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It had been two weeks since Raven and Robin had started dating. They hadn't told any of them but they caught on eventually. Cyborg congratulated them, Beast Boy was shocked, & Starfire was jealous even though they had broken up.

"Beast Boy pass they potatoes & fried okra," Robin asked the green furry boy.

The potatoes whizzed by Robin and landed in Raven's lap.

"Beast Boy he said pass not throw!" she said angrily.

"Hehe sorry," he said backing away from the angry Raven.

But before she could do anything Robin calmed Raven down by saying that he needed to talk to her. She said alright and let him lead her to the roof.

When they got there he told her to close her eyes.

A few seconds later he said open them and when she did she saw him holding out a box wrapped in white wrapping paper.

"It's for you," he said as he handed her the box.

"You shouldn't have," she said.

"Open it"

When Raven Opened the lid she gasped at what was inside. It was a replica of her own uniform but with a white leotard and a cloak. On the cloak was a black brooch with a matching belt.

"The gems are like a mood ring but this one really works it taps into your emotions, not by what temperature your body is, I had Batman help me make it, it also creates a barrier in your emotions and powers so you can show your emotions without blowing us up"

"Oh Robin" was all that she could say.

"Does that mean you like it then?"

"Oh yes!" she said as she hugged him.

"Let me go try it on"

A few minuets later she came out wearing her new costume.(A/N: She looks just like how she does in Nevermore.)

"You look beautiful." He said.


He was about to kiss her when the Titan Alarm system went off.

"Man!" was all he said.

"Here" she said as she fazed them through floors to the giant living room.

"Who is it?" Beast Boy asked. "Wow Raven you look just like how you did in your mind"

All Raven did was smile.

"It's Serena again!" Robin groaned.


When they got down town they saw Serena again at the same jewelry store.

"You think she would have learned new tricks." Cyborg laughed.

But before he realized it she had said some magic words and he was in a body bind. (a/n: just like with Neville in Harry Potter.)

In a few seconds Serena had them all except Raven in a body bind.

"I see you have a new uniform, Raven. All white does this mean you're trying to prove to me that your not evil?"

Raven's gems flashed red," I have nothing to prove to you Serena I know I'm not evil, my boyfriend knows I'm not evil, & my friends know I'm not evil!" she yelled.

"Hmmm getting angry know aren't we you don't want a repeat of what happened in Azaroth now do we."

"how do you know all this?" Raven screamed.

"oh Raven don't you remember me, my Mother was your nurse and I was your playmate at the palace and when you ran away your father got rid of my mother forcing us to live in the streets I grew up hating your family hating you. So when my mother died two years ago, I came to earth looking for you to destroy you." Serena said," and now that I have found you I will crush you!"

All the while Serena was crowing to Raven about her past Robin had woken up and the spell had warn off.

"Azaroth Metrion Zin"

Before Raven could say her magic words Serena launched a punch at her.

"Oh no you don't!" Robin yelled as he punched her in the back.

Before she could do anything Robin threw a freeze disk and froze the dark witch.

"I guess that's the end of her," Robin said," at lest for now."

As the policemen hauled off the ice statue Robin went over to Raven and kissed, what he didn't know was that Starfire was coming to and saw him kiss Raven she burst into tears and ran to Beast Boy for comfort.

"What's wrong with her?" Rave asked breaking their kiss.

"Who knows"

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too."

And there lips met in a deep passionate kiss.


The End


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