Chapter 15: First shots

Location: Milky Way galaxy

Earth, U.S, Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain complex, SGC

O'Neal began to address all those present in the debriefing room after being showed all the evidence pertaining the newcomers. "Ok everybody we have all seen the evidence and is obvious that these newcomers are an extremely potential threat and should be dealt with accordingly. So I have decided to talk to the president for the authorization of the use of the experimental Mark-9 Naquadriah bomb to vaporize the gate on PXZ-698. As I recall colonel Carter had a lot to do with the design of this particular bomb. Right Carter?"

Colonel Carter replied "Yes sir, but honestly I don't think it might work in this situation"

Mr. Kwan interjected "I'm sorry to interrupt but I agree with Colonel Carter that just launching a bomb through the gate as I suppose you are planning probably won't work. For one now that they probably know about us from the probe and whatever Intel they may have gathered from the Goa'uld mothership they captured. And they would rightly assume we considered them hostile and taken measures against such an attack such as the installment of a shield just on front on the gate's event horizon which would not allow any attacks to come through as effectively as your gate's iris."

Colonel Carter added "Mr. Kwan is right sir, there is a high probability that a direct attack on PXZ-698 through the gate won't work"

"Yes which is why it will be followed by an attack coming from a Tokra scout vessel armed with another MK-9 they will deploy it on or as near as possible to the supergate they are building." O'Neal replied back.

Selmak responded "We will have to clear that plan with the council first but they will agree."

O'Neal went on "Then I suggest you go and tell them to do it A.S.P hopefully we can launch the offensive no latter than tomorrow."

Location: Milky Way galaxy

Sol System, Near Saturn

Imperial spy Cedrik Adair was sitting bored out of his skull near the beautiful rings of Saturn in one of the captured Tel'Taks on his mission to spy on Earth's communications, eavesdropping radio and TV signals, the radio signals were news for the most part and music he did not understand but some of it he did found amusing. The TV signals were also news and just about every imaginable thing humans that primitive could think off. But at this point he was getting fed up of even the so called adult channels signals that were stemming from Earth. He was the one that first discovered the fact that this Earth humans knew about the old Sith Empire but as a form of entertainment. It was really shocking to see images of merchandise such as kids launch boxes sporting the images of stormtroopers. Back home even now stormtroopers were still reviled for the most part. Empire. On Earth kids even had so called action figures of Darth Vader. Since he had learned a bit about Earth's own history he mused how Earthers would feel if they saw kids back on Coruscant playing with action figures resembling Dr Mengele and other infamous war criminals from their second world war.

But again he had to remind himself that these people really had no idea that those events had been real. They thought they were just figments of the imagination of the guy that saw those events in his head and transformed them into a cultural icon. Not knowing either that what he had dreamed and envisioned was for the most part real...

His thoughts were interrupted by a warning beep on his control panel; something large was just coming out of hyperspace nearly on top of him. Space shimmered above his ship and a characteristic hyperspace window of the type used in this galaxy formed and out of it a large ship emerged followed by at least 2 more of the same size and configuration. From Intel that came from the captured Ha'Tak he recognized them as Earth battle cruisers built using ad-hocked tech. from the Goa'uld and Earth allies such as the AsGard. By the standards of his home galaxy the ships were puny; just a bit larger than a frigate and quite probably had about the same power too; however considering the ship he was in even though it was cloaked. He very well knew he was at a great disadvantage should they learn of his presence. So Cedrik carefully moved his cloaked Tel'Tak to a safer distance. It looked that they were conducting military exercises of some sort and he started recording holovids to bring back to the Off-Galaxy HQ.

At the same time onboard the lead ship the Prometheus, Commander Hammond issued orders to his ragtag fleet. "Commence exercises immediately!"

