhead's thorn covered whip.

All of the attack had happened in an instant, and to an onlooker's eyes, they would have seen monsters one second, and none the next.

Kurama turned to look for Trina and spotted her looking at him strangely. His breath caught in his throat in a panic, and he tried to look for some way out of the situation. He found none, so he decided to confront her, which was all he could do.

Trina regarded Kurama with a strange respect in her gaze, and her icy expression warmed slightly when her mouth quirked almost unnoticeably.

The redhead was surprised to find Trina, with her ice blue eyes, looking at him in respect. He blinked in surprise, not having expected such a reaction. His lips turned up a little and he relaxed considerably.

"I had thought you were a demon, but I did not expect to find out you were a youko," Trina said calmly as she slipped her wand into her sleeve.

Kurama tensed again, and watched her warily.

Trina smiled, though her eyes remained a cold ice blue, and said calmly, "Do not worry, Kurama, I have no intention what so ever to elaborate on your existance in the slightest. I have a few secrets myself, you see, which will be revealed to you in time. For now, I suggest we go back to studying, and may we train another time."

To Kurama's surprise, the roomed changed from its once white and endless space into a library just in time for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to come through the door. He turned his eyes back to Trina, and noticed that her eyes had gone back to their usual baby blue shade.

Trina only smiled at Kurama mysteriously and turned to walk into the vast rows of books.

"Ah man," Ron exclaimed, "we'd been hopin' Trina would teach us some Dark Arts."

"What do you mean 'we'?" Hermione said hotly. "I don't recall EVER discussing THAT with you!"

Ron took a few steps away from Hermione and backed off. He smiled weakly at her and ran for the nearest row of shelves.

"Ugh! He really gets on my nerves," Hermione said hotly and stomped off in the opposite direction of the aisle Ron had taken.

Kurama and Harry were left to blink in confusion after her. They turned their eyes to eachother and raised eyebrows simultaneously. Harry cracked a smile when they did and walked up to Kurama.

"Well? What are we going to do today?" Harry smiled happily at Kurama, surprising the redhead.

Kurama's cheeks became stained red lightly, and he coughed to cover it. "Well, I honestly have no clue," he said with a small smile.

Harry leaned in closer, making Kurama's blush deepen slightly, and asked in a whisper, "What do you think Professor Fay wanted with Trina?"

Kurama mentally thanked the dim lighting and answered as calmly as he could, "I don't know, but I plan on finding out. What would YOU like to learn today?" Kurama asked with a small smile.

Harry looked worried, but soon covered it up with a smile. "Well, why don't we learn a few spells that are listed in the Defense Against the Dark Arts books that we have this year?"

"Why not?" With that said, they both took a seat at one of the tables provided and pulled out their books...

Trina stared unseeingly at the book in front of her. The title 'Counteracting Strange Techniques of Control' was burned into her mind as she opened it in a daze. She read quickly through the 'Contents' and found what she'd been looking for, for a long time...

She'd been thinking of a book that could tell her how to counter Morgan le Fay's strange ability, when it had suddenly appeared in the place of the book 'Charms For Morons'. She'd eagerly picked it up and had stared at it for a long time...

A smile cracked on her face when she read the subtitle 'Protection Preventing'. She flipped to the page and read through it:

There are many, many strange abilities out there in the world, but the most strange and confusion one is that which prevents others from helping those the bearer of the gift does not want to be helped. It is a complex gift that has not yet been counteracted, though it is possible for the preventing gift to be prevented itself. A mantra must be repeated continuously in the victim's mind without stop, or the weave of protection against the Preventer will fall apart. After many years of practice, one can learn to continuously repeat the mantra inside their head unconsciously, while they do other activities and sleep. Only a VERY skilled mind can accomplish this, and it STILL has its weaknesses.

Someone who can see it, and consciously chooses to destroy it as well, can easily ruin the weave. This 'quirk' as some people call it is most unfortunate, and no prevention has been discovered. I apologize that this is not yet known, but there is nothing I, or anyone else, can do to find out at the moment.

With that last bit, Trina shut the book with a shaky breath. She had easily memorized the mantra, and it was quite a simple one as well:

"Anahil loa linevo haruva ta," which was roughly translated as 'Protect me from the Preventor of Protection'.

