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"WHAT?! SENSEI IS NOT FEELING WELL! We gotta get going!" Naruto released Kyo from his choke.

Kyo was catching his air from the choking.

"I'll deal with you later" Sasuke mumbled.

The team 7 and Kyo went to the hospital to see a doctor.

Chapter 32-The Nightmare

The team 7 and Kyo sat down waiting for the doctor to tell the news about Kakashi.

"It's my entire fault for not watching Sensei...If I didn't leave him alone, he wouldn't get a bad stomachache. I didn't mean it to let it happen!" Sakura blamed herself and feeling responsible for everything.

"Sakura-chan, it isn't your fault. Things happen to any kids, I'm sure he will be all right." Naruto tried to make Sakura feel better while patting her back.

"By the way Sakura, how did it happen?" Sasuke asked, curiously.

"Yeah, what happened? How did my cousin get stomachache? He hasn't eaten anything all day! What did you feed him? Are you trying to kill him?" Kyo was glaring at pink haired girl...well sort of. He's not the type of person to glare at anyone.

"Nothing! I didn't feed him anything! I swear to you, I wouldn't kill my own Sensei!" Sakura told them the truth.

Naruto clapped his hands to get them attention, "All right! All right! Let's not complain anymore. We should be worry of sensei, okay?" They nodded.

The doctor walked slowly out of the emergency room. They got up immediately.

"Doctor, how is he?! Is he alright!? Please tell me he's going to be all right?!" Sakura said anxiously, shook the doctor's shoulder.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down! You need to calm down first, young one!" Doctor was surprised Sakura's reaction.

"Um...Sakura, you've better stop shaking the Doctor. You're making him dizzy." Kyo whispered.

Sakura stopped and realized the doctor was about to pass out, "Oh gomen nasi, doctor!" She released him, "I didn't mean to make you dizzy!"

"It's all right." The doctor coughed before he speak, "As I was about to say, he's gonna be all right. He must have eaten something that hurts his stomach, but not to worry. I gave him medicine and it seems it calms him down. You have nothing to worry."

Sakura, Naruto, and Kyo were happy to hear that. Sasuke knew that Kakashi was gonna be fine after all, he is a jounin...for a baby.

"Can we see him now?" Sakura asked the doctor.

"Hai, but right now, he's asleep. So, don't try to wake him up." The doctor said.

"Okay." They went to see Kakashi.

They were at the room and baby Kakashi was sleeping peacefully as his hands were wrapped like ball.

"Aw, kawaii!" Sakura never thought Kakashi would be sleeping so adorable.

"He seems fine. I guess we were worried for nothing." Naruto said.

"I wonder what he ate." Sasuke wondered.

"Whatever it is. I'm glad it didn't affect him." Kyo was glad that his cousin is all right.

"Guu...Guu...Guu..." Baby Kakashi said unhappily.

"Sensei sounds so sad. I wonder what's wrong with him." Sakura noticed Kakashi's reaction.

"Maybe that brat is having nightmare." Sasuke noticed Kakashi's eyebrows were twitched as if something happen to him.

"That's gotta be it! I wonder what kind of dream he is having. Maybe he's having a dream about a ramen running away from him! That must be it!" Naruto came up with a silly idea.

"Don't be stupid! He's not going to dream of that stupid ramen like you did!" Sasuke haven't forgotten about Naruto's dream of him dancing with a ramen.

"Hey, don't insult my precious ramen! Ramen is important to me! It could happen to anyone dreaming of ramen!" Naruto glared at his rival.

"Just you, idiot." Sasuke mumbled to himself.

"It doesn't matter! Whatever it is. It doesn't look like a good dream!" Kyo noticed his cousin expression.

-Baby Kakashi's dream-

Baby Kakashi sat there in the middle of nowhere. He looked around, it was dark and there was no one else but himself.

"Guu...Guu...Guu..." Baby Kakashi said sadly.

"Guu, Mama, Onee-chan, Obaasan!" Baby Kakashi called his relatives. It echoed around, but no one response to him.

"Guu...Mama...Onee-chan...Obaasan..." He realized that he was alone.

"What the hell is your problem, teme?!"

Baby Kakashi heard a voice coming from there and recognized the voice, "Guu, Guu, Guu, Obaasan!" He crawled happily. He was glad that there was someone there beside himself.

He saw his grandma stood there with someone.

"You're the problem; you always get on my nerves! You never keep your damn mouth shut!" Sasuke shouted.

"Guu, Guu, Guu, Onee-chan!" Baby Kakashi saw his sister with his grandma.

