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"See! It wasn't that bad. All right, I'll be back soon. Oh yeah, go buy a baby book too. Ja ne. [bye]"

Sasuke and Naruto watched as Sakura's figure disappear.

"Baby book?" They asked each other with perplexing faces.

Chapter 3-Rule #1: Don't Start Trouble

Naruto and Sasuke went downtown to look for a book store. Once they found the store, Naruto faced Sasuke and said,

"Okay, I'll go look for the book and you'll wait out here all right?"

"Fine." Sasuke replied.

Naruto went inside while Sasuke held Kakashi in his arms. Sasuke stood there for more than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Baby Kakashi was pulling and poking Sasuke's cheek which bothered him plenty.

"Oy, stop it." Sasuke said frigidly.


He looked at him with a confused face, but he still didn't listen. He stared at Sasuke's cold eyes for a few minutes and then continued his little project of poking and pulling.

"I mean it..."


"I said STOP IT, YOU LITTLE MONSTER!" Sasuke yelled furiously.

"WAHHHH!" Baby Kakashi cried piercingly.

"Umm...Oy, stop crying..." Sasuke said slowly as he patted his back, but it seemed like it didn't work.

"Did you see that? He yelled at the baby. How mean!" woman #1 said as her eyes rested on Sasuke.

Sasuke turned around when he heard the comment and people's eyes stared at him intently.

"I know, how could he yell at such an innocent baby? He should be punished." woman #2 whispered.

Sasuke started to panic before them. He tried to stop his howling, but somehow he just didn't want to be quiet.

"Oh god! What am I gonna to do?! He won't stop crying...Damn it, I can't believe this happen to me! People are staring at me, thinking that I'm bad person. Shit! I need an idea quick!" Sasuke thought.

"You know what! We should take that baby away from them and tell Hokage-sama how he treats the baby. Then Hokage-sama can put him in prison for being such a bad parent." A man suggested.

"Oh shit! They're gonna tell Hokage-sama, I gotta stop him before it's too late. If I don't stop him, I'm gonna be in so much trouble." Sasuke thought.

Sasuke swung him around and patted, but none of these methods worked.

"God damn it! SHUT UP ALREADY!" Sasuke yelled deafeningly as he spanked Baby Kakashi.

"Wahhhh!" Baby Kakashi cried louder than before.

"Shit! I can't believe I did that..." Sasuke thought.

Sasuke turned around and people were in complete shock at the action he just performed on the baby.

"Okay! That does it! We're going to beat that guy down and take him to prison!" a man shouted furiously.

"Yeah!" Everyone yelled.

"Oh shit..."

Sasuke started running and people chased him.

"Oh god! Why did this have to happen to me?! Why me, why me god!" Sasuke shouted as his pace rose.

==meanwhile Naruto shopped peacefully===

Naruto finally found the book, but then he heard a scream.

"Huh? What was that? Wasn't that Sasuke's voice? "

Naruto looked outside from the window. He saw Sasuke pass by the window in a quick pace. Naruto ran out the entrance, but...he was unaware that he still had the baby book in his hands.

===Back to Sasuke===

Sasuke turned around the corner, but it appeared to be a dead end. Sasuke looked around to see if there was another escape route, however there wasn't any.

"Shit! No where to getaway!"

"Where did that guy go?" a man looked around, confused.

"Don't know, let's check over here." A woman suggested.

"Oh no...The end has come..." Sasuke mumbled.

The shadows of the villagers came closer and closer. Sasuke closed his eyes and decided to give up. In a quick flash, Naruto appeared out of no where, pulled Sasuke toward door and closed it quickly.

"Hmmm, he's not here, let's go check another place."

Naruto watched them leave while Sasuke covered Kakashi's mouth.

"They're gone." Naruto finally said.

"Thank god..." Sasuke said as he sat on the floor and exposed Kakashi's mouth.

"So Sasuke, what happened? Why were they chasing you?"

"Because this shorty wouldn't stop crying and they determined to turn me in as a bad parent."

