Agent Under Fire

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Chapter 4

Kagome had completely caught up Inuyasha on the Yukari case. It seemed that a young girl, age 18, was shot and killed in a back alley way, then raped post-mortem, only a few weeks ago. There had been a random shooter that the unit had been tracking in the Washington area that they couldn't quite catch.

Kikyou Yukari had been the fifth victim of the shooter, but her case was different. The other victims had only been killed; the shooter didn't risk leaving DNA on the others, which made Kagome believe that she had been the victim of a different crime. But Myouga had said they were related. What did he know that she didn't? That they didn't. Kagome sighed loudly causing Inuyasha to turn to her.

"Frustrated?" he asked.

"I just don't get it. I thought it was just some crazy old guy that found this young girl online, met her, killed her, etc. But if that were the case it wouldn't have been sent to the government. There's a piece missing and I just can't find it," Kagome replied, a deep frown forming on her brow.

"Well, do we know why it was sent to Cyber to begin with?" he asked her.

"When her house was examined they searched her computer's hard drive and found files, old conversations between the girl and a random person online. So, they sent it to Cyber to see if they could find who where the guy was accessing the Internet from. But I still think the victim was too old to be falling for an online romance," she said handing him the printouts of the online conversations.

Briefly looking through them Inuyasha asked Kagome, "You think these could have been set up?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, what if it is the same guy as the other murders, but he set up the whole online scenario to throw the investigation off?" he suggested.

"But why? That's what I don't understand. This guy is nothing like anything I've ever seen before. None of the victims are similar really: both men and women, all different ages, none from the same area or economic status. It almost seems completely random," she said, raising her hands in a defeated gesture. Her doorbell rang and she jumped up running to the door, "Thank God, I thought I was gonna have to sacrifice my liver to my stomach!"

She paid the delivery guy and brought the food back into the living room and setting it down on the coffee table. "You want a drink, Inuyasha? I have some Coke in the fridge," she told him turning to walk into the kitchen.

"Coke's fine," he answered, opening up the bag and setting their food down on the table. "Spork or chopsticks?" he asked her when she handed him the soda.

"Spork! I feel like a retarded octopus with chopsticks," she joked while sitting down on the floor between the couch and the table.

"I didn't realize an octopus could be retarded," he said, smirking down at her on the floor.

She rolled her eyes, "You know what I mean."

Inuyasha kicked off his shoes and pulled off his tie tossing it on the couch before joining Kagome on the floor. They ate for a few minutes silently before Kagome looked up at him, "So, who are you, Taisho?"

"What do you mean, who am I?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well, all I know about you is what I learned at Quantico. I really don't know that much about you at all. Well, anything good that is," she said, sticking her tongue out at him.

"Well, what do you want to know?" he asked.

"You're not going to make this easy are you," she said frowning at him. "Make me pry info out of you like an interrogation?"

"I just don't know what you want me to say. I was a military brat; moved around a lot, never really saw my dad. My mom passed away right before I went into the Academy myself. My dad doesn't want to talk to me anymore since I chose the FBI over the Army and I have a step-brother that I never see because he's tied up in the Senate," he said, his eyes darkening. He knew he had told her too much about his family, but he felt like she should know a little since he had been a jerk mentioning her father.

"Sorry," she said quietly.

"Don't worry about it," he said gruffly.

"I should've started out with something easy, like 'what's your favorite color,'" she said playing with a piece of chicken on her plate.

He smirked, "Well, I'm sure I would've told you eventually and that way when I'm being an asshole you can know why. Maybe not switch into bitch- mode too quickly next time."

He was teasing. She knew it. But she also didn't like the fact he thought she was a bitch without knowing anything about her. Maybe she had her own reasons for being so cold.

After a few moments of not saying anything he finally muttered, "Red."

"What?" Kagome asked. She had barely heard him but knew he had said something.

"My favorite color is red," he said slowly. "Yours?"

