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Through the Eyes of Purity's Essence

Chapter 3: Victory and Death

The Servant slithered into position amongst its brothers. The Zerg Swarm was preparing itself for one final assault upon the Terran city - one final assault to total victory. As the individual minions regrouped into their formations, more reinforcements from the Central Hive sped across the battle-scarred desert to meet the Zerg forces. The Ultralisks gathered at the front, the Zerglings behind them. Other warriors were loading themselves into the evolved ventral sacs of the Overlords. The Servant and the other Hydralisks arranged themselves behind the Zerglings, with the Defilers at the rear. Above in the sky, newly born Scourge, Mutalisks, and Guardians were joining the flyers who had survived the previous battle. The flying Zerg beasts took their positions amongst the rest of the Swarm.

Already Araq was transmitting orders to the Servant:

Follow and protect those leading the charge closely. They must reach the city perimeter. When the city walls are breached, hold your position just outside the city perimeter and provide cover for our warrior at the front. They must be allowed to gain a foothold within the city. Once a foothold has been established, advance into the city with others. Eradicate all resistance.

The Servant prepared itself for the Araq's order to attack. The last of the reinforcements took their positions amongst the attack force. Now, all was ready.

Araq gave the order: Begin

The Servant obeyed as did the rest of the Swarm. The ravenous Zerg warriors advanced forward toward the Terran city. The flyers above speeding forth, past the ground warriors, speeding toward key defense positions around the city. The Mutalisks lashed out at artillery pieces, while the Guardians blasted automatic missile launchers and bunkers. The Terrans returned fire, but the numbers of Zerg flyers, now reinforced with by the thousands, was too great. Glave worms from Mutalisks ripped up Terran marines and cannons. The Guardians' acid globs melted holes in the Terran bunkers. Araq then ordered the flyers to pull back. The preliminary strike had caused enough damage. The Zerg ground warriors would take care of what was left.

The ground forces charged towards the remains of the smoldering bunkers. Immediately, most of the Terran infantry panicked a fled toward the city. Just as the Swarm was about to sweep away the Terran resistance, Araq ordered: Halt!

The Overlords scouting the area ahead had uncovered a hidden death trap, consisting of many of buried spider mines. The deadly little explosive devices were less than thirty kilometers from the bunker lines. As the Overlords drifted forward, revealing hundreds of more mines, at least fifty small dome-like structures emerged of the sandy ground in middle of the minefield. Seconds later, the top of each structure split open to reveal a hidden array of stinger missiles. A volley of missiles were fired at the Overlord scouts, punching holes in their carapaces, and inflicting severe damage to the much needed Zerg-enhanced sensory organs. The lumbering airborne beasts could do little to avoid torrent of explosive projectile weapons. The wounded Overlords moaned in agony and drifted back to safety. It appeared now that an aerial bombardment would cost too much time and resources.

The Servant and its brothers awaited the next order. Would they search for away around the field, or would they simply plunge themselves to their deaths? And whatever that order was, the Servant and the others would obey - without question or reason or care.

At last, a new order came from Araq: There are not enough devices to stop us. Go forth warriors of the Swarm and continue your advance towards the city. Maintain formations. Flyers will provide as much support as possible. Do not let the field stand in your way. Create a path of blood and sacrifice. Now go!

Rampaging forward, the Zerg warriors marched upon inevitable death itself. The heavy Ultralisks lead the charge as usual, with the Zerglings closely behind. The Servant and its brothers followed them into the minefield. Many Zerg leading the charge would most certainly die, but a Zerg servant lived only to serve the Overmind's will. Every Zerg servant would do whatever the Overmind willed. And every Zerg servant would die if the Overmind willed it. As the Swarm stormed into the fields, a loud beep pierced the desert sky. A small, four-legged, metalic ball popped from the sands and scuttled toward the Zerg horde. It hurled itself through the air and crashed into one of the Ultralisk's front legs. Microseconds later, an explosion ripped across the Ultralisk's leg, splintering the armored shell, burning apart layers of tendons, muscles, and nerves within. The concussion wave also shattered the monstrous skeletal interior of the leg. The Ultralisk began to stumbled and bellow in rage and pain, but continued forth, for three out of four legs could still function.

