Agent Under Fire

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Chapter 5

Kagome was at the office extremely early the next morning for two reasons. One, she wanted to show Inuyasha that last night had not effected her and she could still be an adult, and two, she wanted to put his tie on his desk before anyone could get there and see her give it to him, thus negating her first reason to look like an adult.

She sat down at her desk and pulled up the program Houjou had created on her computer. As long as I'm here early I might as well spend some time looking through these files.

She skimmed through a few of the files looking for something that would stand out. She checked her watch and saw she had been sifting through the program for a little over an hour. She looked up from her cubicle and saw that others had started to drift into the office.

Kagome leaned her forehead on the palm of her hand wishing she had stopped for at least a cup of coffee this morning when someone cleared their throat to her left. Turning she saw Inuyasha standing in her cubicle doorway with a coffee carrier in his hand. He had a sheepish look on his face, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Peace offering," he said while setting a cup on her desk. "I didn't know what you liked so I just got a double shot latte."

Smiling she said, "You're my savior!" Taking a sip of the coffee she watched him turn and move to his desk. He saw the tie and smirked. Glancing at her he said, "Thanks." She saluted him with her cup in hand and turned back to the computer. Back to normal, she thought.

"Oh, Higurashi?" Inuyasha called from his desk.

"Taisho?" Kagome called back.

"I was thinking of the Shirakawa case and how we found the tag. I was wondering if a similar tag was made at the sight of the Yukari homicide," he said walking back over to her hub.

"Oh. I don't know. I brought the file with me this morning. You still have the Shirakawa file?" she asked.

He nodded and pointed over to his desk. Kagome glanced through the file and then looked at the pictures to see if they had gotten an image of a tag.

"They didn't capture an image of a tag, but that doesn't mean it's not there," she told him. "I wonder if the tag would remain after a certain amount of time? Wanna go check it out?"

"Definitely. I'll head down to OPS and see if I can get an infrared light so we can scan the sight," he responded. "Want to meet me in the parking lot in fifteen?"

"I'll meet you by my Jeep," she said gathering her things together. "I'm driving this time and no 'buts' we both need to return to the office alive and well so I can kick your ass in PT remember?"

He could tell she was smirking despite the fact he couldn't see her face. "Oh yeah, I remember. I promised I'd let you win in a spar."

As Kagome whirled around to respond she saw he was already down the aisle of cubicles on his way to OPS. She watched him turn and wink at her before he walked out of sight.

Kagome made a noise close to a growl, grabbed her briefcase, latte, and keys, and headed across the office to talk to Sango before she left.

When she reached her and Miroku's hub Sango looked up at her, "Oh! You brought me coffee! I knew you were my favorite friend!"

"Actually, Inuyasha brought me a latte this morning, and I would hope I'm your favorite friend anyway!" Kagome joked.

"He brought you coffee? See? What did I say? He's not as bad as the Academy days, right?" Sango asked cheerfully. Kagome rolled her eyes, "Oh, he's still an arrogant jerk. But I can handle him."

Their conversation, or rather their subject of conversation, caused Miroku to walk over to the two.

"Taisho and you making nicey-nice?" he asked. Sango elbowed him from her seat, nailing him right in the hip. "Ow! No need to be rough. Just asking a simple question. Just coming in Kagome?"

"Actually, no, I've been here since seven. Taisho and I are actually heading out to the Yukari sight. We think we may have a lead. Where to? I have no idea. But I guess we'll just have to enjoy the ride," Kagome said, while Miroku and Sango exchanged a look. "Don't even say it, Houshi!" Sango warned.

Miroku raised his hands defensively, "I wasn't going to! Besides, you know you were thinking it, too!"

Kagome shot him a glare, "Anyway, I better be off. Inuyasha is supposed to meet me at my car in a few and I want to stop in and tell the Lieutenant where we're headed."

"Sure, Kagome. I'll see you later. Maybe we could all meet for lunch later," Sango suggested.