"Look who's talking! You're even more problem than me, I always hate you, you know that?!" Naruto yelled, placed his hands on his hips.

"Well, good for you! I always hate you since the day I saw you! I hope you drop dead!"

"Oh yeah?! Well, I hope you would go to hell!"

"Guu, Guu, Guu, Onee-chan, Obaasan..." Baby Kakashi was frighten and never seen Sasuke and Naruto angry this way.

"Stop it you two! You shouldn't fight each other!" Sakura tried to split Naruto and Sasuke into fighting.

"Guu, Guu, Guu, Mama..." Baby Kakashi saw his mother came and hoping that his mother would stop them arguing.

"You stay out of it, Sakura-chan! This has nothing to do with you!" Naruto pushed her.

"That's right! You shouldn't get into this argument! This is between the dobe and me! So, stay out of it!" Sasuke yelled.

"Guu...Guu...Guu..." Baby Kakashi was feeling even sadder.

"I can't stand you two fighting! I hate watching you two arguing over stupid things! I can't stand it!" Sakura covered her ears and tired of everything.

"Guu, Guu, Guu, Mama..."

"If you hate watching us arguing each other, why don't we stop seeing each other?" Sasuke can't stand Sakura being annoying.

"Guu, Guu, Guu, Onee-chan..."

"Yeah, that's right. If you hate it so much, it might be better not seeing each other again!" Naruto agreed with Sasuke.

"Guu, Guu, Guu, Obaasan..."

"Fine, I will! I don't ever want to see you guys again!" The pink haired girl turned around, walking away from them.

"That's fine with me! Hope we never meet again! Good bye!" The blonde boy walked other sides.

"Bah, I don't care! Do whatever you want! I could careless of what happen you two!" The raven haired boy walked away.

They're walking in separate way.

"Guu, Guu, Guu, Mama, Onee-chan, Obaasan..." Baby Kakashi crawled and begged them not to leave, "Mama, Onee-chan, Obaasan!" His hands tried to reach them.

Even he tried to reach them; but they're vanished right in front of his eyes. He looked around and knew that they left him behind. Baby Kakashi never thought that they would leave him alone.

"Guu, Guu, Guu...Mama...Onee-chan...Obaasan..." Baby Kakashi cried loudly, "WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! MAMA, ONEE-CHAN, OBAASAN!"

-Baby Kakashi's nightmare ended-

"Mama...Onee-chan...Obaasan..." Baby Kakashi cried in his dream.

"Sensei, sensei, what's wrong?" Sakura said, worriedly.

"Are you okay, sensei?" Naruto hoping that he's all right.

"Oy brat, wake up!" Sasuke called him.

Baby Kakashi opened his eyes slowly and his eyes vision couldn't see who the people called him. He blinked several times until he saw Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke were staring him. Naruto and Sakura had a worried looks on their face since they knew that he must be having a terrible nightmare. Sasuke stared at him like there's nothing wrong, but deep inside; he was worried of him as well.

"Are you all right, Sensei?" Sakura picked Kakashi up and wrapped him around her arms, "You must be scared of that dream."

"It gotta be! He must be having that awful nightmare! Isn't that right, Sensei?" Naruto patted Kakashi's head.

"Whatever, he seems fine now." Sasuke shoved his hands inside his pockets.

Baby Kakashi pulled Naruto's and Sasuke's shirts and stared at the three, "Guu, Mama, Onee-chan, Obaasan..." He smiled happily, "Guu, Mama, Onee-chan, Obaasan!"

"Huh?" The Team 7 were confused Kakashi being joyful.

"I guess he's all right. I wonder why Kakashi is so happy about." Kyo asked, curiously.

-Leaving the hospital-

"Take good care of that baby!" The doctor told them.

"We will! We'll be leaving!" They left the hospital.

"Hey, don't you find it weird?" Sasuke asked, feeling uncomfortable.

"Huh? What is, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura looked at Sasuke while holding Baby Kakashi.

"That brat is acting so strange..."

"I totally agreed with teme." Naruto nodded.

"What's so strange about him?"

"Sakura, you don't really know, don't you? Look at him! My cousin, he..." Kyo looked at them. "He haven't let go of their shirts since we left the hospital."

Baby Kakashi was smiling cheerfully while he enjoying shaking their shirts up and down. "Guu, Mama, Onee-chan, Obaasan!"

"Yeah, what's with him? He doesn't want to let go our shirts." Naruto find it weird the way Kakashi act.

"Guu, Guu, Guu, Mama together with Onee-chan, Mama together with Obaasan!" Baby Kakashi smiled happily.

