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Sam Carter watched her superior officer step out of the room and then turned back to Pete. She took a step menacingly forward and levelled her hands on the detectives desk "so, is this what you do to all your girlfriends that won't tell you absolutely everything about their lives. Call up your little FBI buddies and ask them to run background checks on them and the people they care about? You disgust me Pete. I trusted you, out of all of the people I could have told, I told you, and you betrayed me in the worst possible way. But to bring Colonel O'Neill into it, why, what did he do to convince you to run your own brand of betrayal over him? What gives you the idea that you are all powerful and deserve to know everything? You are a cop Pete. Not God. I thought you understood the need for secrecy. That the entire world can't know this.

Most of all, I thought I could trust you. Now I know the truth. And as far as I'm concerned, you are out of my life. If I can't trust you to not butt your head into my work life, how do I know that you won't try and control my personal life as well?" Pete tried to reason with his soon to be ex-girlfriend "Sammy, I was just worried. You wouldn't tell me anything, you wouldn't let me in, how else am I supposed to feel?"

The astonished look on Sam Carter's face said everything "You're supposed to trust me to tell you things when I'm ready, not when the FBI calls you and tells you about them. There's a reason it's called a 'Private' life. And you have betrayed mine Pete, and that of Colonel O'Neill's. That reminds me. Why did you run a background check on my Commanding Officer? What brought this on, and after nine weeks too? What did he do that so tweaked your interest that you had to run a check on him too?" Pete gulped. He knew that no matter how badly he had betrayed Sam, he had to tell her the truth.

Because there was no other reason why he had called in a background check on Jack O'Neill. "Because, that night after we had met for breakfast, three days after Dr Frasier had died I had cased out O'Neill's house, wanting to know why Kerry had run there after our disagreement." Sam butted in "Her name is Cassie Pete, and what has she got to do with this?" Pete continued on "She said you loved someone else, and I figured out who it was. You love him don't you. You love Jack O'Neill. And I watched him kiss you right on the deck of his house, that night."

Sam just stood flabbergasted at the gall of Pete Shennahan. "I can't believe anyone would stoop that low. Do you know what Colonel O'Neill was doing. I was crying, balling my eyes out if you will. My best friend had just died. She had just been killed in action. And Colonel O'Neill, one of my best and closest friends, never mind my CO, was comforting me. And you. YOU were spying on us, like we were a pair of forbidden lovers consummating our relationship. I don't know who you think you are, but what you did is inexcusable. Inexcusable."

Tears were dripping down Sam's cheeks by now and her shoulders slumped, she turned towards the door, surprised to have it wrenched open by Jack. He wrapped an arm around Sam, pulling her out of the door and putting himself between the detective and his 2IC. Jack O'Neill's ice hard eyes just reminded Pete Shennahan just how much he didn't know about the man, and how much he would never find out. Instead the Colonel growled "I am far from finished with you Shennahan. I told you what would happen if you hurt her, so you brought this on yourself."

Sam spoke softly to O'Neill "Sir, please, I just want to go home. Cassie's at home by herself and I just want to get back, please." Jack's eyes softened slightly whilst looking at Sam, but they hardened immediately when they fell on the man that had hurt one of the only women he had ever loved. The Colonel just mouthed "You can't escape" before shutting the door and following his 2IC out of the Denver police station and back to Colorado Springs.

Pete just collapsed into his seat. He had had no idea how much Janet's death had hurt her. So much so that she had turned to her CO for comfort. It enraged him that he had done nothing to ease her pain, instead only coming to relieve himself. And Pete knew that O'Neill knew it. Pete shuddered with remembrance at those bottomless, cold brown eyes that bored into his own.

Months later, the Denver police detective had moved on, funnily enough. Had another blonde woman on his arm, and had almost wiped the slate clean of one blonde woman named Major Samantha Carter. But one Brigadier General Jonathan O'Neill, saver of the world, and keeper of downloaded Ancient information had yet to forget. He had three weeks of free time to himself, and one of those days was going to be dedicated to visiting said ex- boyfriend of his ex-2IC. Jack knew it was relatively childish of him, but after all the crap he had been dealt in the last six months, he knew that it was well and truly some time for payback.

The black F250 pulled into the Denver police car park late on a Friday afternoon. Jack knew that there would be little to no resistance. Most cops would have already decided to have the afternoon off, or would be desperate for the day to end. Sure enough, the grey haired General encountered next to no one in his search for Sam's ex. But he found the closed door and knocked, only barely maintaining the calm and happy persona for as long as he didn't have to see Pete Shennahan. He heard the ordered and exasperated "come" as though Pete was only letting whomever was on the other side of the door because it would be important. What Jack wasn't ready for the blonde woman that was perched on Pete Shennahan's desk wiping her mouth from obviously previously sucking said detective's tonsil's out. Jack's eyes widened slightly and he muttered "oh, excuse me, am I interrupting something?"

Pete's glazed eyes widened at the familiar voice that had voiced his impending doom some months ago, before pushing the blonde woman off his desk and standing up. "Colonel O'Neill, what are you doing here?" Jack just shook his head in disgust "actually detective, it's General now, and what do you think I'm doing here? I'll get down to business when you get rid of your hussy here." Pete ushered the woman out of his office, all the while watching her send harmless death glares at him for calling her a hussy, nothing he really worried about in the first place.

Then after the door was firmly shut, Jack O'Neill's hand was firmly wrapped around the detectives neck and his body up against the wall with 190pounds of fully pissed off Air Force General on him like a rash. "You have no idea do you detective. You were the first person in seven years that Sam Carter let into her life. Seven years of celibacy. And this is the thanks she gets. A man that sleeps with his secretary and yet has the gall to accuse me of sleeping with my 2IC. There are so many people in that mountain that wish to meet you in a cold dark alley detective Shennahan, especially my team. You hurt her and betrayed her for no reason apart from your own enjoyment, and did it to a woman that has done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Absolutely nothing."

Jack pushed the man off the wall at that moment, as though touching him was below him. Jack viewed the detective in disgust before adding in an acidic tone "if I ever see you near Sam Carter ever again, even when she's near her brothers house, you will regret the day you stayed out of jail, because there is no where that you can run or hide to that I won't find. And if you come near Sam again, I will ensure that your life will be eternally worse than jail. Eternally

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