Cedrik saw how full squadrons each comprised of about 8 fighters came out of the Earth battle cruisers and proceeded to make practice runs and maneuvers. Cedrik observed that these Earth pilots were pretty well trained and could put up a fight. Not that it mattered if they found themselves at the wrong end of the imperial guns though. What he did not know was that he had nudged a piece of debris from the gas giant rings and it was now on a collision course with his ship. The piece of debris was just slightly larger than a basketball and could hardly do any kind of damage to the hull, however as it rammed the hull shattering itself into millions of shards it created a visible heat energy signature that caught the attention of the Earth forces in training. Not to mention that it partially disrupted the cloaking field. Cedrik silently cursed himself for not checking for just that kind of eventuality as he moved to what he thought would be a safer position, now he had all those Earth fighters closing on his position fast!

Location: Milky Way galaxy

Sol System, Near Saturn

Onboard X-302 "Eagle 5" from Prometheus.

Lt Colonel Mitchell or as his fellow USAF buddies knew him by his call sign Shaft was just finishing one round of space combat exercises when he spotted what looked like an explosion in the distance. It oddly looked as if an asteroid or some piece of debris had hit something in what looked to be empty space. It was then that his keen eyesight caught the distinct shimmering of a ship's cloak reasserting itself. He addressed his weapons assistant Jeffries "Hey, did you saw that?"

Jeffries promptly responded "Oh yeah, seems we got ourselves an spectator!" to which Mitchell added "Well whoever it is it didn't pay for the tickets, so let's go and collect them!" as he quickly maneuvered to fire at where the cloaked ship probably was. By now other X-302 fighters had become aware of the situation and were closing on their quarry as Mitchell fired a quick burst.

Location: Milky Way galaxy

Sol System, Near Saturn

Onboard Tel'Tak imperial scout

Cedrik was frantically turning in order to evade the Earth fighters who were closing on him like Geinoshian hornets, when a burst of projectiles from the closest Earth fighter made a glancing hit to his ship's hull. His cloaking fizzled out and his ship became visible as it tried to speed away toward the debris that formed the rings of Saturn. Cedrik knew he could not possibly outrun the Earth fighters but perhaps try to outmaneuver them in the debris field long enough to jump to hyperspace before they could jump themselves and pursue.

Cedrik knew it was a long shot at best but it was the only one he had. As he was about to enter into the field he was hailed by the Earth larger vessels, although he did not have a translator droid to help him. He guessed correctly so that they were demanding his surrender as it was followed by glancing shots from their main guns.

Cedrik realized that they intended to capture him. Under normal circumstances he would have followed traditional directives and attempted to blow his own ship and himself in order to avoid it falling into enemy hands. However he had been told to avoid open conflict with the Earth humans at any cost so that option was off the table. He maneuvered his ship into the dangerous debris field that formed Saturn's rings. Although the gas giant rings are mostly dust it also has fragments the size of a house that would cripple or even shatter a small spaceship unlucky enough to collide with them.

Location: Milky Way galaxy

Sol System, Near Saturn

Onboard X-302 "Eagle 5" from Prometheus.

Mitchell followed his quarry into the debris field along with a few X-302s that were under the control of pilots as experienced as he was. The rest did not enter but followed their quarry to prevent any escape route out of the debris field. Mitchell closed in on the Tel'Tak when he noticed on the sides of it what looked like straight out of a movie or convention Galactic Empire insignias. "Well I'll be! Whoever this guy is, he is definitely working for our newcomers. It has honest to God Imperial markings!" Jeffries his weapons officer spoke "Guess that makes him or her a top priority to be captured alive" "Yeah, no kidding!" Mitchell replied back as he fired a small burst trying to hit the engine of the Tel'Tak but he missed as the ship veered away, Mitchell once again maneuvered his X-302 and fired again and the projectiles found their mark crippling the Tel'Tak that now just moved forward being propelled by it's own momentum.

Mitchell radioed it in. "We have disabled the bogey, repeat we have disabled the bogey I recommend that it should be beamed into Prometheus landing bay 2 immediately!"