Dozens of more four-legged balls dug themselves out and skittered toward the oncoming Zerg. Many of the Ultralisk warriors leading the charge lost flesh, blood, legs, and tusks. Over a dozen finally succumbed to their injuries and collapsed dead in a cloud of dust and sand. Soon, spider mines were also viciously assaulting the right and left of the Zerg formations, blasting away dozens of Zerglings at once. The Servant and its brothers in the center seemed protected and safe. But it soon became apparent that this was not such when one mine bounced off a Zergling's carapace instead of detonating, and detonated over the heads of the Servant and its brothers. The thick skulls of three Hydralisks, only ten meters away from the Servant, were blown open while four other Hydralisks were wounded. But the warriors continued forward, carelessly sacrificing themselves - all for the Overmind and the Swarm.

Meanwhile, two hundred Mutalisks swooped down, keeping low to the ground. The underground missile pods revealed themselves and released their stinger missiles. Although many the Mutalisks were killed by the barrage of missiles, the Servant's targets revealed themselves. With a collectively raging battle shriek, the warriors lunged forward at the pods. Despite Zerg falling by the hundreds now, the Children of the Overmind reached their targets. Nearly all the pods were crushed instantly under the feet of the great Ultralisks. The missile pods that survived that Ultralisk stampede were left to be ripped apart by the claws of the Zerglings and Hydralisks. With the fields' anti-air defenses down, a new wave of Mutalisks now swept over the minefield, raking the sands with their deadly glave worms. The glave worms cut deep into the ground - sometimes running into nothing, but other times hitting hidden spider mines. The ground was vomiting up explosions as the Mutalisks continued their air sweeps. Finally, the Zerg had cleared the field.

The Servant hissed a battle cry as it neared closer and closer towards its destined goal. It's functional eye turned directly toward the city now it full sight. It could almost smell fresh vitcims only a thirty kilometers ahead. Then its eye caught the sight of hundreds of fiery objects shooting forth from the city. The ground forces were now under artillery fire. The flaming trails rose higher and higher, and then swiftly came hurling down. Ten flaming shells crashed down upon the heads of the Ultralisks, wounding or killing dozens. The other shells tore holes in the ranks of Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Defilers sending the Zerg minions into the oblivion by the hundreds. Even before the smoke lifted, the Zerg came under another artillery barrage, followed by a third one. Thousands of more Zerg died under the series of terrible explosions. The Servant watched as many of its brothers' were incinerated - sacrifices that were necessary to ensure victory for the Overmind. Wave after wave of Terran artillery rained down upon the Zerg army, but with Araq sending even more warriors to the city, what good could little pieces of exploding metal do against millions of the children of the Overmind and the Swarm? Finally, after twenty minutes of enduring fiery rain and sacrificing over six thousand servants, the Zerg forces reached the abandoned bunker line. They were too close to the city to be stopped now by anything the Terrans had left. The abandoned bunkers were smashed to flat and the missile turrets sliced into pieces by the Ultralisk front.

The Servant knew that total victory was finally within the Swarm's grasp. Perhaps it would continue to serve long enough to witness final victory. Most members of any species would looks upon themselves with pride, relief, or even sadness, if they had lived through as many great battles as the Servant had. But the Servant could not look upon itself with such feelings. All it could comprehend was obedience, blood lust, and victory. Victory might be within the Swarm's grasp, but the Servant and its brethren had yet to grasp it. And even if total victory was achieved, the Overmind would demand more victories. If the Servant's life did not end with this battle, it service to the Overmind and the Swarm would continue, so the Servant would fight more battles - all for the Overmind's will. A servant of the Swarm's service would never end - with the exception of death. And like all servants, the Servant would fight forever until its life met death.

The final siege of the city itself began. Mutalisks dived behind the walls blasting away at Terrans and equipment, while Overlords secured Zerglings in their ventral sacs and lifted them over the walls and into the city itself. Guardians bombarded the city with volleys of acid, while dozens of Defilers wormed their way to the front and began spraying toxic spores all over the walls. The combined bio-chemical assault from the above and below slowly corroded and consumed the last structural barrier between the Terrans and the Zerg. With parts of the walls weakening by the second, the Ultralisks began ramming their tusks at the areas of decay. The metal framework began to bend, splinter, and crack. In a pathetic attempt to stop the inevitable, Marines formed up on the walls and opened fire into the Zerg using rocket launchers, grenades, lasers, assault rifles, handguns, and even large pieces of metal debris. But they might as well have tried to stop a tidal wave with a bucket. The Servant and its brothers responded to this ineffective defense by releasing a storm of spines at the defending marines. Even with only one shoulder plate functional, the Servant could still kill from a distanc. A single well-aimed spine from the Servant cleaved straight through a Terran's head. The bleeding, virtually headless body slumped backwards from the walls out of sight. Another Terran fell dead with a spine embedded in a lung, and another in his heart - compliments of the Servant itself. Seconds later, four more Terrans fell victim to the Servant's wrath. Within minutes, the Servant and its brothers had systemically eradicated more than half of the Marines. Some of the survivors continued to resist - and soon found themselves impaled with Hydralisk-grown spines. But most of the surviving marines fled the walls, no doubt trying to escape with their lives. Such fools they were - for no race escaped the fury of the Swarm.

