Never Leave Me



Yugi tossed and turned in his bed, images flashing through his mind. The puzzle shattering, Yami fading away, him grasping through the air to try and save him. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and he was sobbing, "No, no,no. YAMI!" The spirit heard the call and materialized next to Yugi.

"Yugi, aibou, what's wrong" He asked worriedly as Yugi's eyes snaped open. Yami hurried to his bedside and held yugi's hand. "What happened? Did you have a nightmare?" Yugi said nothing but grabbed onto Yami's waist. He cried into his shirt and Yami slowly picked him up. The violet-eyed boy stared up at the pharoh and slowly reached out a hand to touch his face. He smiled when he finally knew he wasn't dreaming anymore. "Yami", he said.

Yami set his hikari back down on the bed with a small smile. He turned to go back into the puzzle, but Yugi grabbed his hand. "Yami, please?" The taller man sat on the bed, still holding Yugi's hand. Yugi smiled and slid over a bit, offering part of the mattress to the spirit. Yami smiled again and laid down so that they were facing each other. Their eyes met and Yami saw a question in them. "What is it, aibou?" He reached out his hand to touch Yugi's face.

"Yami? Can i ask you to promise something?" He said seriously. Yami nodded, his eyes never leaving his hikari's. "Never leave me" ,Yugi said. Yami smiled and tilted Yugi's chin up slightly. He pressed his lips against Yugi's and whispered, " Never". Yugi smiled softly and rolled over to curl up against Yami's chest. As Yugi drifted off, the pharoh put his arm around his hikari's waist and slept peacefully.


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