However, Trina KNEW that it would NOT be easy to be able to repeat that mantra over and over again in her mind while she had a life to live. She sighed in depression and felt like crying.

'I suppose it's better than nothing...'

She shakily put the book back on the shelf with a blank expression as she submitted herself to a life of... of... she could not dare to think the word...

"Trina?" a voice called out softly to her.

Trina's back tensed, but she soon recognized the owner of the voice and relaxed slightly.

"Yes Kurama?"

"What are you reading?" Kurama asked, wondering what could have created such a mournful expression in her eyes not moments ago.

"Oh, this? 'Charms for Morons'," she said with a bemused smirk when she realized that the title of the book had changed back.

Kurama raised a perfectly carved eyebrow. "You are certainly not a 'moron', so why did you choose to read it?"

Trina quickly thought up an excuse without letting any emotion betray her through her eyes. She spoke calmly, "I was hoping that I would be able to pick up a spell that I had not seen before. It is quite amazing that one finds incredible spells in the strangest of places..."

Kurama smiled at her at her, trying to lighten her mood. "Trina, may I speak with you... alone?" he asked slightly anxious, though he tried to keep it from his voice.

Trina stared at him with a blank expression before nodding her head and walking away with the book still firmly held within her grasp. She felt uneasy... usually Kurama wasn't anxious, he was a very confident person (which made her attracted to him she was too stubborn to admit).

Kurama followed her silently, wondering how he would ask her about what had happened to her in DADA...

Trina tried to calm her nerves, but the more they walked, the more frayed they became. Unfortunately for her, they reached the end of their little walk too fast for her comfort. She mentally sighed as she turned around and faced Kurama. "What is it you wished to speak to me about?" she asked with a blank expression.

Kurama became suspicious when Trina was unresponsive, so he decided to get straight to the point. "What did Morgan le Fay do to you in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room?"

Blue eyes closed and a sigh escaped Trina's lips. She shadowed her eyes and asked him neutrally, "I don't know what you're talking about." She didn't want to be reminded of that... that...

Bitch? Trinity suggested, Or did you mean-

"You know what I speak of, Trina, and I don't want you to hide anything from me..." Kurama's eyes became filled with sorrow as his voice broke almost unnoticeably, "Please... I just want to help..."

Trina looked up at Kurama, though her eyes remained shadowed, and she asked him with an edge of steal in her voice, "Why do you want to know?" Her eyes became steely as she let the torches light up her face.

Kurama's breath hitched when he saw the cold look, but he KNEW that it only hid pain... Kurama had seen enough cold looks in his lifetime to be able to see through the majority... "I want to help," He said strongly, uncertainty no longer evident in his voice as he took a step toward her. 'I KNOW she will never open up to me unless I force her to. But I MUST know what she's so scared of... and WHAT that teacher DID!' He thought relentlessly to himself.

Trina became uneasy when Kurama took a step towards her, unrelenting. She searched his eyes with her cold ones and found nothing but determination. 'Oh boy... I'm not gonna get outa THIS one...' she thought to herself.

Very unlikely.

Thanks for the comforting support! Trina shot back in annoyance.

You're welcome.

Trina mentally growled to herself and turned back to her conversation with Kurama. "Why would you want to 'help'?" she asked him with a cold frost covering her voice.

Kurama was surprised that she was being so stubborn, and decided that he would force it out of her. Youko, I believe it is time for you to help.


Youko took partial control over Kurama and got to work. "Why will you not tell me what has happened to you?" he asked, his voice calm and cold.

Trina unconsciously took a step back when Kurama's voice became cold. Her eyes sought out his and she took another step back when she saw gold flecks in the emerald green...

Youko smirked slightly in satisfaction when she took another step away from him. He saw her cold expression leak away and slight fear and awe replace it. He took another step toward her and asked her calmly, "If you do not tell me, I have OTHER ways of getting the information I want..."

Trina unconsciously gulped when she saw his eyes glaze over slightly, and recognized the look that was slipping onto his face, bit by bit... She took another step back, fear giving her adrenaline when she saw the lust in his eyes... eyes that were slowly being consumed by gold while they narrowed slightly... Her heart jumped in her throat when she bumped into the wall behind her, and she castigated herself for taking them to the end of a narrow corridor of bookshelves.

