Agent Under Fire

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Chapter 3

Walking to the Cyber Division gave Kagome and Inuyasha a chance to talk about his move to Investigative.

"This is probably going to sound rude, but, why, exactly, did they move you here?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha thought for a moment before answering, "I volunteered."

Kagome looked at him suspiciously, "One can't volunteer to become a field agent," she said incredulously.

Inuyasha caught her look out of the corner of his eye, "You're right. Very quick, Higurashi. I sort of bullied my superiors into it."

Kagome's mouth fell open. "You bullied them into it?" Now that's the Inuyasha Taisho I remember.

Inuyasha smirked and turned to her, "I went into the Academy just like you. But I was better at field training and kicking ass than analyzing my surroundings. They thought I was too hotheaded to be an effective field agent. So when I was finished I applied for the job as field trainer, but only with the stipulation that when I got my head under control that I could apply for a field agent position."

"Ohhh, so you had been there for so many years, calmed down, and now felt you were ready to move up," Kagome finished for him.

"Right. Then when they learned I would be your partner they didn't even hesitate. They figure with your 'logical mind' as they called it and my 'physical prowess' we'd be an unstoppable team," Inuyasha finished.

"Wait a second. Hang on here," Kagome said raising her hands in front of her, stopping them in the middle of the hallway. "The superiors don't feel that I can handle my own on a physical level?" She was now turning a slight shade of red, her anger rising to the surface.

"Don't go all bitch-mode on me. I'm just the messenger. Besides you asked," Inuyasha snapped back.

"Bitch-mode?" Kagome yelled. "You haven't seen me in bitch-mode or I'd have you running the other way with your tail between your legs! I can handle myself just fine out on the field and could probably kick your ass any day of the week! And you can't fool me, Taisho! That good guy act was to get your ass in the door, but watch your step you're in my court now. One foot out of line and I'll send you back to babysitting before you can say 'Yes, Ma'am!'" Her cheeks were now a deep crimson, her lips slightly red from her outburst, and her eyes were bright with anger. Inuyasha thought he had never seen a woman look so beautiful.

Inuyasha smirked, "You know, Higurashi, you are ugly when you are angry!" With that Kagome turned on her heel and stormed down the hallway to retrieve the file they had been looking for.

When they got to Cyber, Kagome was still running high on anger, "I need the Yukari file back," she said her voice still angry.

Inuyasha snatched Houjou's file away from Kagome's grasp. Kagome reeled around on him, "If you don't mind Taisho, I'd like to get to the other file."

"So, get to it. I want to brief this one, too," Inuyasha replied. The clerk glancing between the two decided to retrieve the Yukari file before something blew up there.

"You know, for just a moment back at the office I thought you weren't the arrogant jerk we all knew and hated at Quantico," Kagome let out, immediately putting a hand to her lips that were shut tight. Damn it! There I go again. There's something about Taisho that just makes me so... FRUSTRATED!

Inuyasha chuckled, "Higurashi, you're still uptight after all these years, aren't you? Can't get over the fact I pushed you to your limit?"

Kagome stiffened and then decided she wasn't going to play into his game, he would have to play into hers, "Go ahead, Taisho, look at the file all you want. But Lieutenant Myouga has ordered everyone off that case and for good reason." The clerk had returned with the Yukari file and Kagome smiled before turning to Inuyasha. She leaned close to him, so close that he could smell the faint scent of coconut from her shampoo, and whispered lowly, "But you'll never push me to my limit."

Inuyasha stood there for a few minutes, and then realized that Kagome had already started back to the office, nodding at the clerk he started after Kagome. He caught up with her in the hallway, "Higurashi, why did the Lieutenant order everyone off the Onegawa case?" he asked when he approached her. He saw her intake of breath deepen. She's trying to keep her control. But why? I don't think it's all because of me.

"Myouga thought we were all too close to Houjou, that our perception was tainted. We could no longer see the truth. But," she stopped talking. She didn't know if she could trust Inuyasha with her thoughts on Houjou's death. She hadn't even told Sango or Miroku yet!

"But?" Inuyasha probed.

"But I don't think his death was an isolated incident. I think it was planned. Planned very well," Kagome continued, her voice lowering so people passing by couldn't hear her directly.

"Planned? In house?" he asked, his face becoming very serious, almost scowling.

"I don't know. I mean Houjou didn't really have enemies around here. Most of the agents really liked him. I think it may have been someone who had a grudge from the outside. Someone involved in a past case," she said, her eyes glossing over with thought.

Inuyasha stopped walking and reached for her elbow, "Kagome, if it was about a past case that would put your life in danger as well, would it not?"

She lowered her eyes to the ground, "Yes, it would. We were partners after all. I believe that's why Myouga ordered me off the case."

