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In honor that The A-Team is out on DVD now. This is after Curtain Call when Murdock gets shot, Decker finds out that he is indeed part of the Team. I know that this didn't happen in the show, so I guess it's an AU Fic.

Bad Day All Around

By: kelle

Murdock walks into his room of the V.A. Hospital after talking to Decker and then after the rest of the team. He was tired and the bullet wound that he received after getting shot was hurting. He stretched out on his comfortable bed and closed his eyes surrounding himself to sleep.

When he woke up he swung his feet to the floor and then heard the door unlocking. There stood Decker and four other MP's. He curiously studied them wondering why they came back.

"Murdock, I know that you are in the Team. I don't know how you managed to stay off the government radar all this time, but we finally caught on."

"I don't know what you're talking about. I've been insane for years now and have always been here."

"Don't think we don't know. I know about the escapes that you had here, the team always getting you out. Don't play dumb with us."

"I still don't know what you're talking about. What team are you talking about?"

"The A-Team."

"The A-Team? I've read about them when I stole a newspaper from the staff area."

"Take him to the car."

They grabbed Murdock and led him out the door and out to the car.

Decker stopped at the Nurse's station.

"If anyone comes in to visit Murdock, or tries to get him out. Give them this note."

"Okay." She grabbed the note and put it in a safe place.

An hour later a handsome blonde haired blue eyed man walked into the hospital and right up to the Nurse's station.

"Hi. I am looking for Murdock. I was sent to take him to another hospital."

"I was told to give you this note." She handed him the note Decker gave her.


I know that H.M. Murdock is part of the your team. I don't know how you kept him from the government's radar, but we found out. We have Murdock now. If you want to see him alive then you will turn yourselves over to us. I know Murdock was recently shot and I don't think any of you want to go that route again. You know what to do. I'll be waiting for all of you. The address- 876 Winding Hill Rd.


He stared at the paper and looked around. He then put the paper into his pants pocket, thanked the woman and left.

"Where's Murdock?"

"I have some bad news."

"What's that crazy fool do now?"

He handed Hannibal the note.

"Now how did he find out Murdock was part of the team?"

"I don't know."

"We have to get him out."

"We will."

A few hours later they hurried away in their van outrunning the government with Murdock inside.

"So where am I going to live now that they know where I'm at?"

"You can live by us."

"I'm not letting this crazy fool live by me."

"Hey, I thought we were friends after I got shot and nearly died."

"I'm not your friend, Murdock."

"But you're my friend, B.A."

They were going home and taking Murdock with them against B.A.'s wishes.

The End.