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End Game


Main characters

Star Wars StarGate SG-1

Emperor Anakin Solo U.S Pres. Thomas Sinclair

Supreme Imperial commander Jacen SoloCmdr SGC Gen. Jack O'Neal

Minister of External affairs Jaina Solo Dr. Daniel Jackson

Obi Wan (Ben) SkyWalker Major (Colonel) Samantha Carter

Padme Mara Skywalker Senator Kinsey

Grand moff Tarkin III Teal'c

Imperial Arquelogy Director Tenel KaTokra/Earther Jacob Carter

Imperial cultural directorate Zekk Supreme Cmdr Thor

Shock Trooper Cmdr Noris E.D.F (Earth Defense fleet) Cmdr Hammond

Additional Characters


The Goa'uld

The AsGard

The Tokra

The Ashen

Star Wars:

The Hutt criminal Empire

The Quati

The Mon Calamari

The Corellians

The Sopranos:

Tony Sopranos & company

The Crossover story its intended for the most part to visualize how our society would cope (If at

all possible) with an Invasion by something of the magnitude as the SW galactic Empire. It's a story

in progress & I will readily accept input from anyone regarding technical details, societal impact


PS: I'm reformating the the text to make it more readable Dialoge will be now enclosed in Quotation marks "Dialog" and thoughs will be enclosed in apostrophies 'Though', I'm doing this following the recomendations from people that have at this longer than I have. Hope the changes make it reading more enjoyable...

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The story takes place in the SW Galaxy under the rule of the Solo Dynasty, in the StarGate Milky Way

Galaxy it takes place a few months after Anubis attack on Earth and the discovery of the city of

Atlantis in the very, very faraway galaxy of Pegasus.


In the mysterious ruins of Yavin 4 an amazing discovery is about to be made one that will forever change the fate of 2 galaxies and will answer the question as to how humans came to be in a galaxy far, far away...

Chapter 1: Discovery
Corusca Galaxy
Yavin 4

Tenel Ka looked in amazement at the mysterious Circular object that had been recently excavated near the ruins of the ancient Jedi temple that in her childhood was the Jedi academy, that seemed like eons now, when she and the Solo twins trained to become Jedi, how things had turned out so different from what they expected at that time had become all but a blur, now she was assigned as the Arquelogy director for the conservation and study of relics throughout the empire.

A devaronian assistant interrupts her toughs "We also found what appears to be a control panel for the device Mistress Tenel Ka"

"Have you found what the glyphs on both the device & the panel represent?"

"For what we have found it would seem to be some sort of address system, apparently the panel was used to dial in whatever combination you choose."

"Dial in to what?"

"That we have not been able to determine as of yet."

"Fine keep me informed, we need to find out how this device operates A.S.A.P got it"

"Got it"

The Devaronian moves on to continue his work, while Tenel Ka goes back to her quarters in the upper levels of the pyramid structured temple. Where she begins a HoloRecording of recent events "Day 3 after finding that strange device 2 days ago, we found what seems to be its control panel. It seems to be configured to dial in combinations of it's symbols but as to what it does once you dial it, remains a mystery. This is Imperial Arquelogy director reporting in, over and out."

She handed the recording to a StormTrooper "This is to be delivered to Coruscant immediately."

"Understand milady"

Although it would have been faster to just transmit a Holosignal to Coruscant, his Highness Anakin Solo preferred that sensitive messages would be sent by couriers, that way there was no way the signal could be intercepted and even though the Solo Dynasty Empire had virtually no tangible enemies left in the galaxy. Emperor Anakin was paranoid about security so only couriers would do.

The Storm Trooper walked away with his cargo to head toward Coruscant as ordered.