"Green," she said, giving him a slight smile. He may be a jerk, may call her a bitch, but she knew that they'd work well together.

He saw her smile and was relieved she didn't want to have a serious conversation concerning his family. "So, how 'bout we focus on Daughter Congressman?"

"Sure," she said reaching for the file. Opening it up she read aloud, "Tomoko Shirakawa, age 15, found strangled to death in alleyway, bullet to head... that's funny," she stopped reading.

"What?" Inuyasha asked leaning closer to her to get a good look at the file.

"It says here she was shot post-mortem. He shot her after he had killed her. Why?" Kagome questioned raising her eyes from the file, staring off into some unknown world.

"Copycat," Inuyasha said.

"What?" she asked turning her far-off gaze to him.

"I think these two murders, Yukari and Shirakawa, are related to each other, not to the other shootings. Well, in a way it's related, but not really. It's a copycat murderer trying to make these two look like the work of the other guy. We're looking for two different killers. This guy is killing young women for another reason than the shooter was targeting those random victims," he finished.

Kagome could've smacked herself. Of course! I knew the Yukari case had been different somehow. But it took the death of this girl to clear it up!

"I think we need to go to the scene of the crime for Shirakawa," Kagome said. "Maybe we can pick something up Forensics didn't."

"Do you want to go now? It's not that late yet. Plus you'll be with me, remember? I can protect you from the psychos," Inuyasha said, shooting her a look.

"Like I've said before Taisho, I can handle myself and probably save your ass at the same time!" Kagome said, her face showing clear annoyance. "Let me just go throw on some sneakers, change into jeans, and I'll be ready to go."

Inuyasha stood up, put on his shoes, and reached for his leather jacket. Just as he was zippering up she came back into the living room and grabbed her keys.

"No, we'll take my bike," Inuyasha said. She began to protest but he shook his head. "Trust me, it's faster and you said yourself you wanted to ride."

"I meant my own ride, someday, not tonight," she said crossing her arms across her chest.

"How about a deal. I promise I'll let you kick my ass in PT tomorrow afternoon if you come on the bike," he said smirking down at her.

"Let me? You'll let me? No, Taisho, I think you'll go down like a baby," she said turning around and starting towards the door. He grabbed the Shirakawa file and bolted after her.

They got down to the bike and while he was putting his briefcase back into his saddlebag she was checking out the ride. Hopping on, he pulled her on behind him.

"I don't have a helmet, Inuyasha!" she exclaimed, as he was putting his own on. He flipped up his visor and looked at her.

"I promise I won't go too fast. Just hang on tight, lean with the turns, and you'll be fine," he said and shot her a smile before he slammed his visor down and started the engine.

She grabbed the side of his jacket at the waist as he backed the bike out of the spot, but quickly threw her hands around to lock in front of his stomach when he screamed out of the parking garage. He chuckled to himself as he heard her squeal behind him.

Kagome found that once the initial shock wore off, some from careening between cars in traffic and some from having to hold onto Inuyasha for dear life, she actually enjoyed the feel of the wind flying through her hair. She pressed her cheek against Inuyasha's back and could feel the cool leather and soft hair from his ponytail against her skin. But as always, instead of enjoying the moment, Kagome's brain had to kick in. What am I doing? I barely know Taisho for 8 hours, not counting 3 years in hell at Quantico, and I've already invited him back to my apartment, had dinner, and am now joyriding on the back of his motorcycle. Way to be professional, Kagome! I've got to get it together. I'm a federal agent for Kami's sake!

She resolved to act extremely professional with Inuyasha tonight. He just joined the unit and his first experience with a partner must be by the book. This is my job! Kagome thought. And her job was on the line with this case, as Myouga had made perfectly clear earlier.

They got to the homicide sight quicker than she thought and she jumped off the bike as soon as he pulled to a stop. "What in the hell did you think you were doing, Taisho!? You could've gotten me killed. 'I won't go too fast' he says. Meanwhile I'm behind you screaming bloody murder and clinging to you for dear life!" she yelled.

