A/N: PLEASE NOTE: I do not own any of these:
Violet, Klaus, Sunny Baudelaire, Isadora, Duncan, Quigley Quagmire, V.F.D. (initials only), I.D.V., Count Olaf, Esme Squalor.

This story is: a) NOT my own version of the Carnivorous Carnival, no matter how much they seem alike;

b) NOT a follow-on to ANY of the previous stories, regardless of characters and notebooks;

c) NOT happy.

I had only read up to book nine when I started this story, but I read book ten halfway through, which kinda made things complicated about where this story fitted in (even though it is not a follow-up), and certain information about the whereabouts of Quigley Quagmire. So please do not bombard me with reviews stating exactly which pieces of info I have either missed out, or gotten wrong.

For a suggestion of where this would fit in (even though it is NOT a follow on), I would suggest after book seven and before book eight. They do not have the Snicket page, and do not know about the survivor.
Thank you for your patience. Now the story can begin...


You are either mental or half-blind, or you have not read the category properly: A Series of Unfortunate Events, because you have clicked on the link to this story. You may know that the original books involve the highly unfortunate Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, and so this fanfiction story will, too. So if I were you, I would either click on the - BACK button, a few times, and read a fanfiction story of The Littlest Elf, which is a lot happier than this story, or even better, shut this computer down. So, for the last time, you have made a mistake. Do not read on.

With all due respect,