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Power of Light, Power of Dark


A chill wind blew through the trees surrounding the wooden building. The rustle of the branches brought calmness to the night. The only light that of the full moon and the bright stars; it was enough for the tall man standing there to see by.

Dressed entirely in black, his face covered by a black cloak, he smiled in the darkness. He took a small step towards the building to get a better look.

The three story building seemed to be built in a style similar to one the man had seen before. One he had lived in, in fact, not only once, but twice before. He walked towards the door, down a light stone pathway. As he came to the entrance he gave two slow clear knocks to the door and waited. Light footsteps could be heard coming down the hall inside. The door slowly opened.

"Good to see you again, Li-sama."

Li Syaoran glared at the black cloaked man. Syaoran hadn't changed much from the days when he was cardcapting with Sakura. His brown hair was the same as ever, but his face looked older. He was now over six feet tall, yet still had to stair up at the black cloaked man. He wore jeans, a red sweater, and slippers.

"What brings you here Hiiragizawa-san?" asked Syaoran sternly.

Hiiragizawa Eriol pulled back his cloak from his face. Over the years he had come to look more and more like Clow Reed. His long blue black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. His blue eyes shined in the moonlight, as he looked down at Syaoran. Although Eriol was only a few inches taller than Syaoran, Syaoran looked defensively at him to make up for the difference in height.

"I came to speak with the lady Sakura. Is she at home?"

"Eriol-kun?" The voice came from a lady walking down the hall towards the door. About five foot five in height, Sakura had certainly changed. Her auburn hair was no longer up in girlish pigtails, but instead hung about her face, pulled back only by a barrette. She wore jeans and a yellow sweater. Her right hand was clutched on the Key of the Stars about her neck, while her left hand lay on the head of Kerberos in his true form. Kero looked with judging eyes at Eriol.

"It is good to see you again, Kinimoto-sama," said Eriol. "Or should I say Li-sama?"

Sakura walked up beside her husband and giggled. "Well it has been a long time since that became true." She gave Syaoran a small kiss on the cheek, and he seemed to untense a little.

"So why have you come here Eriol-san?" asked Kero as he walked up to the door. "Besides to confuse me by looking like Clow."

"Well, it's a bit of story," replied Eriol. "I guess this is the best was to explain it." With that, Eriol opened his cloak to let out Suppie in his small form. The little cat-like creature yawned and hovered in the air.

"Suppie!" yelped Kero as he turned back into his own small form to talk to his friend.

"Kero, I'm not awake yet," muttered the little black creature.

"Too bad, we're playing video games, now! You need to face me in my new racing game. Especially since I know you haven't played it yet, thus giving me an advantage."

Suppie seemed to wake up a bit after that statement. "If you mean Rampant Racer Extreme Mayhem 7, then you're going down!"

"Wait, you can't have that game already!"

Suppie grinned. "I preordered it."

"That's it!" yelled Kero, and pulled Suppie into another room. A stunned Eriol, Sakura, and Syaoran stared at where they had been, and then turned towards each other.

"You'd better come in then," said Syaoran. "It'll be awhile anyway before we can pull those two away from their video games."

"I need your help Sakura."

Sakura, Syaoran, and Eriol sat in a large room in the house. A fire burned nearby in the fireplace, warming the room. Eriol sat in a large brown comfy chair, while Sakura and Syaoran cuddled together on the sofa. They all had tea in hand as Eriol continued to speak.

"Clow had set up a way to choose a new master of the cards and his guardians, Yue and Kero. I'm sure you've thought of their future as well."

"Indeed," replied Sakura. "Yue lives as Yukito with Toya now, and Kero-chan with me. If something ever happens to me or my time comes to an end, Kero-chan and Yue will continue to live with Syaoran and my brother until they too are gone. After that, I will do as Clow did to choose me, as long as it's alright with Kero-chan and Yue."

Eriol nodded. "I assumed that this would be the case. However, there are now more than when Clow was around."

"Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon," said Syaoran.

"Yes. Also, this." Eriol reached into the pocket of his cloak and pulled out a key on a chain. The yellow key had a moon and star at the top, one that both Sakura and Syaoran knew all too well from a battle long ago.

"The Key of the Dark," muttered Eriol. "It was once Clow's staff, which he left to me as his reincarnation. But I do not believe that I will return to this earth, or if I do, when that will be. But I want this and my guardians to have a new master as well."

"I agree with you," said Sakura. "It is unfair for them to not have a home either."

"This is where I need your help Sakura. I have, well, a proposition for you." Sakura looked at Eriol confidently with her green eyes, waiting for him to say. Syaoran looked uncomfortable in the situation, not wanting to think of a time without Sakura on this earth.

"I want to have the Key of the Dark, Spinel Sun, and Ruby Moon, also connected to the Sakura cards." Silence filled the room at this statement. Sakura looked down at her hands, thinking. Syaoran stared at Eriol like he was crazy.

"What would that mean?" asked Sakura.

"That when the Sakura cards are found, Kero and Suppie will be released. They will each choose a candidate, one to receive the Key of the Dark and one to receive the Key of the Stars. Have them both capture the cards, and when the time comes, Yue and Ruby Moon will decide on who will be the next keeper of the cards."

"Are you crazy!" yelled Syaoran as he got to his feet. "Sakura had a hard enough time when I tried to capture all of the cards before her. If you give two people out there magic and guardians, what do you think will happen?"

"Syaoran, please," said Sakura, putting her hand on her husband's shoulder. "Eriol does have a good idea. This will give Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon a new master. Even if the candidate they choose does not receive the powers of the Sakura cards, they will still have a home." Syaoran looked down at his wife, staring. He finally looked away and sat down.

"It is your decision Sakura, do as you will."

"Do not worry Syaoran-san. We will make sure it is all right." Eriol turned towards the mistress of the cards. "Now Sakura-sama, I do believe we have some magic to work."

"Yes," said Sakura, getting to her feet. "Come, we can set up the magic back in this room." Eriol rose to his feet and followed Sakura out of the room and into the hall. Syaoran watched them go, and sighed deeply.

The magic done, Sakura and Eriol lowered their wands and breathed deeply.

"It is all set then," said Sakura.

"Yes," replied Eriol. "Once the time comes, the candidates will be chosen and this magic will come into effect." The two walked out of the room, and did not notice Syaoran walk in. Syaoran waited until they were gone, then walked over to the single table in the room, holding the book containing all of the Sakura cards.

"I still don't trust Eriol, not after all these years," he said to himself. He laid his hands on the book, and with his own magic, caused the book and his hand to glow. "I hope that this will help you on your journey, whoever is chosen." His hand suddenly stopped glowing, and he pulled it away.

"I love Sakura, but I have to do this. I just hope that those who are chosen will prove me wrong. They will need to believe. It is the only way..."