Agent Under Fire

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Chapter 2

As Kagome, Sango, and Miroku moved down the cafeteria line to pay Sango spoke up.

"So, Kagome, why did you look like you had seen a ghost back at the office? You came out completely silent from Myouga's? What's wrong?" Sango asked tentatively.

"The lieutenant knows I've been briefing Houjou's file," Kagome simply stated hiding any emotion she may have been feeling.

"Oh no," Sango whispered lowly.

"He ordered me off the file and told me to trust the team they have on the case as of now. But how can I do that?" she asked, her face turning slightly red. "Houjou was one of my best friends. He taught me so much being here the last few years, how can I just walk away?"

"Because you know if you don't, the lieu will have your ass!" Miroku said next to the two young women. Sango shot him a glare.

"Maybe it is for the best, Kagome. What if you were to find something that would be dangerous to you?" Sango said softly, placing a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"I think I've already found it," Kagome said while handing the cafeteria attendant her money.

"Is that what you wanted to tell us?" Sango asked also paying for her lunch. Kagome shook her head slowly. Walking to a small table away from other agents, Kagome set down her tray and watched Sango and Miroku make their way over. He was saying something, most likely perverted, that only Sango could hear, and telling by her expression he was going to get smacked. Kagome felt a sudden sadness that she had just lost her partner, her best friend, and someone she had once joked around with similar to Miroku and Sango.

Her face had grown dark and withdrawn as her friends sat down. "Uh oh, Kagome, spill it," Sango said upon seeing her friend's face.

"I have a new partner," Kagome said blandly. Her thoughts immediately switching to the instructor from Quantico, who still scared her, at least on some level, and who still made her angry just at the thought of him.

"Really? Who?" Sango and Miroku asked in unison.

Kagome looked up at them, something flashing in her eyes. "Inuyasha Taisho," she said with a slight groan. Sango's face showed her obvious shock and Miroku was shaking his head in disbelief.

Finally, Miroku spoke up. "Man, that's harsh! Did the lieutenant say why they were getting someone from outside the division?"

"No, actually. I couldn't even ask. I was in such shock and I couldn't believe that Myouga would partner me with such an arrogant jerk!" Kagome exclaimed her face showing her anger.

"Well, Kagome, it has been a few years and you'll be his equal now, even more so because you have experience in the unit. Maybe he isn't the same person we knew at the Academy," Sango said brightly. Kagome hadn't thought about that. Maybe he has changed since our days at Quantico?

The three friends talked some more over lunch and then headed back up to their unit. Miroku had been walking in front of the women when he turned to Kagome.

"So, Kagome, did the lieu tell you when Taisho would be joining the unit?" Miroku asked.

"Not at all. He almost seemed like he wanted to brief me and shove me out of his office. He wouldn't even look at me when he told me about Taisho," Kagome said.

"Well, it seems that he's joining the unit sooner than we all may have thought," Miroku stated lowly and moved to the side so Kagome and Sango could see Myouga talking to a man in a navy blue suit. His back was turned towards them and they could see the long silver ponytail pulled back at the nape of his neck. Kagome stopped walking and groaned.

"Taisho," she said barely above a whisper. As if he had heard her from across the large room, he turned towards the small group. His eyes swept over Houshi and Taijiya briefly before settling on Kagome. His intense amber gaze locking her stormy blue eyes, causing her breath to catch in her throat out of anxiety. He raised his hand briefly in a short wave to the group and returned back to Myouga to finish their conversation.

The group slowly moved towards the two and with a quick pat to Inuyasha's back Myouga turned to Kagome to introduce her new partner.

"Oh, good, Higurashi, this is your new partner..." Lieutenant Myouga began. Kagome gaining her bearings and realizing they were in her home court put her hand out to take Inuyasha's.

"Inuyasha Taisho, I know," Kagome said in that professional voice she used around the lieutenant. She knew she had to show Taisho here and now that she was not going to be pushed around here and can take matters into her own hands.

"Higurashi," Inuyasha said while grasping her hand firmly, his eyes meeting her gaze and never faltering. "You've come along way from field training haven't you?"

Kagome dropped her hand from his grasp so he wouldn't notice her body tense up at his mention of the past. Quickly regaining her head she laughed lightly, "It seems you've come along way from field training as well, Taisho."

He laughed loudly, making Kagome and the others jump slightly. She had never heard him laugh before: it was heartfelt and carefree. Maybe Sango was right maybe he had changed.