"Sensei, you're so weird. Why are you acting spoiled? I wondered what makes him act this way. But then again, it's kinda a cute." Sakura giggled.

"Whatever it is. As long that I don't have to hear that brat's crying. I don't want to hear his annoying crying." Sasuke can't stand of him being sad.

"Hell yeah! That's what I hate about it! It's drive you crazy and it makes your ear explore hearing him crying! We have to be careful!" Naruto warned them.

Sakura giggled, "You guys are so cute when you think of sensei that way. I think it's very sweet!"

"You think so?" Naruto was massaging his head, feeling embarrassing.

"Whatever...I'm not trying to be nice here." Sasuke said crossly.

"You three really care about my cousin. I'm so glad that you guys are his students." Kyo was proud of them like they were his children.

They were walking downtown in the village. All of the villagers were watching them and whispering at each other, thinking how cute they are.

"...this is getting embarrassing." Sasuke said, closing his eyes.

"Huh, what is?" Naruto asked.

"I can't stand people staring at us this way." Sasuke noticed people are looking at them like they're some kind a movie star.

"Me too..." Sakura blushed.

"I'm not embarrassing. You should think like me! Think like they're not here or pretend they don't exist! It really works! You should try it!"

"Maybe for you...but I can't stand it. Now let go of my shirt!" Sasuke swiped his shirt off from Kakashi's tiny hand.

Baby Kakashi looked in shock and remember the dream that his sister might leave him, "WWWAAAHHHHH!"

"Sensei, why are you crying? Don't cry!" Sakura patted Kakashi to make him stop crying, but nothing is working.

"Sasuke, look what've have you done!" Kyo said.

"What did I do?!" Sasuke panicked.

"You made him cry!"

"What's that gotta do with me!? I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Sure, you did! You made cry him because of what you did! So, it's your fault, Sasuke-teme!" Naruto blamed Sasuke.

"Shut up, dobe! Don't blame me for everything!" Sasuke smacked Naruto's head.

"It doesn't matter! You've better do something to make him stop crying or else, people will think of you as bad parents!" Kyo pointed at the people.

Sasuke realized that people were watching him and it's making him look bad. He doesn't want to go through the villagers chasing after him again. (Saki: The chapter 3 where the villagers chased after him of being bad parents. In case, if you forgotten.)

"Oh man! I gotta find a way to make him stop crying! Think, think, Uchiha!" Sasuke looked around and spotted a shop that was selling toys.

"Hey little brat, look!" Sasuke pointed a shop. "There's a shop that sell toys, you like toys right? Let's go buy toys, okay?"

Baby Kakashi stopped crying and began to smile, "Guu, Guu, Guu, Toy, Toy, Toy!" He clapped his tiny hands.

They went to the Toy's shop inside. Sakura placed Kakashi down and let him look at toys. Baby Kakashi held a teddy bear, "Guu, Guu, Guu, Bear!" He hugged the bear.

"Look at Sensei, he's happy again!" Sakura said. They sighed together in relieve.

"Good job, Sasuke. You made him in good mood." Kyo rubbed Sasuke's raven hair, but Sasuke slapped his hand.

Sasuke glared at Kyo, "Shut up, I don't need you to tell me that."

"Sasuke, you don't have to be shy about it." Naruto nudged him with an elbow, grinning.

"Keep bothering me, I will kill you, dobe." He wasn't joking.

"Guu, Mama, Onee-chan, Obaasan!" Baby Kakashi waved at them.

Naruto and Sakura waved back with a bright smile. Sasuke just waved along, but he wasn't happy about it.

"Aw, look at him! He's hugging a bear! Let's buy him that bear!" Sakura asked her teammate.

"Sure, why not! He seems happy!" Naruto looked at Kakashi's reaction of hugging a bear.

"I don't mind...as long he's not sad." Sasuke said.

"Hey, I want that bear! Gimme that bear!" A little boy shouted at Kakashi.

Baby Kakashi shook his head for no and refuse to give him the bear. He pulled the bear's hand, "Gimme the bear!"

"Guu, Guu, Guu!" Baby Kakashi pulled the bear's hand as well.

"Let go!" They are fighting over a bear. (Saki: Kids these days! Don't you find it annoying?X/)

"Hey you! You leave him alone!" Naruto shouted at that boy.

They went towards a boy and Kakashi. "Little boy, there's another bear over there. Why don't you buy that bear?" Sakura asked him.

"No way! I like this bear! So, I want this bear!" A boy pulled the bear's hand. Kakashi refuse to lose against this boy.

"This is so stupid...why are you fighting over for a stupid bear?" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Oh my god! You said a bad word!" A boy covered his mouth with one hand while other hand pointing at Sasuke.

