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It was a dark and dreary night. It had been raining all night long. Cyborg and Beast Boy had been playing the game SSX: Tricky all night long. Starfire had been cheering them all night too. Robin had been in the work out room training. Raven had been meditating in her room. "Azaroth Metrion Zinthus," she softly chanted over and over.
She awoke from her mind suddenly to hear the Titan's alarm going off.
As she put on her cloak she thought about a subject that had always been on her mind all her life, but finally brought herself to believe two days a when Beast Boy said," Gah Raven, are you evil?" After she accidentally blew up Cyborg's game station. She knew that he was just joking, but it still hit her hard. She awoke from her thoughts again to hear Robin's voice outside her door. "Raven hurry there's a break in at the top secret military base!"
"Alright I'm coming!" she stated.
Cyborg was already in the T car; Beast Boy and Starfire were in the back. Robin climbed on his motorcycle as Raven sat down in the passenger seat. "Good to see you again Rave, how long have you been in your room now?" "Two Days?" She gave him the death stare.
Cy looked worried he saw Raven's death stares all the time but he had gotten this one once before it wad when B.B. and him went into Raven's mind.
The rest of the trip was made in silence. When the titans got to the crime scene they saw a girl standing there waiting for something. "Finally you're here I've been waiting ages!" she said with a strong English accent. Robin stated, "Sorry to keep you waiting." "Who are you anyway?" Beast Boy asked. "I am Serena the Dark Witch!"

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