"Oh really? No wonder."

"Wahhh!" Baby Kakashi cried noisily.

"Will you shut up already you CRY BABY!?" Sasuke yelled out crossly.

"Oy Sasuke, that isn't gonna stop him from crying."

"Then tell me how to make him stop crying, baka!"

"Try to make him fall asleep."

"Then you do it!" Sasuke yelled as he shoved Kakashi in front of Naruto's face.


"If you know how to make him fall asleep, then you do it or maybe you're afraid of being unsuccessful, dobe." Sasuke said coldly.

"Fine, I will. Give him to me." Naruto said.

Sasuke carefully passed him to Naruto. Naruto tucked his arm under Kakashi to make him feel comfortable.


"Shhh...Don't cry...Sensei." Naruto said as he swung him around.

Naruto started to sing.

I love cup noodles!

Everyone loves cup noodles!

Don't you love them toooooooooo?

Ramen is the best!

Ramen bought from Iruka-sensei is even better!

La la la la la la la!

(Saki-Kun: I would like to thank Takeshi-Chan for donating this "STUPID" song for my story! (Whispers to the reader) It sucks doesn't it?! I hate it too! (Takeshi appears behind Saki-Kun and smacks her!) Takeshi: Continue with the story!)

Baby Kakashi yawned and quickly fell asleep at the lame song.

"He fell asleep." Naruto whispered.

"That was the lamest song I ever heard in my entire life." Sasuke ears were covered ever since Naruto started singing.

"So?! You got a problem with that song that I just made up?! Once I become Hokage-sama, I'll make everyone sing this song! Haha!" Naruto chuckled.

A sweat drop appeared on Sasuke's head.

"Thank god...I won't have to sing that lame song...because I would be old enough to leave this village..." Sasuke thought.

"Here, carry him."

Naruto slowly passed Kakashi back to Sasuke. Kakashi's head rested on Sasuke's shoulder while he cradled and patted him.

"Let's go to Kakashi's house." Naruto said.

Sasuke nodded.

==walking to town===

"By the way Naruto, did you get the baby book?" Sasuke asked.

"Huh...umm...yeah I did...but..." Naruto said slowly.

"But what?"

"Umm...I...I...I...took the book from the store..."

"NANI! Are you telling me that you didn't pay for it?!"


It was dead silence for a few minutes until...

"Hey you, thief! You stole a book! Come back here! Please someone, get that kid! He stole a book!" the owner of the bookstore shouted.

Naruto and Sasuke turned around, panic written all over their faces.

"Look! It's that kid who treated the baby badly, and now, there's a kid that stole a book. Get them!" a man yelled.

"HELL YEAH!" Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs.

"Shit! RUN!"

"Damn it Naruto, why did you steal that damn book?!" Sasuke yelled.

"It was an accident!" Naruto shouted.

"Accident?! You called that an accident?! You're a freaking dumbass with no brain!"

"What did you called me Sasuke-teme?!" Naruto said angrily.

"You heard me dobe!" Sasuke said furiously.

===in the meantime Sakura's shopping===

Sakura finished shopping with many supplies for Kakashi. She walked out from the store with a big bag.

"All right, now I need to go home and get my stuff." Sakura said.

Sakura was able to take a step until she heard some screams. She turned around since she heard the screams from that direction.

"Ahhhh!" Naruto and Sasuke screamed as they rushed passed Sakura.

"Don't let them escape!" a man yelled.

"Nani? I wonder what's going on. Oh well, that doesn't concern me. They can take care of themselves and anyways, I gotta go home now. " Sakura said as she went straight back to her house.

==Naruto and Sasuke==

Naruto and Sasuke hid behind an enormous rock.

"I see some blonde hair sticking out from that direction! It's him! Chase him!" A man yelled.

They panicked and started running again but this time...

Naruto slipped and something held onto his leg...which dragged him deep into a hole...Sasuke jumped in to save Naruto...

They opened their eyes when their rear end hit the firm ground...

Their eyes widened when they realized that the "certain something" in front of them was...


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