"Yeah!" agreed Miroku, "Except not at the cafeteria today. If I have to eat one more sandwich from Ray's I'm gonna be sick!"

"Well, if you made your own lunch once in awhile, Houshi, you wouldn't have to rely on a poor old man!" Sango snapped at him.

"You could make my lunch, dear heart," he answered and quickly stepping out of her reach as she swung at him.

Kagome laughed at the two and turned to stop at Myouga's office. Miroku stopped dodging Sango and looked at her serious for a moment. "Sango, did you notice she called him, Inuyasha?"

"Now that you mention it, it did sound odd to me," Sango said.

"Maybe our Kagome is actually opening herself up to someone," Miroku pondered, rubbing his chin.

Sango sighed, "I hope so, Houshi. She needs to start trusting someone after Houjou. You know they had that whole unspoken attraction between them but neither acted upon it, and then when he was killed she felt guilty. Still does, I'm sure."

"Yeah, I know. She's completely walled off her emotions. She's even different with us now," Miroku said, frowning a bit.

They stopped their conversation when Kagome emerged from Myouga's office and walked out of the office.

Kagome got out to her car to see Inuyasha already leaning against the back hatch.

"Took you long enough, Higurashi," he said. He was holding a black case, not much larger than a regular briefcase. Kagome guessed that was the infrared light.

"Some of us feel it necessary to let the Lieutenant know where we're headed, Taisho," she shot back along with a glare. She swept by him to unlock the passenger door for him.

"Wow, a lady unlocking the door for a guy. That's something you don't see everyday," Inuyasha joked. Kagome visibly blushed.

"Sorry, habit I guess. I feel better when my passenger is in safely first," she replied. Once inside the car he reached over and unlocked her door from the inside. Getting in she glanced at him, "Thanks."

"No, problem," he responded, placing the case he was carrying at his feet.

She pulled out of the lot and started driving to the sight silently. Inuyasha glanced over at her.

"Higurashi?" he asked.


"About last night," he started.

Kagome interrupted, "No worries, Taisho. It was a long day yesterday; we both had been through a lot. No harm, no foul."

"Oh," he said, turning to look out the window. "Yeah, you're right."

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, "Besides, it was flattering."

He smirked, "Yeah, well you know... anyone should be so lucky. I am Inuyasha Taisho."

She visibly rolled her eyes, her anger rising, "That, and you are the biggest asshole."

He narrowed his eyes at her, "Bitch."

"Takes one to know one, Taisho," she said smiling.

"Did you just call me a bitch, Higurashi?" Inuyasha laughed out. His laughter caused her to giggle slightly. "You called me a bitch!"

"Yeah, I did!" she laughed. "Oh! I almost forgot. Taijiya and Houshi want to have lunch with us. That is, if you don't have plans."

"Well, let me check my schedule," he said as he pretended to pull out a planner, "Bitch, bitch, bitch, lunch, bitch, bitch, tea, bitch, bitch... yep! I'm free!"

She smacked him on his arm playfully, "Jerk. Hey! We're almost there."

She pulled up outside the right address. The file said Yukari was slain in an alleyway just like the latest killing, but it was hardly an alleyway. They walked down a narrow passage that opened up into a courtyard behind the buildings.

"She was shot and raped back here but no one saw from any of these buildings?" Inuyasha asked. "I can't believe that. This whole thing just isn't right."

"I agree. What if he moved her here right after he shot her?" Kagome suggested.

"It's possible. I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility," Inuyasha replied, scanning the area for any evidence. "Forensics cleaned this one up nicely. I don't see any remnants."

Kagome and Inuyasha walked over to wear the body had been found. Setting down the case, Inuyasha pulled out the special equipment. "If there's anything here, this should find it, the guy in OPS was overly confident about 'his baby'."