"Ok, so Myouga ordered everyone from your division off the Onegawa case. But what if you were to review past cases you two worked on together. Maybe we could uncover something that would lead us to your partner's murderer," Inuyasha said, his face still serious. Kagome looked up at him with something that resembled hope shining in her eyes. At that moment she could have hugged Inuyasha, but she remembered that he was still holding her arm and looked down at his hand. Inuyasha released her from his grasp and they both moved back several steps an awkward blush creeping onto both of their faces.

"Thank you, Inuyasha. You know you have quite the intuitive mind when you're not being a class-A jerk," Kagome said, smiling slightly.

"Why, Higurashi! I believe that was a compliment!" he said while laughing. "So, shall we head to the archives?"

"No need. Houjou created a program on our computers so we could access all our past cases faster and easier than hardcopy files," Kagome replied, and turned to head back to the office, their earlier argument forgotten.

Back at the office Kagome pulled the program up on her computer, while Inuyasha leaned over her chair to see the screen. There turned out to be dozens of cases within the program, all ranging in severity from fraud to homicide. Kagome sighed, "We can't possibly go through all of these. There have been so many."

Inuyasha looked down at her, "From what I hear you and Onegawa were extremely close. You should try to find out as much as you can without going against the lieutenant." The way he had said close made Kagome uncomfortable.

Kagome turned slightly in her chair, a little perturbed, "Houjou and I were close, but not the way that you are obviously thinking. We had been through a lot, became best friends even. But we never crossed the line of professionalism."

"Somehow, Kagome, it doesn't surprise me that you never cross that line," he replied and turned his attention back to the computer.

She frowned, "Whatever, Taisho."

They searched through the files late into the afternoon. Inuyasha had finally pulled a chair over and the two were printing out anything that looked group related. They were working well together with only the occasional remarks or comments passing between the two, usually leaving one of them annoyed at the other. Things seemed to be going well when they heard the lieutenant bellow again through the office, "Higurashi! Taisho! Office!"

Kagome and Inuyasha looked at each other. What could the lieutenant be angry with now? They were only briefing archived cases. They both walked quickly to his office and went in, standing in front of his desk.

"The Yukari case. How goes it?" Myouga asked. Kagome never missed a beat.

"The case seems to need more review. It definitely may be related to the other shootings, but considering it was sent to Cyber means the Internet was involved somehow. It reeks of online dating gone wrong. If it's related to the other shootings than we may have the possibility of it being serial activity with the Internet being the medium," she said.

"I think it's definitely crossed over into serial. The Internet connection may just have been a coincidence. Crossed wires. But if it needs more review you better start now, there's been another victim," Myouga said handing her another file. "Higurashi, Taisho, this one needs to be solved as soon as possible, no fooling around. The newest victim was a congressman's daughter. This case has been blown big and unless it's solved soon this unit's going to start feeling the heat from the government."

Kagome and Inuyasha wore identical expressions of controlled shock. They knew the pressure was on and they needed to work this case out before any more girls were found dead.

"This case will be our first priority, Lieutenant," Inuyasha spoke up and Kagome nodded.

"It better be, Taisho, otherwise it's my ass on the line, along with the both of yours, now get back to that case!" Myouga ordered. The two left his office and walked back to their hub. Kagome plopped down onto her chair completely spent from the day's events.

"Higurashi, we haven't reviewed that case all day, I think we should review it tonight," Inuyasha suggested standing at her cubicle doorway.

"I can't possibly stay in this office anymore today. It's been an extremely long day and I need to get out. But if you don't mind we can work at my place. I'll order Chinese, that is, if you can stand eating while reviewing a homicide case," she said smirking up at him.

"I can handle anything you can dish out, Higurashi, and then some," he said turning from her. "Let me get my stuff and we'll head out. Can you be ready in a few?" He turned back to her when he got to his desk to see her, briefcase in hand. "Wow, all women should be ready that fast!"

"I told you, I can't stay in this place any longer, I need to get out!" she said, checking her watch impatiently waiting for him to get his stuff.

They got outside and to the parking lot before Inuyasha realized he didn't know where she lived. "Higurashi? Should I follow you there or do you want to give me directions real quick?"

"Oh, right. Well, I don't really live that far from headquarters so if you can keep up you can follow," Kagome said before walking over to her black Jeep. Inuyasha just smirked at her, like she had done earlier, "I think I can keep up Higurashi, if you sit tight for a few minutes I'll drive around so I can follow you."

She nodded and tossed her briefcase into the passenger side of her car. She had barely gotten to the driver's side when a red motorcycle pulled up near her car. She turned around to see Inuyasha, his suit jacket exchanged for a leather one, and a red helmet hiding his face. You would've thought a guy on a motorcycle in a suit would've looked odd. But Kagome thought Inuyasha somehow looked right on it. He flipped up his visor, "Higurashi, I thought you said I was the one who couldn't keep up! Get in the car already!"