Youko's curiosity increased when she seemed to be afraid of him. Then he realized he let lust enter his expression, not used to having to hide it like Kurama always did... Realization hit him, and only THEN did he know what had happened to her...

Trina panicked even more when his expression went from lust, to curiosity, then to a dark fury... She pushed herself against the wall and unconsciously slipped into a submissive position...

Youko slammed his palms against the wall on either side of Trina's head and looked at her face. His eyes narrowed and he reached to pull up her chin, which had been lowed. He gazed into her eyes, but met only an emotionless emptiness in their endless blue depths. His eyes narrowed further, and he wanted to hold her and comfort her, but knew he couldn't until his guess had been confirmed... "Trina... were you beaten and raped?" he asked softly.

Trina snapped out of her emotionless daze and came back to reality when she heard the soft question. Only then did she realize the position they were in, and HOW she was reacting... A sigh escaped her lips when she realized she was cornered, and she nodded her head almost unnoticeably.

Rage burned in both Youko and Kurama, but Kurama broke through to get back in control.

"When?" he asked desperately.

Trina turned her downcast eyes to look at Kurama, and was numbly startled when she noticed that his eyes had gone back to their dark emerald green shade... She registered the question after a few seconds, and then slowly slid down the wall to collapse on the carpet floor.

Kurama saw her slowly slide down the wall and collapse, and did so as well. His eyes became blurry when he saw that Trina was now just a former shell of herself as she reached back to search through her memories...

"It..." Trina started, her voice cracking, "It started... when I was... young..."

Kurama sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders as a comforting gesture.

Trina slipped back into the memories of what had happened, and slowly told her story of her childhood...


...When Trina was 4 years old, a young woman suddenly appeared at her home in Canada. At first she'd seemed like a nice woman, and had explained to the 4- year-old's mother, Casandra, that she was the 'Principal' of a school deep in the mountains of British Columbia. She'd asked Casandra if Trina could become a student at her school, free of charge. Casandra had been appalled that the woman would suggest such a thing, and had sent her away immediately...

Trina looked around the corner of the stairs and asked, "Mommy, who was that strange lady?"

Casandra walked around the stairs that were between her and her daughter. She gazed into the innocent blue eyes of her precious child, and swiftly brought her into a strong hug.

Trina, confused, asked innocently, "What's wrong mommy?"

Casandra burried her face in Trina's hair and whispered silently, "No one will EVER take you away... never... I won't let them..." She whispered the last few words brokenly and desperately. "You are my little girl... no one will have you... no one..." she vowed.

Blue eyes blinked innocently in confusion as her mother spoke strange words to herself. She spoke softly to her mother, "Mommy, why do you think someone would take me away? I'm not going anywhere..." she frowned cutely when she heard her mother cry, "I will stay with you forever... Mommy..."

A sad smile appeared on Casandra's face when she heard such innocent words. She pulled away from her daughter and her smile widened when she saw a childish worry painted on her daughter's face. She spoke softly, "Come, I will make you some breakfast, you must be hungry..."

Although Casandra acted like she was not worried, Trina could tell that something troubled her mother. The little girl became increasingly disturbed when her mother acted strangely all day, and continuously coddled her like she might disappear any moment.

Later that night there was a storm, but Trina refused to go to her mother's room. She wanted to be a big girl. She wanted to impress her mommy. And so, she stayed in her room while thunder crashed and lightning flashed outside her bedroom window. Eventually, Trina went back to sleep.

However, when she awoke, she was met with red satin curtains and a large queen sized bed. A confused Trina crawled across the large expanse of downy mattress. She wandered around the room, but soon her feet grew cold on the stone floor, so she was forced to jump back into bed (seeing as the door was locked, therefore she couldn't explore her strange and new surroundings).

After a short while, a shadowy figure pushed the door open, then walked into the room. The door was swiftly but quietly closed behind what Trina guessed was a woman. The shadowy woman soundlessly glided over to Trina's bed, and stopped right at the foot of it. "Your name is Trina Taylor, is it not?" the woman asked.