Meanwhile the framework of the walls finally gave way in several sections. The main gate itself simply collapsed under an endless bombardment of acid globs and toxic spores. A message from Araq through the Overlords entered the Servant's mind. As usual processed the message as a simple command: The walls have been breached at last! Now, children of the Overmind, move forward and purify all resistance before you! Take this city for the Swarm!

The Servant let loose a battle shriek, as did every other Zerg warrior. Then every ground and airborne warrior advanced forward and began the final journey to total victory. As the Servant stormed the city grounds, it began searching for living victims. It didn't have to wait long, for a Firebat suddenly jumped out from behind a pile of barrels and released a wave a flames at the Servant less than four feet away. Two Zerglings next to the Servant were smelted instantly, but the Servant's armored shell withstood the heat. Hissing with malice, the Servant raised its remaining claw and brought it down upon the Terran's chest, ripping straight through the useless suit. Lifting the corpse up, the Servant brought clamped its jaws around the bloody wreck. Instantly, the refreshing taste of blood washed over its senses, and for over half a minute the Servant did nothing but savor the taste of human blood. Then when its need for blood was temporarily satisfied ,it joined a pack of twenty-three other fellow Hydralisks, and began scouting an unexplored corridor in search for resistance and more blood.

The Servant and its brothers slithered through the corridor, cutting down the meager resistance consisting of a few Marines and computer-controlled sentry guns. Then the Servant caught scent of something fresh and tantalizing, as did the other Hydralisks. It was the undeniable aroma of blood from a wounded humans - somewhere right around the next corner. The Hydralisk pack increased their movement rate and snaked around the corner and came upon a large, white dome structure. Creeping forward, the Servant noticed an odd, large marking inscribed upon the dome - two red lines perpendicularly bisecting each other. But this marking did not matter, for now the Servant and the others could smell not one but almost a hundred wounded Terrans within the structure. Instantly, the sounds of explosions and screams fellow deaf on the Hydralisks. The irresistible feast within the white dome had driven the Servant and its brothers' blood lust higher than ever before in the services. The entire horde swarmed forward and began clawing at the outer structure. Surprisingly, their scythe-like claws ripped apart the barriers with relative ease, and within minutes the Zerg had gained access to the complex.

Had there only been a couple of wounded Terrans inside, the warriors would have conducted the hunt with stealth and silence. The Servant's kind had always preferred to stalk their prey. However with such quantities of fresh blood in the area, such preferences were cast aside. Crawling as fast as possible into the complex, they instantly homed in on the very source of the blood - a large room near the center. Moving across the steel floor, slashing or knocking aside any object within their way, the Servant and its comrades reached the room, ripped the door off its hinges, and stormed in to find...nothing!

There were no wounded humans, only dozens of tables, attached by small metal poles to the walls and floor. The tables were covered in layers of some strange fiber; some of these fiber layers were stained with human blood. But mere blood stains could not have given off such a powerful aroma. Even stranger, the Servant could still smell the wounded humans. They were close...very close...they must be hiding somewhere in the room. But the Servant and its brothers soon discovered there was nowhere for the Terrans to hide. The Hydralisks carefully combed every spot in the room, yet they still could not find any injured prey. Snarling with frustration and rage, the blood-starved Hydralisks began smashing the tables and ripping apart the walls and ceiling. The Servant itself lashed out at the floor with its right claw repeatedly in fury until a hole had been cut straight through.

Then the aroma of blood grew even more powerful than before. The Servant traced the source instantly to the hole it had made in the floor - and the scent was slowly moving away. The wounded Terrans must have been hiding underneath the floor, no doubt trying to escape! In a frenzy greater than ever, the Servant gave a hiss of rage and began ripping apart the metallic floor plating, as did its brethren. Loud screams of human terror and sounds of frantic movement confirmed the Servant's suspicions. Ripping up more metal plate, it rammed its claw into the hole and struck something - followed by a scream of agony. The Servant eagerly lifted up its prize and let its jaws down upon the bleeding body's torso. As it drained the delicious life fluid from the corpse, two of its brothers greedily tore the corpse's lower half hanging from the Servant's mouth, and began feasting over the legs. An individual from another species might have turned on its companions for this act, but the Servant did not. They were all brothers and they all shared a common purpose - to serve the Overmind and the Swarm.