Captain Pendergast answered."Roger, Shaft we have cleared it with Commander Hammond and we are ready to proceed stand by!"

The Tel'Tak disappeared from view in a bright flash of light only to rematerialize onboard Deck B of the Earth Battlecruiser Prometheus.

Location: Milky Way galaxy

Sol System, Near Saturn

Location: Milky Way galaxy

Sol System, Near Saturn

Onboard Prometheus, landing deck B

Cedrik had been frantically trying to elude the Earth fighters while at the same time vying for any opportunity to open a hyperspace window without being followed and escape when one of the fighters scored a direct hit to his ship engines. He felt the engines loosing all power and knew the ship from that moment on was just moving on it's own momentum as he pondered what to do next he found himself enveloped by a very bright light and next thing he knew instead of the debris field across his port view was the gleamed unmistakable landing bay of a ship! He had no idea as to how he had arrived there. He surmised though that they must have used the teleportation technology that they found on the crashed ship on the planet they had arrived too on this galaxy.

Now even though it went against his directives he prepared to blow up the ship but before he could a small flash of light appeared next to him followed by a small object dropping to the floor right beside him. It took him an instant to realize that it was some sort of stun grenade of the kind used by the Jaffa in the Ha'Tak they had captured. He tried to rush to the thermal detonator he had on the back of the ship but the Goa'uld stun grenade zapped him into unconsciousness long before he could.

Moments latter the airlock of his ship opened and 2 heavily armed soldiers entered. They found Cedrik out cold just next to his seat on the Tel'Tak cockpit. "Imperial ship and occupant secured" spoke one of the soldiers to his comlink then he addressed his partner "I never thought I'd have the chance to say that when I joined the Marines!"

"Welcome to the club!" replied his partner with a grin.

Location: Corusca Galaxy

Naboo System, Naboo

10 miles of capital city

It had become obvious by now to the always wary inhabitants of Naboo that the Empire was going to use their world along with many others as the staging area for the invasion of the newly discovered galaxy. As what now numbered 100,000 imperial troops had been amassed near the outskirts of the capital city itself around the location of one of the new artificial wormhole devices. But as it was a matter of concern for most of the inhabitants it was a matter pride to one of their own his name was Jared Thau and he had been since age 18 right at the downfall of Palpatine's Empire a loyal stormtrooper.

He loathed the new republic and from the beginning considered it inept and weak something that was tragically proven during the war with the Vong. To add insult to injury after the new civil war rose at it's end what remained of the loathed new Jedi order decided to put into practice what they had always sought to destroy and built a Jedi ruled Empire of all things! Hypocrites!

He thought to himself but happily for him he was part of the conspiracy to overthrow the new imperial order and restore the Empire to it's former Sith glory. A new Sith lord or Dark Jedi had risen from amongst the Jedi ruling class. Jared did not know who it was but it did not matter what mattered was that he was going to be a key player in bringing back what he considered the Empire's golden age. Minutes ago he had been debriefed on what their mission was. They were designated to invade a key Goa'uld world after securing the planet they were to grant the Jaffa that surrendered their long desired freedom. But his real masters had other plans! As soon as the Jaffa thought themselves free to go they were to be slaughtered as they tried to leave the planet and since of the 100,000 troops about 80,000 were part of the plot there was little doubt that it would not succeed.

Location: Milky Way galaxy

Earth, U.S Colorado

Cheyenne Mountain Complex, SGC

The speakers all over the SGC crackled with the following message "SG-1 report to the briefing room immediately"

Moments latter all SG-1, members were present

Daniel with increasing curiosity "Ok, Jack what's going on now?"

O'Neal sternly replied "We just received an emergency communication from the Earth Defense fleet. The Prometheus captured a spy Tel'Tak with clear Imperial signs on each side of it's hull, the occupant was captured alive and he will be beamed to a holding cell right here in about 12 seconds from now!"

Daniel was now getting interested "I see, well I suppose it's only natural that I should interview the prisoner."