Kagome nodded, "Start towards the upper torso. That's where the other one had been found." He turned on the light and a small drawing of a spider immediately appeared exactly in the same spot as the last victim. They looked at each other and nodded. It was confirmed. The two latest killings were related to each other. Now the question remained if the original shootings would have the same markings. Kagome pulled out her cell and made a quick call into HQ. When she got off she explained to Inuyasha that another team would be heading out to the sight of another shooting to see if their was also a tag there. If not, then they definitely had two killers on their hands.

They packed up the gear and headed back to the car. Once inside Inuyasha turned to Kagome, "They won't find a tag."

"How do you know?" she asked, starting the car up and heading back to headquarters.

"I just know. Got a feeling, ya know? Can't ignore it," he said, staring out the front windshield. "You ever get that?"

"What?" she questioned.

"That feeling that you can't ignore?" he asked, turning towards her, his amber eyes shaded with an intensity she had never seen before. She shivered and hoped he hadn't seen. He had.

"I'm not sure," she responded, a bit shakily.

"What do you mean you're not sure? You either have or you haven't, Higurashi," he said turning back to look out the front window. He put both hands behind his head and leaned back, "Trust me, you'll know when you have. And you won't be able to ignore it."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - When they got back to the office, they were barely at their desks for five minutes before Miroku and Sango appeared asking about lunch.

"Taisho," Miroku said with that all too male head nod.

"Houshi," Inuyasha responded back with the same gesture.

Sango rolled her eyes at the display of male pride, "Kagome, we were wondering if you two were up for lunch?"

"Oh, right now? I wanted to enter a few files into a program on the computer real quick and I..." she began to protest to leaving that very moment.

"Come on, Higurashi. No harm, no foul. Remember?" Inuyasha said. Kagome blushed visibly and Sango and Miroku looked at each other before raising eyebrows at the two.

"You know? Lunch sounds great!" Kagome said with a big smile that looked a little too big. She's hiding something, Miroku and Sango thought at the same time.

"But not at the cafeteria!" Miroku exclaimed.

"That bad?" Inuyasha asked.

"You have no idea!" all three of the other agents exclaimed, causing Inuyasha to laugh.

They decided to run out to a little café only a block away from headquarters. Once they ordered, Miroku and Sango set out to question Inuyasha as "the new guy."

"So, what have you been up to since we knew you as rookies?" Sango asked with a smile.

"Practically the same thing. I was still part of the field training unit as an instructor for the last three years, and then for the last year I was a hand-to-hand combat instructor," he explained. Kagome gulped at the 'combat' part. How am I supposed to beat his ass at PT later?

"Any fine ladies come out of the Academy in the past few years?" Miroku asked, not even finishing his thought completely before Sango smacked him upside the head. "Ow! Hey! Ya know I could put in for a new partner, ya know!"

"Yeah, but you wouldn't dare 'cause you know I'd kick your ass," Sango said as calmly as she would have said 'pass the sugar'. The two started bickering, completely ignoring the presence of the two other agents.

Inuyasha leaned close to Kagome and whispered, "Are they always like this?"

His breath had tickled her ear and she shivered before answering, "They used to be a lot worse!"

"Is that possible?" Inuyasha wondered.

"Oh, yeah. Back at the Academy Houshi was always trying to get into Sango's pants," Kagome laughed. "Those days Houshi always had a much bigger lump on his head."

"What happened?" he asked turning to look at Kagome.

"They were assigned together as partners," she answered looking at him as though the answer was obvious.

"So, what's the problem?" he inquired. Kagome stiffened, turning a slight shade of red, either out of embarrassment or anger.

"The problem is, Taisho, that this is a job, and involvement would complicate the work environment," she tried to say as calmly as possible.

"Yeah, but if there's something there, sometimes it can be far worse to ignore it!" he said raising his voice at her.

"You would know, wouldn't you, Taisho?" she asked turning in a huff and crossing her arms.