"Yeah, it's about time they get me away from the children. Although I don't know if my replacement can instill fear into the hearts of new agents as well as I could," he said.

The group laughed at his comment, although the three young agents laughed a little more nervously than the other two.

"Well, Higurashi, you should show Taisho his hub. I believe you two have a case ahead of you," Lieutenant Myouga encouraged.

"Right, Lieutenant. Taisho, this way," Kagome said pointing down a row of cubicles, feeling a little more comfortable than she had a few moments ago. "Taijiya, Houshi, good afternoon." Sango and Miroku smiled and nodded at Kagome before turning and heading down to their own hub.

Kagome led Inuyasha down between a few cubicles before stopping at hers. "This is my desk and that's yours right across the way. Once you've set yourself up I can brief you on the Yukari case," she told him. He looked at her briefly, almost amused, before turning around and heading to his desk and starting to unpack his briefcase.

Kagome sat down with a sigh and closed her eyes. Houjou, if only you were still here. We would've cracked this case within days. I hope Taisho's up for the challenge.

"Um, Higurashi? You ok?" a voice asked from the entrance of her cubicle. She jumped and looked up at the source. Inuyasha's intense amber eyes stared into hers, a look of concern etched across his face.

"Oh! Yes, yes, I'm fine. It's been quite a day really," Kagome said, a blush brought on by her embarrassment covering her cheeks.

"Right, of course. Well, what about that case, then?" Inuyasha asked searching her desk for what might look like a case file. He found one sitting on her desk and reached for it, hoping to get an idea for what lay ahead.

"Case? Oh! The Yukari case, right!" Kagome replied a little frazzled that she had been caught off guard, and a little shaken up from the day already. "Well, as you can see from the file it's another result of the Washington shootings. At first," she said looking around his shoulder when she froze. He was not holding the Yukari case. "Where did you get that?" she asked.

He looked up at her when he heard her tone. She sounded annoyed, but panic was fighting it's way into her voice. "It was on your desk, Higurashi."

Kagome gasped as her eyes widened. Hitting her head she groaned. "I returned the Yukari case to Cyber instead of this one!" she exclaimed. Yes, she was in a daze when she had returned it, but it was clearly marked! She should have noticed it!

"Ok, well I'm sure we can return this one no problem. Who is this Hobo guy anyway?" Inuyasha asked.

In Kagome's mind she had already pounced on him and was beating him to a bloody pulp for daring to make fun of Houjou's name. In reality, Kagome explained calmly, "His name was Houjou Onegawa, he was my partner." Inuyasha's demeanor changed immediately, and had she been looking at him she would've seen the look of regret on his face for opening his mouth.

"I'm sorry Kagome, sometimes my mouth works without my brain. As I'm sure you can recall. I heard great things about your partner. The two of you, actually." At this she looked up at him, a shadow of sadness had crawled into her eyes. "Oh, what? You think we just work you guys to death and never keep an ear out for how you're doing?" he joked.

She laughed, a small smile crossing her features, and Inuyasha smiled back at her. Where was the jerk she had known only a few years ago? Maybe it was just his job?

"You'll do great things, Kagome. I know that. You were one of the best in your class," he said, looking down at the file once more.

"I was?" Kagome asked, almost stunned. She knew her grades had been high but she always thought field training brought her overall performance way down.

Inuyasha looked at her with surprise. "Remember the first day of field training?"

She looked up at him crossly. "Yes, I remember all too well our 10 mile run our very first day!"

Inuyasha laughed loudly again, some agents stopping what they were doing to turn and look at the two. "See? That's what I'm talking about! That fire. I knew that first day you'd be an excellent agent because you weren't just going to lie down and take whatever came at you. You knew what you wanted and you were willing to fight for it. That's what I saw that day. But you can't very well tell a first year rookie in the Academy that on their first day. No. You've gotta run it out of them!" he said.

She looked at him, a bit taken aback. He had just complimented her! Not only that but told her she had fire! Kagome felt herself blush slightly, not used to being complimented on her work. Normally, it was a pat on the back and a "Good work, Higurashi!"

Regaining what little composure he had just left her with she took the file from his hands and closed it resolutely. "Come on, Taisho. Let's book it over to Cyber. May not be a 10 mile run, but it'll have to do for your first day."

Inuyasha laughed again and began to follow Kagome out of the office. "You know, Higurashi. This may be the start to a beautiful friendship."

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