O'Neal replied still with a stern voice "Yes Daniel you shall. But that's not the only reason for this meeting"

Carter now intrigued asked "What is the other reason sir?"

O'Neal continued to explain "Now that an Imperial spy ship has been captured. The attack plans have changed. We will use the Tel'Tak captured from the Imperials to attack their Supergate."

Teal'c added "To use a ship of one's enemy against him is indeed a very good tactic!"

O'Neal responded "Isn't it? Anyhow the point is that Carter will have to along for the ride. The pilot of the ship will be none other than Mitchell himself!"

:Daniel asked "Mitchell? Isn't he the one who saved our bacon from Anubis back in Antarctica?"

O'Neal replied smiling a bit "The same!"

Teal'c sternly interjected "This is not to be a one way mission, is it O'Neal?"

O'Neal replied "Hopefully it won't be. The plan is to get the ship to dock with their Supergate and just before it does arm the MK9. Now the Prometheus will be in a holding pattern 100 Light years away waiting for the scheduled arrival of the Tel'Tak as close as possible to the Supergate once the desired distance for the ship to crash into the Supergate's landing bay is achieved the Prometheus will jump to hyperspace and jump out as close as possible to the Tel'Tak to beam the occupants aboard and jump quickly into hyperspace to get out of dodge!"

Carter solemnly replied back "Understood Sir. I suppose I'm to leave immediately."

O'Neal responded "In about half an hour the Prometheus will beam you aboard, pack your gear Carter and Godspeed!"

As Carter left the briefing room she bumped into Mr. Kwan who inquired her "I heard you are to participate in the attack against the Imperials Supergate. When do you leave Colonel?"

Carter replied "I will be leaving in about 25 minutes and counting. Why do you ask Mr. Kwan?"

Mr. Kwan responded "It's just that I'm still trying to get around my head what you people here do and face every day! Never in my wildest dreams I would have imagined that people would take risks as big as you people take and you Colonel are about to take. It's been a privilege to meet you miss. Come back in one piece ok?"

Carter smiled "Don't worry I'm in good hands and I'll do my best and the feeling is mutual Mr. Kwan"

Kwan stretching his hand in friendship concluded "Goodbye and good luck Colonel"

Location: Valhalla Galaxy

Replicator time dilation prison Star system.

Onboard O'Neal class vessel

The initial procedures for the control subroutine for the replicators using the time dilation device as a feedback was so far a whopping success.

Isolder was more than satisfied with the results he issued an order "Tell Prime Minister Odin that the weapon will be ready in less than 32 hours"

"Aye" his comm. officer responded.

Isolder turned his attention to his second in command who seem troubled.

"Having seconds thoughts?"

His second in command replied "Well to be honest sir. I think that Thor might be right and that unleashing the replicators as a weapon could be a fatal mistake!"

Isolder replied "Thor relies too much on the humans and other species, we need to rely on ourselves more often if our species is to survive!"

Isolder's second in command simply nodded but in his heart he felt that it was their arrogance with the replicators in the first place that almost led to the extinction of his AsGard race and he could not help but feel that history was about to repeat itself.

Location: Milky way Galaxy

About 100 Light years from Planet SGD: PXZ-698

Onboard Earth Battlecruiser Prometheus

Space shimmered as a hyperspace window opened and the Prometheus spout out of it and took a holding pattern at the prescribed distance from PXZ-698. Pendergast asked "Anything on the passive sensor array?"

The scanning systems officer replied "Negative sir! Just as expected the Imperials are not scanning this deep into space for signs of ships"

Pendergast ordered "Good, maintain this position until the package is delivered and then we can bring the Colonel & Shaft home!"