"What is that supposed to mean, Higurashi?" he bellowed. She turned, ready to fire back, when she saw Sango and Miroku had stopped their squabbling and were staring at the two of them. She nudged Inuyasha with her elbow causing him to turn back ready to do the same thing, only to see the two staring at them as well.

"Sorry, guys," Kagome said, looking down at her hands twisting in her lap. Hands that should be twisting around Taisho's neck!

"Sorry," Inuyasha mumbled.

Miroku and Sango laughed nervously. "Well, you two kind of sound like us, that's all," Sango said, covering the fact that they had definitely heard something in that little outburst.

The rest of lunch went smoothly, without much bickering, and the conversations tended to focus on Inuyasha: what he thought of working in the unit, what he thought of working with Kagome, what he thought of the case they've been working on. Only occasionally would they ask about things outside of work. Miroku managed to find out that no, Inuyasha did not have a girlfriend, and Sango found out that he had a Husky named Fang, and Kagome, well Kagome tried to talk as little as possible to Inuyasha for the rest of lunch.

After lunch Miroku and Sango said their goodbyes and went off to interview someone involved with their case, leaving Inuyasha and Kagome to walk back to the office on their own.


"Yes, Taisho," her tone of voice already clearly annoyed.

"What exactly did you mean before?" he asked.

"About what?" she wondered, although she knew perfectly well what he was talking about.

"About me ignoring something that's there!" he exclaimed, raising his hands to the sky.

"Oh, well... I," Kagome started and then stopped. What did she mean? "I don't know."

"What does that mean? You don't know? You wouldn't have said it if you didn't know!" he had started to raise his voice, which only provoked Kagome's anger.

"I'm being honest! I don't know! Ok? It's about last night! One minute you're giving me the best kiss of my life and the next you're apologizing and storming off! I'm confused! What am I supposed to think?" she yelled at him. When she finished her outburst she covered her mouth and shut her eyes, wishing the last five minutes away.

She opened her eyes to find Inuyasha very close to her. He reached forward and touched her arms. "I didn't think you enjoyed last night," he said softly, pushing a piece of her hair behind her ear that had fallen from her hairclip.

"Well, I... it was..." she stammered. She could smell his cologne faintly, he smelled like rain in the springtime, and she loved it. She raised her hands to his chest. He leaned closer to her, his head dipping dangerously near her own. His lips barely brushing hers in the faintest whisper, and she felt her knees begin to weaken.

"We can't," she barely whispered.

"Can't or won't?" he asked her, and lowered his lips to meet hers. The kiss was sweet, slow, and chaste. Kagome felt lightheaded and not at all like herself, she was losing it, losing her control. She pushed him gently away.

"No," she said lowering her head, her eyes shut tightly. She looked up to see him looking away from her, his amber gaze searching the distance, anger tracing his features. Gods, he's gorgeous.

"Not here, anyway," she said barely above a whisper. He turned his head toward her, a look of surprise on his face.

"What?" he asked her, narrowing his eyes down on her.

She looked up at him, stormy blue eyes filled with emotion, emotion she'd been bottling up for a while. "You said so yourself," she giggled at his confused expression. "When you feel it, it can't be ignored." What am I saying?

His expression lightened, "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying we should get to know each other outside of work. Not practically in front of security," she said smirking up at him. He looked around to see that they were, indeed, quite close to the front of the building.

"Good point," he said stepping away from her.

"Don't look so lost, Taisho. People will think you're losing it," she said walking away from him and towards headquarters.

He looked after her for a moment, admiring the view, before catching up to her and heading back to the office.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Physical Training in five, Higurashi. You promised," Inuyasha said while hanging over her cubicle wall.

Kagome had been putting the files into the program since they had gotten back from lunch, while Inuyasha wrote up the paperwork about the tags they had found at the homicide sights.

"I've never seen a guy so excited for an ass-whooping before, Taisho," she said smirking up at him from her chair.

"Well, I'm not like other guys am I?" he asked her, shooting her a grin.