Kagome huffed and got into the jeep, turning the engine over and revving it. She pulled out quickly, just barely missed hitting him, and pulled out of the lot. She did live close to HQ for five minutes later they pulled into a parking garage next to an apartment complex.

"Ah, home," said Kagome when she got out of the car. Inuyasha had pulled in next to her and was in the process of extracting his briefcase from his saddlebag. "Nice bike, Taisho," Kagome said behind him, "K 1200 RS, BMW, right?"

He turned to her, his mouth hanging open, "How in the seven hells did you know what model?"

"Oh, that. My dad had a 1972 Triumph Bonneville, T 120 R. He fixed it up himself, went riding a lot, but was in a bad accident a few years back and my mom said it was the bike or her, so the Triumph's been sitting in the shed ever since," she said. She talked easily now, he noticed, probably because she was home and not at the office. "Besides, we'd always talk about the sissy bikes, Beamers mostly, so I keep up with the latest models still."

"I'd love to meet him, maybe he could help me fix up some other bikes I have, ones that aren't as 'sissy' you said?" Inuyasha joked.

Kagome looked down at her hands holding onto her briefcase, "Actually, my father passed away last year." She looked up to see Inuyasha's regretful expression, "No worries, Taisho, you didn't know. Besides, maybe I'd be able to help you with your bikes. I'd like to get the Triumph out anyways for a ride, although it'd take some convincing for my mom to let me out on it."

"Sorry, Kagome, I didn't mean to upset you if I did," Inuyasha said, his face taking on a hurt puppy quality to it. He called me, Kagome.

"Like I said, no worries, Taisho. Come on, let's get upstairs and order some take-out. I'm starving!" she exclaimed, while dragging him towards the stairs of the parking garage.

She opened the door into a modest apartment and directed Inuyasha to the sofa. Throwing a Chinese menu at him she walked to her bedroom, "Pick what you want, I'm gonna run and get changed. As much as I love wearing this suit all the time, I hear sweats and a hoodie calling my name! Make yourself comfortable!"

Inuyasha glanced around the apartment. It screamed Kagome. Everything was neat and simple and had it's own place. Green sheer drapes let the sunset shine through her window and onto hard wood floors that glowed like they had just been waxed. She had black and white pictures hanging on her wall. Some of friends, most likely from high school, one of her, Sango, and Miroku from their days at the Academy, and one of Kagome when she was little in the arms of a man. The picture seemed to have been taken at some type of museum with models of dinosaurs. Kagome had tears in her eyes and was clinging for dear life, but the man was laughing and giving the camera a peace sign. That must be her father.

He sat down on her green sofa with a sigh and tried to choose what he wanted for dinner. He found that he was starving as well. He had skipped lunch for his meeting with the lieutenant.

Kagome came back into the living room, "Oh that feels SO much better!" Inuyasha looked up from the menu at her. She was wearing what looked like blue pajama bottoms and a navy blue FBI hoodie. She had let her hair down from the confines of the clip she was wearing earlier and her black hair flowed in waves down her back. She went over to the front door to grab her briefcase, where she had dropped it upon arriving at the apartment. When she reached down for her case he saw the pajamas had the word 'GRUMPY' written across the back. That doesn't even begin to describe her!

Inuyasha chuckled, "Grumpy." Kagome didn't miss his snicker.

"I'll have you know these are my most comfy pj pants! And I'm only grumpy cause you're a jerk," she said with a slight pout. "Have you decided what you want yet?"

He looked at her oddly, then realized she meant for dinner and handed her the menu, "Sesame chicken's fine."

"I heart sesame chicken!" she exclaimed. "Ok, so you're not all that bad if we like the same Chinese food."

"You heart sesame chicken? What are you, in high school?" he asked.

"Just something that never left my vocabulary," she replied.

"You loosen up a lot at home don't you?" he asked, wondering how this woman who had gone from the professional all American agent to a laid back, pajama wearing, sesame chicken 'heart'-ing woman.

"You may think I'm uptight, Inuyasha, but I'm just serious about my job. I've always wanted to be an agent and now that I am, I don't want to mess that up. There's plenty of time for fun away from the office, and believe it or not, some of us are even friends outside HQ!" she said sticking her tongue out at him. She called me, Inuyasha.

"You're right. We are partners after all and if we're working together in and out of the office, we kind of have to like being around each other," he told her. "Although, I kind of lost the uptight opinion about you when you said you wanted to ride your dad's Triumph. Any girl wanting to ride is okay in my book."

Kagome laughed and got up to order the food.

"The guy said our food should be here in about 20 minutes. So, let's pull out that case and start going over the basics before he can get here. Then break for dinner and then back to the case!" she said cheerfully.

"Fine by me," he said. "How 'bout we start with Yukari then work on Daughter Congressman?"

They opened the files and set to work.

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