Kyla slowly pushed the door open to her old room at the Xavier Institute. The room was untouched, just as she left it 3 years ago. The bed was made; the desk was clean, undisturbed.

Not like the rest of the mansion. Kyp found gaping holes in the walls. Jaina stumbled across tranquilizers shot by Stryker's men. The mansion was a mess. It was still standing, but it was a mess.

Suddenly a voice came screaming into her head. Kyla… She clutched at her head, falling to her knees beside the bed. She tried to trace the voice back, only finding confusement and utter fear. Then, in an instant, it was gone.

"Kyla? What is it?" Jacen Solo's face filled her vision.

"I-I think Jean is in trouble." The familiar presence of Jean Grey came back into Kyla's focus. "I've got a lock, but we need to go, now." She left the room, already heading for the Phoenix.

"Kyla, wait! We need to find the others!" Zekk yelled as she passed by him.

"There are no others. I can't trace any of the students in the building. They must have used the tunnels."

Zekk stared at her, mouth agape. "What do you mean you can't feel them? I can barely sense you through the Force!"

Jaina ran by him next. "Kyla's Force abilities are much stronger than ours." She too, rushed past him. Athena Aida came walking, her bow in hand.

"Come on, Zekk. You need to catch up." She flashed him a grin, and beckoned for him to follow her to the ship. Kyp, Jakobe, Tahiri, Jag and Luen barely made it on board as they took off. It wasn't long before they spotted the X-Men's ship in a forest clearing. Kyla set the ship down nearby and proceeded to meet the group.

She approached the camp, heart racing. Would they recognize her? Would they fear or hate her? Kyla pushed the thoughts out of her head.

Rouge whipped her head around at the snap of a twig. "Who's there?" she said, eyes darting from shadow to darker shadow.

"Relax, it's Kyla," Kyla said, stepping out into the clearing.

"Kyla, what are you doing here?" Rouge ran to embrace the older girl, careful not to touch her skin. "It's not very safe here."

"Yeah, well it's not so safe back at the school either."

"Rouge, who's this?" John Allardyce came to the reunion.

"Kyla Tracken," she said, introducing herself. She thrust a hand out, but John looked at her as if she was crazy. She drew back, studying the young man. His brown mop of a head was in desperate need of a hair cut, as it fell into his brown eyes. His eyes, however, caught her by surprise. They burned with fire and anger.

"You're a Pyro, aren't you?" She said, cocking her head to the side.

"Yeah, and what's it to you?"

"Nothing. You and I have something in common." She lit a ball of fire in her open hand. He looked at it, taking a step back.


"Kyla! You walk way too fast!" Jacen panted as he made his way to the group.

"No, you walk too slowly," she countered. "Rouge, Rouge's friend, this is Jacen Solo, my fiancée from the other galaxy. There are more of us coming."

"Hello," Jacen said, nodding to Rouge and John. Kyla turned to Rouge.

"I need to find Jean. I think the Professor is in trouble."

"How did Kyla know where she was going?" Jag asked, walking alongside Jaina.

"You know how we have tracking devices back home?"

"Yes, but she had no technology on her."

"See, Kyla is a tracking device. Every single person she's ever touched has a little place inside her head. She can automatically know where that person is or what they're thinking."

"That's a little creepy."

"It's not her fault, so don't start complaining." Jaina flashed him a look of annoyance and joined the group at the camp.

"Hold it there, missy. Where do you think you're going?" Logan, also known as Wolverine, stopped Jaina from coming any closer.

"Logan, its Jaina. We've met before."

"Right, you're Kyla's Jedi friend." He stepped back, allowing her to pass. "Keep your eyes open. The Brotherhood is here."