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Part 17

The three faces of Piper (cont).

23 days left. . .


Future Piper woke up finding out she's lying on Cole's bed. She must have fallen into sleep after having cried bitterly on his shoulder in the morning, and he had hold her tightly in his embrace trying to comfort her. Then they had gone out enjoying a precious view of sunset, and come back home to prepare a dinner together. They hadn't had that chance for a long time, assuming they wouldn't have it again, Piper would like to cook some favorite food for the love of her life on her own, and it had become one of the happiest moments to Cole helping her. Finally they had ended up making love to each other, proving they were two halves of a love which had too long been separated miserably. Future Piper rest her head on his chest running her hand down along his upper arm. It's about time to come back to her own timeline, the non-Cole world. . . under the effect of the spell she would take nothing with her, no memory, nothing to remind her of this invaluable day. On the contrary Cole would never forget their time. Today she had come to heal his heart, warm his room and show why people called it "bedroom". A fresh tear of hers dropped down on him. Future Piper felt Cole tenderly stroke her long hair. She rose her head up to meet his smile. It was so right, so right being with him and sharing every moment with him. She smiled back. He grabbed her hand and put on it a soft kiss.

"I'll make Piper see we're meant to be. I'll ask her to save you, save us." – stated her.

"I love you, Piper." – said Cole – "You're the most beautiful thing has ever happened to me."

"We'll be together." – she kept her hand in his and bowed down for another kiss.

"Could you leave it the way it was." – whispered Cole after they parted.

"What?" – Future Piper didn't think she got his sentence right.

"We don't know what would happen if you changed your past. The future might be worse." – he tried to explain. The fact that he litterally had no future now. Turning Piper into a widow was the last thing he wanted.

"We'll conquer everything together. I know I would do everything to make it work this time."

Cole touched her soft cheek and interrupted:

"When you come back, your wedding day wasn't the end of my life. It'd save your marriage. You and Leo must be very happy now."

Future Piper sat up wrapping the blanket around her, she frowned:

"You don't want me anymore?"

Cole also sat up leaning on the head of the bed, closing his eyes. He would never stop loving her, but that wasn't what he should say.

"Do you have children?"

"Yes." – all of a sudden Future Piper couldn't get why he changed the topic.

"If Leo wasn't with you, they would be wipe out of existance." – he looked at her sadly, he never wanted to made her worry or stamped her hope out. But this time, it's for the best. . .

She gasped, finding out she was too selfish for just thinking about herself. Cole was right, her children were her and Leo's. They would not be conceived if she cancelled the wedding. Her face turned nonplussed, tears glistenning in her eyes while wavering between the children and the love of her life. If she chose Cole, they would have their own children, but those deffinitely weren't the ones she had already had with Leo. As a mother, Future Piper couldn't pick that choice. She loved her two little angels. "My little angel", those words suddenly appeared to her mind, that's what she called her children, that's also what Cole had called her.

"But what about us? We deserve a chance, don't we?" – sobbed her hopelessly.

"Don't cry." – whispered him – "You've made me happy. I'll live happily until my last breath since I know you love me."

Future Piper started another kiss which Cole responded passionately and led them both into love making. Future could be changed, it depended on how people built it in the present. Cole or Leo, present Piper had to pick her decision by herself. Future Piper had no business there, this trip was a chance. To fulfil what she had habored for ten years. A day to love.

"Why are you preparing a wedding while you're married to Cole?" – asked Little Piper.

"We don't match each other." – answered Piper, she thought her little self might not understand those adult problems.

"So you two divorced? Like mom and dad?"

Though Little Piper wouldn't remember the imformation she's collecting now, Piper didn't want to talk about their issue to her.

"But still love each other." – continued the little girl – "What is our future self doing in his house?"

They had had a lot of time to get to know each other and had a nice and friendly talk. Then Piper decided to look for where her future self was. She scried for her and figured out she's staying with Cole. Future Piper had been staying with him ever since she left the Manor. Piper didn't know how to think, they obviously had too much to talk, and share with each other. Perhaps it's a "Long time no see". What would be happening to her future? What was that icy Piper doing there?

"Life is very complicated, Piper." – she told her little self, and her own self as well – "sometimes we can't do what we want to."

"Well, you summon me here to listen to your pure heart. I don't know what is it in your adult life. Before those complication come, my only desire is to get married to Cole."

Piper stared at the girl, she just helped her listen to her private voice from the bottom of her heart. She wanted to marry Cole, be his wife, live with him, and love him. That desire had led to a Piper in the present. And what present Piper would be doing would lead to that icy Piper. Cole Turner, he was sure keeping this little girl's heart, and exactly staying with Future Piper. They're apparently and deeply attached to him.

"Cole!" – uttered Little Piper pulling her out of her meditation. She walked towards the window where the girl was standing looking out. Cole and Future Piper were holding each other closely outside the manor. They didn't want to break the contact, it seemed they're willing to keep it for the rest of their lives.

"Your embrace is perfect." – murmured Future Piper – "I wish the whole world just stood still forever."

"Then we won't have to worry about what happens next." – approved Cole.

Future Piper tightened her arms around him.

"Cole!" – cried the little girl out loud.