"Oh, get off it, Higurashi! You know you liked the ride otherwise you wouldn't have been pressing yourself so close to me on the way over here!" he snapped back at her.

She fell silent. Her mouth forming a small 'Oh' as she realized she had been leaning on him. "See? So, don't try to pass it off that you absolutely hated it. 'Cause if I told you to get back on right now you'd be on faster than I could say, 'Yes, Ma'am' isn't that right?" he said sweeping passed her with a smirk on his face.

Kagome turned toward him, face red from both anger and embarrassment, ready to throw out some comment, but had lost all words when she saw the crime tape blocking off a dark alleyway. He had stopped at the tape and she walked up next to him, both looking down the narrow space.

Kagome pulled a small flashlight from the pouch of her hoodie as he did the same from the inner pocket of his jacket. He pulled the tape up for her to be able to sneak under and he followed suit. The body had been removed earlier that day, probably off to the long chill in HQ morgue.

"Forensics probably did the best search they could. But maybe they missed something. Maybe they were being so scientific with the body they didn't put the whole picture together," Inuyasha said.

Kagome agreed by making a small sound in her throat like an "Unnn." She had gone into Agent-Mode this time. Her eyes, looking almost vacant, scanned the area around the scene came up with nothing than set to work examining where they body had lain. "She was dragged over here," Kagome said. "See how the dirt smudges over there. She was probably strangled over there by the wall, and then dragged over here. But why?"

Inuyasha was examining the place Kagome had just pointed to against the wall while Kagome continued to look at the area the girl was found. She moved her flashlight away from the scene when something caught her eye. Not in the light, but in the dark. "Inuyasha!" she called. He ran over to her.

"Find something, Kagome?" he asked shining his light on the scene.

"Taisho! Put out your light!" she ordered as she did the same.

"What the fuck is that?" Inuyasha asked, narrowing his eyes in the dirt.

"A tag," Kagome answered. In the dirt, where the girl's back had lain, a small drawing had been made with what looked like glow in the dark paint. "It was made with something that only glows after light hits it, that's why forensics missed it during the day."

"It looks like a bug of some sort. Beetle maybe?" Inuyasha suggested.

"I think it's a spider," Kagome answered. "Whatever it is, it means this guy's playing around with us. Seeing if we can catch onto his tags. He wants to take credit for this. Myouga was right. This is a serial murderer and I wouldn't doubt if it happens again, soon." Her face was hard and her eyes were showing no emotion in the dim light from the streetlamps.

"Kagome?" he asked.

"Hmm?" she mumbled, still staring at the tag.

"We'll catch him. You know that, right? Not only him, but the guy who's responsible for Onegawa," Inuyasha said, touching her shoulder. Kagome relaxed, for they had found something after all, and looked towards Inuyasha.

He nodded towards her, "Come on, I'll drive you home. It's getting pretty late and the streets of D.C. aren't safe," he saw her bristle, "even for two agents that can handle themselves." She nodded and stood up.

"Besides, you need a rest from being Robot Agent girl," he said with a smirk.

"Excuse me, Taisho?" Kagome asked narrowing her eyes. "If it weren't for me being 'Robot Agent' girl, we wouldn't have found the murderer's tag giving us the edge over the other units!"

"Yeah, I kind of got that, Higurashi," he said darkly.

"What, exactly, does that mean?" she asked hotly.

"It means you never show any emotion for your job except anger or annoyance. You only show anything else when you feel you've one-upped another agent. I've been with you for most of the day and I've seen you laugh, really laugh, maybe twice. There are other things to a job besides the rulebook. It's ok to have fun!" he shot at her.

"Like you know anything about me, Taisho," she spat out. "I'll have you know that before my partner was killed, practically in front of me, that I laughed at the office more. Sorry, if I'm not a bubbly little cheerleader for you. This is my job that's on the line, too. This is the time to be serious, not acting like an ass. As for you, you're right; you've only been around me for today. You know absolutely nothing about me!"

