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Deadly and Blonde

Chapter 1: Lull before the storm

"A figure dressed all in black sits perched atop Big Ben; Standing guard over London. She is Seras Victoria, resident vampire of the Hellsing organization, like a sentinel, silent and sure, keeping watch in the night." Seras was unable to continue her over-the-top narrative of herself as she was overtaken by laughter. More like a fit of giggling, but oh well. Seras lost her balance and stood for a moment, windmilling her arms before landing solidly on her back side. She stood up and rubbed her bum. If Alucard had seen that one she'd never hear the end of it. Fortunately for her, he was off on a mission right now.

It had been almost a full year now since the defeat of Incognito. Seras had been released from Alucard soon after the Incognito incident. Since then, Seras had become much more powerful; Nowhere near Alucard's level, but vastly stronger than she had been before. She had also become much better adjusted to her new life as a vampire. She'd gotten over most of her qualms about drinking blood and was more comfortable with the requirements of her job.

Recently, it had gotten so that sending both her and Alucard on most missions was just overkill, so it had been decided that she and Alucard would alternate missions so the agency would always have one of their resident vampires on standby incase there was an emergency.

This was Seras' night on standby, and, being as the rate and severity of vampire and FREAK related incidents had dropped off sharply after incognito's defeat, it was pretty safe to assume she wouldn't be called on. She reached down and made sure her radio was still attached to her belt, Seras doubted that she'd be called in, but she had the radio with her anyway just to be safe.

Now, as you may have guessed, Seras would become quite bored just sitting around at the Hellsing mansion. For the first few weeks of the new alternating schedule, she'd sit around in her room waiting incase there were an emergency. She had pretty much exhausted just about every form of amusement she could think of for herself while sitting around in her room. She'd tried video games, movies, and reading; even blowing shit up at the shooting range for a while. But, spending most of the time that you're awake, playing games and trying to distract yourself can get rather boring.

So Seras had started to venture around outside the mansion. She'd stayed close by at first, not really going any more than two or three miles away, but after a while had ventured further out until she'd gotten to the point where she would just walk all over the city trying to amuse herself. Now about a week ago, Seras had come across a woman being mugged while she was wandering around. Seras, being Seras had to intervene and had helped the woman to escape unharmed as well as giving the muggers a good beating and a bit of blood loss. Her success against the muggers, added to her determination to try to help people had given her the bright idea of playing superhero on her days off.

Seras smiled, she still hadn't thought of a name for herself. She supposed of all the existing super hero names, Bat Girl would probably be the most appropriate, but the costuming involved in pulling that off would be a bit more elaborate than she was willing to bother with. At present, her super hero garb looked like something out of The Matrix. She wore black leather pants and a matching sleeveless top, over that she wore a long black trench coat and a pair of sunglasses to complete the ensemble. She was rather pleased with her look, so much so that she'd started wearing a somewhat modified version of this costume on her missions.

She snapped out of her reverie as her super sensitive ears picked up the sound of someone screaming below, several someones actually, now that she was paying attention. Seras patted her gun to make sure it was firmly attached to her belt and leapt off the top of the clock tower, dissolving into a cloud of bats almost immediately. Once she had gotten her bearings(not so easy when there are a hundred or so independent pieces of you flying around), she took off towards the screams.

She re-formed herself in an empty alleyway a block or so down from the action, she looked herself over, making sure she had put herself back together correctly and took off at a sprint towards the origin of the screams. She reached their location in only a few seconds thanks to her vampiric speed. She stopped short as what everyone was screaming about came into view. Seras had been expecting maybe an armed robbery, or some FREAKs running around creating havoc, but what greeted her eyes was something that she was completely unprepared for.

A group of a dozen or so people was huddled together against the side of a building, some of them holding pieces of wood or metal that they had managed to pick up off the street. In the road, about a foot out from where the sidewalk ended stood something the like of which Seras had never seen before. The thing looked almost like a gorilla, large bodied with huge arms reaching almost to the ground. Its skin was a greenish grey color and looked thick and leathery, it had short stumpy legs and a fairly small head with an evil looking expression plastered on its face. Not knowing what this thing was, Seras wasn't quite sure how to proceed but being young and somewhat impulsive she sprinted ahead putting herself between the group of cowering people and the creature.

To the people standing there it seemed almost as if Seras had just appeared there since none of them could see well enough in the dark to track her movement during her short sprint to her current position. The creature was surprised at her sudden appearance as well, and lashed out with one of its arms at her. To Seras' shock, the thing's arm actually extended; unable to avoid the blow Seras took a hit to her chest and was flung into the wall of the building behind her leaving a somewhat person shaped imprint in the wall. No human could possibly have survived a blow that hard, at least not without good body armor in which case the person would still be grievously injured. Knowing this, the people in the small group were very surprised when Seras pulled herself to her feet a moment later.

Her glasses had fallen off and broken, revealing her scarlet colored eyes. Noticing that the group of people was now staring at her in disbelief she took advantage of their attention and directed them to move along the side of the building into an alleyway about twenty feet away. Seeing her eyes and fangs, the people in the group decided it would be best not to argue with her and started slowly moving along the wall. Seras turned back to the creature and tried to decide the best way to go about killing the thing. The creature roared, Seras hissed and bared her fangs in response, then blew a rather large hole in the thing's chest area with her gun. Comparable to the Jackal in power, Seras had gotten her Seraph after pestering Walter to get her a weapon somewhat less awkward to use than her Harkonnen. The creature fell backwards, convulsing and twitching as it died.

What the hell was that thing? she thought. The shot had made a very large crater in the creature's chest, but hadn't actually managed to drill all the way through to make a hole in the thing. Now, this had to be one tough cookie not to have had a hole blown completely through it by a 13 mm gun. Deciding that this thing could potentially be a significant threat if there were more of them around, she radioed HQ to have them send a cleanup crew and to take the creature back to Hellsing for study.

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