"Aye sir" his crew responded in unison…

Location: Milky Way Galaxy

Orbit around Planet SGD: PXZ-698

Imperial ShipsGate (Supergate), command deck

8 hours after Prometheus arrival at designated site

Alden Starhammer looked thru the viewport of what he considered one of the greatest crowning achievements in Imperial technology. An artificial wormhole device large enough to transport Imperial Star destroyers from his galaxy into this one. Its construction despite initial setbacks had gone beyond expectations as 90 of the superstructure was already finished and the bridge and docking bays sitting on top of the device were already operational. Just like they had done with the Vong before not only had they reversed engineer the device found at Yavin 4 but to supersize it as well. Supersizing was something that the Empire in it's hey days was well known for and now with this achievement that title had once again being regained. Alden's line of thought was interrupted as he heard a hailing signal from the planet's encampment. "To the personnel of ShipsGate Alpha we have detected a Tel'Tak class ship exiting hyperspace. It has been cleared as it has imperial transponders corresponding to Cedrik's scout ship. You are to allow the ship to dock for maintenance, repairs and whatever he may need. That will be all over!"

Alden replied promptly "Understood Base camp over & out"

Location: Milky Way Galaxy

Orbit around Planet SGD: PXZ-698

Onboard Cedrik's Tel'Tak

Mitchell piloted the Tel'Tak as he inquired Colonel Carter "Is the transponder working?"

"It's fully operational and transmitting. I reckon that since no offensive action has been taken so far. The Imperials bought the bait"

"Well whatever. I'd be happier the sooner we get out of here" Mitchell replied back

"I second… Would you look at that!" Carter said as she got a full glimpse of the Imperial behemoth sized Supergate

"They could easily bring a whole armada through there once its finished!" Mitchell added

"I'd love to know how they power that thing up! For what Kwan told us they might use some exotic matter reactors mined from black holes." Carter said

Mitchell cut in "Is called hypermatter" Carter gave him a surprised look to which he answered "What can I say? I'm an avid fan."

"You know of all the things we have ever encountered since we went through the Stargate this has to be about the weirdest one ever!" Carter observed.

"Oh I don't know it could be worst. We could have instead been fighting a group of superpowered beings that like the Goa'uld think of themselves as gods!"

"Touché, you win" Carter answered smiling "Well I think that it would be a good time for the Prometheus to show up" she finished as the docking bay of the gigantic Stargate came into full view.

Location: Milky Way Galaxy

Orbit around Planet SGD: PXZ-698

Imperial ShipsGate (Supergate), command deck

Ever since the docking bays had become fully operational doing maintenance on captured ships was routinely so Alden just thought of it as one more day at the job. Little he knew it would be his very last moments.

The Tel'Tak was approaching the docking bay as expected and just when it was barely a few meters away alarm Klaxons go off! One technician nervously reports "Sir a large ship has just emerged out of hyperspace dead ahead. In the bridge's viewport he clearly saw the ship emerging and just before he could issue any orders the technician spoke again. "Sir we detected an energy signature that matches that of a transport beam like the one found on the ship that crashed on this planet it was directed at the scout ship!"

Location: Milky Way Galaxy

Orbit around Planet SGD: PXZ-698

Onboard Earth Battlecruiser Prometheus

Pendergast knowing full well he had no time to waste as they jumped out of hyperspace yelled his orders "Do you have a lock on Shaft and Colonel Carter?"

"Affirmative I'm beaming them aboard now" the scanning systems officer replied.

"Good as soon as we have them safely onboard jump to hyperspace!" Pendergast ordered back

"we have them aboard sir, shields activated, The Ha'Tak is fast approaching and has deployed death gliders, we are receiving fire from the surface" light and medium turbolaser blast hit the shields the scanning systems officer continued his diagnostics "Shields at 38 sir we got to go now"

Pendergast yelled "Jump to hyperspace now!"

"Aye sir" was the reply as the ship jumped into hyperspace before any pursuit could be mounted.

Location: Milky Way Galaxy

Orbit around Planet SGD: PXZ-698

Imperial ShipsGate (Supergate), command deck

It took a moment for Alden to realize what has going on but by then it was just too late he desperately tried to issue orders to prevent what was now inevitable. "Seal the docking bays don't allow that ship to land!"