"I'll meet you in the rec room by the mats. Okay?" she suggested.

"You got it," he said turning away from her. Stopping to call back over his shoulder he said, "Oh, and Higurashi?" She looked up at him. "Should I tie one hand behind my back to give you the advantage?" Just as she got up to yell at him he dashed out of the office. Looking down at her work with a scowl, she organized her desk as best she could, and headed for the locker room on the lower level.

Once she had changed she made her way out to the rec room. Other agents were training as well, whether with non-lethal weapons, or hand to hand. She saw Inuyasha leaning against the brick wall by the exercise mats watching two male agents sparring with practice bars. He had his arms crossed over his FBI tee shirt and she noticed his well-defined chest the women at the Academy had drooled over. She saw he had braided his hair back as well, and had to admit that in sweats the man looked good.

As she approached him he turned in her direction coming away from the wall. She wore the same uniform PT outfit but she was wearing mesh shorts instead of the sweats. He swept his eyes from her long legs up to her own eyes and then back down. She noticed and felt a faint blush cross her cheeks.

"Taisho! My eyes are up here!" she said pointing to her face. "Not down my legs."

"Just seeing what I have to work with here," Inuyasha smirked at her.

"You ready to spar?" she asked.

"Born ready," he said and they took their stance. They moved around each other in a circle before Inuyasha made a swipe at her. She dodged easily and swept his legs out from under him causing him to go down fast and hard. Boom! He clutched his side and a pained expression crossed his face.

"Oh gods! Are you okay?" she said coming closer to him. He automatically swept out his leg and knocked her down next to him. Crossing his leg over her body and leaning up on his elbow.

"I taught you, Higurashi! To keep your distance from an opponent that you've downed!" he said through gritted teeth.

"You're right. I just like the odds a little evened out is all," she spat back at him throwing her own leg around his side and forcing him to his stomach and kneeling back on his lower back.

He somehow twisted his body around and ended up flipping her onto her stomach, face planted onto the floor. He grabbed her arm and pulled it behind her back and leaned his own body down, trapping hers with it. They were both breathing hard now and Kagome could feel his breath on her neck.

"I like these odds even better," he said and then leaned down closer to her. "Have dinner with me, tonight?"

She could feel his lips barely touching her ear and her eyes widened as she heard his invitation. She bucked her hips up and rolled him off her, grabbing his left leg and twisting it over his own body, and shoving her own down on him. Her face was mere inches from his.

"Why should I?" Kagome asked, her breath coming in shallow intakes. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a small group gathering to watch them spar.

"Because," he said, lifting his arms up and flipping her over his head. He flipped himself over her and straddled her hips. They heard catcalls from the crowd and both briefly looked up at the agents gathered. A few were even placing bets on who would win. "Because I made you feel something," he said in a whisper.

She reached her legs up behind his back and linked her ankles around his neck bringing him down to the mat and raising her self up, "Well, in that case, I think it's only fair that we should."

"Good," Inuyasha managed to croak out with his air supply cut short. He was turning bright red now and he raised his hand up high, only to come down and slap the mat. Kagome released him, hearing a few groans from the crowd, some rejoicing for they had obviously bet on Kagome. She got up then offered him her hand and helped him stand.

"I taught you well," Inuyasha smirked down at her. "Although I see you've acquired a few moves on your own. I bet your enemies wonder how you are in bed."

"Like they'll ever know!" Kagome said, agitated by his innuendo.

"I would hope not," he said frowning at her. She had to laugh at the face he was making.

"Go shower," she said pushing him lightly.

"Wait," he stopped her with a hand on her elbow. "Tonight, eight, I'll pick you up on my bike."

He waited for her protest. It never came. "Seven-thirty," she said walking towards the women's locker room.

He watched her disappear through the double doors and then turned himself only to see a group of male agents applauding him from the other side of rec room. Shaking his head and chuckling lightly he walked towards his own locker room. Seven-thirty then.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

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