"I know that you're an uptight bitch, too afraid to live life for fear of losing it!" he yelled back at her.

They were now practically screaming at each other in the alleyway. Kagome's eyes were bright with anger, the flush from before creeping across her cheeks, and she took shallow breaths.

Her face began to darken when she thought of a retaliation, "I'm the uptight bitch? At least I'm not an arrogant jerk that couldn't hack it as an agent the first time around!"

He loomed close to her, "You're right! I thought you had a real fire for this sort of thing, but now I see you never really did. Unlike you I felt passion for what I was studying and that scared the big boys!"

"I feel passion!" she screamed back at him.

"You wouldn't feel passion if it slammed you in the face!" he yelled and with that pulled her to him, crashing his lips down on hers. Her eyes widened and she gasped allowing him to slip his tongue in to taste her. Her anger forgotten and her mind in temporary shock, her body betrayed her original plan to be professional and responded to his.

She tasted like ginger and he gently probed her mouth, seeking her tongue out to meet his. Kagome's eyes slid shut as she fell into the kiss and she reached her arms up to link behind his neck. One of Inuyasha's arms slid around her waist, while the other slid up her back, his hand entwining into her hair. Kagome grew bolder and responded to the kiss, reaching her tongue out to meet his. Their kiss was slow and wanting, and Kagome could feel his need as well as her own.

Inuyasha pulled his hand around to cup her face and ended their kiss, placing a short chaste kiss in its wake. Her stormy blue eyes were shining and he could see a faint blush touching her cheeks. Her lips had swollen slightly from his attentions and her breath came low and shallow.

He stepped away from her, breaking their contact, "I'm sorry, Kagome. I... don't really know what just happened."

She didn't say a word. Couldn't say a word back to him, just stood there after feeling the best thing she had ever experienced.

"Come on, I'll drop you back at your apartment," he said, turning to walk back to his motorcycle.

What?! Her mind screamed. Did he not just feel that?

Her mind was reeling from questions, questions her mind could not come to ask. But mostly she asked herself how this would change them working together. She had never done anything like that before. Never. She didn't date agents in the unit. She didn't date agents outside the unit! Let alone kiss them. But he kissed you, her brain reminded her.

Kagome was just too tired to process any of this. It had been an awfully long day. She walked back to Inuyasha's motorcycle and saw that he was already on and it was already revving. She got on and linked her arms around his waist again, placed her cheek against his back again, and willed herself not to cry.

When they reached her apartment she got off and Inuyasha raised his visor, "I'll wait for you to get inside, Kagome, to know you're safe." He looked at her then and she could've sworn she saw desire flash across his eyes. She nodded and headed for her building pausing only once at the doorway to look back at him. She raced upstairs, tears falling from her eyes, tears caused by frustration, exhaustion, and not knowing what the hell just happened. She got into her apartment turning on the lights and went over to the window to see if he had gone. She saw him looking up at her window. He gave a short wave, slammed his visor down, and screamed down the road.

"What the fuck just happened?" Kagome asked herself as she made her way to the couch. She put her had back and stretched out, her hand brushing something silky. Looking down she saw Inuyasha's tie he had taken off earlier. Oh yeah, that'll look just great bringing to HQ tomorrow!

She cleaned up the Chinese food they had rushed out on earlier and straightened her apartment up before heading off to bed. After changing back into her pj's, she hopped into bed and set her alarm for the morning. Lying down her thoughts drifted to whatever happened back at the alleyway. She felt herself blush slightly at the memory of his lips, soft, yet firm against her own. The want, the need, and the desire he had for her, seemingly out of nowhere. She shook her head of those thoughts and closed her eyes; sleep overcoming her.

She had to watch it, or before she would know it she'd be falling for Inuyasha Taisho.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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