"Too late sir!" the technician responded.

The Tel'Tak was just entering the perimeter of the docking bay as the order to seal the bay was issued. Being now unmanned the ship careened to its side and crashed on the landing bay as it moved forward a good 2 meters inside the bay before coming to a full stop as it did the MK9 it was carrying inside detonated.

The near a teraton explosion obliterated completely the docking bay and sheared the command deck above it. Killing all those inside including Alden instantaneously. Powerful secondary explosions ripped through the superstructure and the stress of it sheared a large portion out. The fragment which constituted about 60 of the structure was now on a collision course with the planet's surface itself!

Location: Milky Way Galaxy

Planet SGD: PXZ-698

Tenel Ka woke up not only alarmed at the sound of the alarm Klaxons going off over the camp but at the horrible sense of dread she had just felt through the force. She ran outside the prefabricated cabin she used as her personal quarters as she was still dressing herself only to see a horrifying explosion way up high above where the ShipsGate stood in orbit. "What happening" she demanded as she approached the Encampment C&C center. The comm. officer replied "A large ship came out of hyperspace d jumped right back just as Cedrik's ship was about to land on the ShipsGate dock"

"Wait! Did you said that our scout ship had just returned?" Tenel Ka asked a bit exasperated.

"Yes Milady as I said Cedrik's ship had just returned, apparently his ship had suffered some battle damage, guess his mission was compromised and he had to make a quick getaway" The comm. officer explained Tenel Ka cut him off "His mission was compromised? His ship had battle damage and you just allowed it to dock?"

The comm. officer now nervously replied "Cedrik is one of our very best; we thought he gave his pursuers the slip and he did not report anything wrong at all…"

"What if anything did he said when he arrived?" Tenel Ka inquired

"He did not speak to us at any time Milady and is nothing unusual especially for Cedrik not to start audio communications unless something is really wrong!" the comm. officer said. Just at that moment they received a hail from the captured Ha'Tak "Attention off Galaxy camp. The ShipsGate has been sabotaged. They… They used one of our own captured ships to get through. We only figured it out when a large ship that fit with the description of Earth battlecruisers jumped out of hyperspace less than 1000 meters away from the ShipsGate. We know it was sabotage because the Earth vessel used a transport beam to probably get whoever was or were piloting our ship to safety and then just as quickly jumped into hyperspace before we could pursue. It was so fast we barely had time to launch our fighters and none of them were able to do any damage before they escaped. Be advised also that a large portion of the Ship's gate is on a collision course with the planet it will hit in about 5 minutes or less"

Tenel Ka asked "Is there anything you can do about it?"

"This ships tractor beam is not strong enough to hold on to an object of that size but we are attempting to nudge it's course enough so it misses the planet, I think you should evacuate the personnel just in case Milady." The imperial officer aboard the captured Ha'Tak sternly told Tenel Ka she quickly replied back "Even if we begin an evacuation we won't be able to either sent all the personnel back through the device nor do we have enough ships or even EVA suits to take whoever is left to safety. So do whatever it takes to make sure that fragment does not collide with this planet. Understood?"

"Aye, we'll do all that we can!" the imperial officer quickly replied back.

Location: Corusca Galaxy

Naboo System, Naboo

10 miles of capital city

Jared Thau was making final preparations to his gear as he form ranks among his regiment. The dialing apparatus for the artificial wormhole device was being keyed in. Jared knew full well that this was being done in coordination in over a hundred worlds all over the galaxy and that once the device went active the inhabitants of that new and far away galaxy were for the first time going to get the taste of a full ground imperial assault.

He watched in awe as the device activated and an energy pulse surged out of it, only to settle down on the wormhole's event horizon. Then he observed a few dozen of the newly built class of pliable panels TIE fighters fly into the artificial wormhole and one by one disappear. The invasion had begun…