"Nani?" Sasuke doesn't know what the boy was talking about.

"Papa! Papa! Papa! He said a bad word!" He rushed towards his father. "Onii-san said stupid to me!" He pointed at raven haired boy.

"What?! How dare he say that to my son!?" A man walked towards to Sasuke. "What's your problem for calling my son a baka!?"

"I didn't call your son a baka!"

"Are you saying my son is a liar!?"

"Well duh! He is a liar!"

"How dare you?! Do you want to fight!?" A man rolled his sleeves up.

"Fine by me! I will kick your ass!" Sasuke glared at the man. Somehow, Naruto held Sasuke's between his arms to keep away from the man into fighting, "Calm down, Sasuke-teme! Don't do it!"

"Let go of me! I will kick his ass!" Sasuke tried to push Naruto off of him, but Naruto still held him tight.

"I'm very sorry about his behavior. He didn't mean to call your son a baka. Please excuse his rudeness!" Kyo apologized, bowing his head.

"What the hell?! Don't go and apologize that stupi-mmff!" Sakura covered Sasuke's mouth with her hand, "Hai, we're very sorry!"

"Hmph, fine. He better watch it out next time! I will beat him up if he calls my son a baka again! Come on, son!" A man grabbed his son's hand and walked away.

"Guu, Guu, Guu?" Baby Kakashi said.

Kyo sighed, "That was pretty close!" He wiped the sweat off of his forehead.

Naruto released Sasuke's arms. Sasuke turned and glared at Naruto, "What the hell did you do that for, dobe?!"

"Hey, you were gonna to punch that guy! There's no way, I'm letting you doing that!" Naruto told him.

"You shouldn't get in my way! I can do whatever I want, but thanks to you, you let that idiot get away! It must be your stupid brain stops me!"

"What the hell?! I only did it for the right way! There's no point in fighting that ridiculous things! And don't call me stupid, you moron!"

"You are a baka, dummy!"

"Well, you are a jackass"

"Why you, dobe! Repeat that again and you're dead!"

"Jackass, Jackass, Jackass!" Naruto repeated over again which makes Sasuke even madder.

"That does it!" Sasuke punched Naruto's face. Naruto was hit over the toy's shelf and the toys fell over on Naruto. Naruto pushed all the toys on it, he got angry. He quickly got up and tackled Sasuke down. They began to fight each other.

"STOP IT, YOU TWO! STOP FIGHTING!" Sakura tried to make them stop fighting.

"You guys, knock it up!" Kyo tried to split them up.

Baby Kakashi watched them fighting and arguing each other. In his mind remind him the dream he had. Watching them fighting each other, sooner or later, they're going to leave him. Kakashi was getting scared and getting more depressed. He couldn't stand watching them anymore. On his mind, telling him, he had to get out of here. He walked out of the shop and left them.

-Kakashi walking-

"Guu, Guu, Guu..." Baby Kakashi said sadly, "Guu...Mama...Onee-chan...Obaasan...waahhh!" He cried loudly.

"Hey, what's wrong?" A voice answered.

Kakashi stopped crying and stared at that person.

-Back to Team 7 and Kyo-

"All right, that's enough! Get out of my shop! I don't ever want to see you in my shop again!" The owner of the shop pushed them out of their shop.

"Look at yourselves! You guys are fighting over a stupid argument! Apologize to each other!" Sakura ordered her teammate.

"Not until dobe apologize first!" Sasuke looked away.

"Well, I'm not apologizing either until he does!" Naruto looked away as well.

Sakura slapped her forehead, "This is so troublesome...They're always like this." She sighed.

"Um...Sakura." Kyo tapped Sakura's shoulder.

"What, Kyo?"

"I hate to tell you this...Kakashi is gone!"

"NANI?!" They shouted at the same time.

"We have to find him!" Naruto shouted. They nodded.

They went to search for Kakashi. They asked each of the person if they seen Kakashi. Then a woman said, "Yes, I've seen a baby. There was a person took a baby some places."


"Which way did that person go!?" Kyo asked.

"That way." A woman pointed that direction.

"Thanks!" They rushed.

"I can't believe it! Sensei is kidnapped! Who would want to kidnap him?!" Sakura worried of Kakashi.

"Don't worry! We'll get him back whatever it take!" Sasuke said.

"Yeah, like Sasuke said! Everything is going to be all right! Trust us!" Naruto patted Sakura's back. Sakura nodded, hoping Naruto and Sasuke are right.

"I hope my cousin is all right." Kyo prayed for Kakashi's safety.


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