The other Hydralisks were also lashing out into holes in the floor with their claws and teeth, sometimes missing, but other times retrieving fresh kills. Most of the victims caught were killed instantly, but a few were pulled up wiggling and screaming futilely before the teeth of death silenced their cries. None could escape the fury of the Zerg. From the holes in the floor, a few Terrans fired at their attackers with handguns - a useless gesture - for the tiny bullets merely bounced of the Zerg armored shells. Such attempted defense was also very foolish, for the humans wasted their precious energy fighting instead of getting away - not that they would get far anyway. None could escape the wrath of the Zerg.

Having suck its first catch dry, the Servant raised its claw to fish out a new victim. But then the floor plates in front of it. Even more shockingly, a youngish, dark-haired human male sprang out of the hole and froze just meters away from the Servant. The Servant expected the Terran to run in terror, but surprisingly the Terran did not. Instead, he pulled out a small metal blade and began waving the weapon as if challenging the Servant. Looking into the human's eyes, the Servant saw not fear, but rather anger and determination. Never before had the Servant encountered a Terran with such quality in the eyes. But this did not matter, for this Terran still had fresh blood, and the Servant would soon be dining on it. The little artificial blade was no match for the Servant's own claw that had been evolved for war. Human defiance could not hope to compete with the fury of the Zerg. Darting out with its claw, the Servant pinned the defiant Terran to the floor. The Terran struck the Servant's head repeatedly with his little blade, but it proved useless against the Servant's armor. Six of the Servant's brothers swarmed into take a share of the blood. Swiftly the Servant's jaws ripped the Terran's arm clutching the knife, and warm human blood trickled down the Servant's tongue was more. The taste seemed more exquisite and delicious than ever. Still savoring the taste the Servant stared down at the helpless human and suddenly saw something that nearly made the taste dissolve from its tongue.

The Terran was now clutching a small black cylinder that began flashing red. The Servant heard a familiar beeping sound and sensed what was coming in the next few seconds - the end. The end of its life. The end of its service. But the Servant did not try to flee. Such action would be useless since it would never escape the blast in time. Instead, the Servant continued to savor the blood of its prey and soon-to-be-slayer. Despite having survived many battles, the Servant had been expecting death every moment from the instance it was produced. All Zerg servants lived, served, died, and were replaced. Death for a Zerg servant was a sacrifice that had to be made if the Swarm was fulfill its ultimate destiny. Although the Servant would now never witness the Swarm's victory, it was certain that its millions of brethren outside would achieve it. The Zerg had always triumphed and they always would.

As the pitch of the beeping grew higher and the red light flashed faster, the Servant spent a few of its last moments trying to comprehend this Terran's action. The Terran would definitely die, as would the Servant and probably all of its brothers in the room. But the loss of twenty-four Hydralisks would not cripple the Swarm in any way. The hive clusters could instantly replace them all. The Servant than considered the possibility of that the Terran was sacrificing itself to save his wounded comrades. The Terrans under the floor might survive the blast, but their chances were still low. Even if they did survive and get out of the building, it was unlikely that they would survive the millions of Zerg warriors storming the city. And even if those Terrans escaped from the planet, where would they run? The Swarm would soon spread through out this sector and eventually the rest of the galaxy, devouring all in their path - including the fleeing Terrans. These Terrans could not run or hide from the inevitable. What was the point of this self-destruction? It would not damage the Swarm, nor could it save the Terrans from their doom. This act of human defiance served no purpose or meaning. Why would this Terran act in a way that would never benefit his race?

The Servant could not understand such behavior, but it's mind had never been designed to comprehend reasoning or motives of an enemy. Its mind had only understood obedience and bloodlust. Casting aside such unanswerable questions, the Servant turned its attention back to the human flesh still in its mouth, enjoying the precious blood that seeped onto its thick tongue. The Servant's mind slipped into a bliss of content and satisfaction, and did not react when the black cylinder's droning whine came to a sudden halt and the red light ceased flashing. The Servant couldn't have cared much more when microseconds later the device shattered an issued a titanic wave of flames. The raging inferno instantly encased the Servant within, while the concussion shock splintered and tore its battle-hardened body. But any sense of pain or sound was drowned out of the Servant's mind by the savorous and overwhelming taste of blood. And then as the explosion continued to swell across the room, its hungry fires proceeded to consume all within its burning grasp. Thus came the end of the Servant's service to the Overmind and the Swarm.

The End.

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