Both of them looked up towards the window.

The moment later Little Piper pulled the door open rushing to her prince, following by Piper. Future one parted from him steping up her present self. Piper searched her new face, she looked absolutely different from the morning, full of emotion, her eyes were swollen. Piper knew she had cried so much, she had come to Cole and cried with him all the day.

"Hi!" – smiled Little Piper.

Cole knelt down in front of her.

"Don't let her go." – said the little girl – "I'm not going to leave you when I'm at her age."

Piper shed tears seeing her past self wrap her arms around his neck, and Cole fondly held her back. Future Piper and Little Piper started fading. Her spell was about to finish.

"You've gottten our answers." – said her future self.

Yes, both of them gave her the same answer, that Cole had always been and would always be the love of her life. They only felt absolutely and completely happy in his embrace. Future Piper didn't have to tell her openly which decision she should make. She didn't need to hear anything either. She saw it by her own eyes now. Before life became complicated, Little Piper kept his image in her heart. After spending enough whirligig of life, her heart still belonged to him, nothing would ever change that.

0.00AM now. A new day was beginning.

22 days left. . .

Piper was standing before his penthouse. She had stayed up all the rest of last night to think about the life her future and past selves had shown. She had left her bed when the grandfather's clock hadn't stricken 5.00AM yet. Leaving a short note on the fridge to say to her sisters that she wouldn't be home until tomorrow, Piper drove to Cole. She believed he also couldn't get sleep after all of what had happened yesterday. She's so anxious to tell him her last decision. Everything was depended on her decision now. Fulfilling her past self's dream and preventing a regretful future. That's what was supposed to be.

The door wasn't locked, Piper walked in quietly. The living room was deserted, maybe Cole's in his bedroom. She walked straght to it, believing he would be surprised and very delighted receiving her back to his life. It's time to cure the pain of each other and rekindle their love. She would see his glamorous smile again soon.

The door swung open, Cole was packing up. He turned around in astonishment.

"What are you doing?" – Piper hadn't thought she was the one to get shocked.

Cole never knew she could be up at that time since he had first known her, considering she had to work over midnight with her job at P3. She stood there dressing well with her long hair hanging down her back. Not sluggish a little bit.

"I'm leaving." – spoke him in a very low voice as if he's committing a sin.

"Forget it." – Piper got close to him brushing a shirt off of his hand – "I want you back."

She expected a line of joy on his face, but he looked gloomy. She decided to elaborate more:

"I love you, Cole. I never doubt it." – she still held his arm tightly – "I've just found it's too unfair that I just thought about everyone and everything, except you and myself and what I'm throwing in our lives."

Cole felt a sting in his heart. That was what he had been hoping her to figure out. He had begged her to think and live for themselves once, to keep the meaning of their lives surviving. It's too late now. He would be sorry for this chance – this possibility forever. He shouldn't have given up on them that soon. If he wasn't dying. . . If there was a way to undo the progress. . . Nevertheless, now wasn't time for regretting. He knew what he had to do at the moment. Piper's life and happiness shouldn't be ruined by him.

"We can't." – Cole took her hand off and stepped away from her.

"Why?" – stunned Piper – "I'm not lofty as I thought I could try to be. I saw how I would become if I stuck to the way I chose. When the chance came, my future self spent all her time to be with you." – she stepped forward and touched him again – "I saw her tears. . . Our love is the most important thing in my life, you're the first one I care for. I'm ready to face my family, those decrepit Elders, even Leo."

Cole melt in her gentle touch, feeling resentful against himself for all of the powers he had collected on the wasteland, there's no power could help him to see the future. It's probably their fate which was proving they're really not meant to be.

"We've tried a lot to go through it." – he gave her a look as calm as he could – "I've tried a lot to accept it. I won't let you draw me back to your life since it's not going to last long."

"You won't. But I'm gonna join your life this time." – said Piper, she firmly insisted on – "I'll do whatever you do, I'll live wherever you live, even though I'll have to do evil and live in the Underworld. Everything."

Cole shook his head, her words were so excessive. She must be acting without much thought.

"It's unfeasible." – murmured him – "You're the Charmed One. You. . ."

Piper interrupted him by kissing on his lips. She stood on tiptoe with her hands cupping on his cheeks. It's somewhat crazy but all she wanted at that time was to show Cole how meaningful he was to her. When they had to separate for breathing, both of them felt hot and the craving for each other rising up.

"I won't leave my sisters. But you're my top priority. I'll care for them later." – spoke Piper quickly.

They plaited to each other again. The suitcase was pushed down on the floor, the shirt Cole was wearing joined it right after that. All of a sudden, he stopped and managed to get up.

"We can't." – uttered him.

Piper also raised up pinning him down to a kiss. Then she led him lying on the bed and got on top of him.

"Go on. I'll answer to you by kisses." – said her, she bent down to spread her kisses on his neck down to his chest while her hand started wanderring freely around. Piper reached her favorite place on his body soon.

There had been so many things that she hadn't thought of love making much, her desire had almost perished. She hadn't thought there would be a day she did it to him again. Cole groaned in ecstasy. Piper smiled. She hadn't thought there would be a day she felt it again. Happiness.

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