Dominant Species 30 ABY
Characters Belonging to George Lucas: Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Kyp
Durron, Jagged Fel, Tahiri Veila, Zekk
Characters Belonging to Me: Athena Aida, Jakobe Aida, Luen Aida, Kyla
Tracken, Larana Skywalker, Krystian Aida
Characters Belonging to X-Men: Rogue, Wolverine, Professor Xavier, Jean
Grey, Cyclops, Storm, the usual
Genre: Romance, X-Men/SW, history, war


Jaina Solo's POV:

Where I come from, there are three dominant species: humans, aliens, and mutants. For as long as I can remember, only humans and aliens were recognized. Then, Kyla Tracken came to our galaxy from the small Apollo system.

In the Apollo system, there are nine planets rotating around a single star. Earth, the single living planet is dominated by humans. As you may know, in order to survive, a species may evolve into a newer species with all the necessary elements to survive in a harsh environment. We call this process evolution. The evolution of homo sapiens has progressed into what is now being recognized as Mutants.

Only a quarter of Earth's population are mutants, yet the number grows every day. The other three fourths of the planet are continuing to reject and fear the evolved humans. Cursing them into a world of exile and fear.

Professor Charles Xavier, a powerful telepath, runs a school for gifted young mutants. Most of the teenagers are runaways, cast out by both family and friends. Upon my stay at the Xavier Institute, I became friends with a young girl who called herself Rogue. She ran away from home after the first boy she kissed ended up in a coma for three weeks.

She will be incapable of human touch for the rest of her long, lonely years.

I also met Kyla Tracken, who was perhaps the most dangerous and confused of them all. Somehow, she had acquired a numerous amount of mutations in her DNA. She could walk through walls, teleport across the room, and change her appearance instantly. She had the same curse as Rouge, yet Kyla was able to control it, and call upon it when she was in danger. She controlled fire and ice. She was telekinetic and telepathic, which the Jedi back home refer to as the Force.

And the most horrible of all, to her standards, was the adamantium metal running throughout her body, and giving her three long knives that slid out from her knuckles.

When she was young, a scientist by the name of William Stryker found she was able to heal rapidly. With this ability at his disposal, he injected the indestructible metal adamantium into her entire body, covering her bones and giving her claws.

Kyla has been shot in the head twice. Both times, the bullet has worked itself out, allowing Kyla to walk away calm. Kyla will not die for a very, very long time.

Yet there is another who share the same curse. His name is Logan, but he is also known as Wolverine. He too has three knives in each hand, injected by Stryker, the day before Kyla's birth. Logan is Kyla's father, but neither of them know it. I think it will be better for all of us if they didn't' know their connection.

Kyla and I became fast friends and she decided to come back to Coruscant with me, where she had an opportunity to start a new life. She was adopted by Winter and Tycho Celchu. She was quickly trained in the ways of the Force, for just five months after her arrival, the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy.

That's when she and I went our separate ways. She became a top NRI agent and I joined Rouge Squadron, fighting the battle above the ground. Through my life as a pilot I met Colonel Jagged Fel, a fellow pilot from Chiss space. We were together for quite a while, but when my older cousin Luen Aida came into the picture, I knew there was no competition.

Kyla and I were reunited for a special mission to Myrkr, to destroy the Voxyn queen. We succeeded, but I lost both Anakin and Jacen. I vowed to avenge their absences. On Hapes, I turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Jedi Master Kyp Durron finally persuaded me to leave the dark path and return to the light. I recognized my love for Kyp that day, and he proposed and I accepted.

Kyla, however, was worse off than I had been. A full blown war had emerged between humans and mutants on Earth. She threatened to go back to Earth, where she would surely be killed, despite her healing powers. Kyla and Jacen had fallen in love during the war, and his absence shredded her heart and mind into bits and pieces. Jacen finally did return to Mon Calamari with Vergere and he and Kyla were immediately engaged.

And now the war is over in our home, yet one still rages on in Kyla's planet. I sit in our ship, the Phoenix, with Kyla, Jacen, Zekk, Tahiri, Luen and Jagged Fel, and Jakobe Aida, and Athena Aida. We are traveling to Earth to finally settle the dispute between power and acceptance. Already the screams fill my ears...

To be continued.