The Dark
by alternativelyspliced

I am afraid of the dark. Me, Harry Potter. The Savior of the Wizarding World. The Hope of the Light. I'm scared beyond death of the dark.

The kind of darkness I'm talking about cannot be chased away with a nightlight or soothing words of a parent. Although, I have to admit that I wouldn't know the first thing about the latter. If it was as easy as lighting a candle or a simple 'Lumos' spell, there would be nothing to fear.

No, this fear is much deeper than that. I am terrified of the blackness in my soul. I am expected to lead the Light to victory over the dark. How do I do that when there is a darkness within?

I became aware of it the moment I cast my first, and only, Unforgivable curse. Granted, the woman was a wretched excuse for a human, but still human. I deserve life in Azkaban under the laws, but I won't get that. There is too much at stake. If anyone found out what I did that night, they would give me a disappointed look, maybe say a few words, then sweep it under the rug. I am the Savior. I'm not capable of doing evil.

I am the Light, chasing away the darkness, while the darkness chases me. There is little for me to run to when darkness falls. My parents died for the Light, because their friend fell to the Dark. My godfather fell for me; died for me. I am the Light, so I guess he died for the Light, too.

I don't remember much of my parents, only their deaths, but I know they loved me. They were lights in my life. Those lights are gone, smothered by the dark.

I clearly remember my godfather, in happiness, madness, and guilt. He spent fifteen years feeling guilty and responsible for my parent's deaths. I am responsible for his. How many years will I feel it? How long will I live?

The Boy-Who-Lived. That's me. Those around me die, but I persist. I wonder who will be next. I hope it's me, but I know it is a false hope. Every person who dies is another light going out. I can hardly see in the dark, now. Soon, I'll lose my way completely. To fight darkness, I may become it. I can only hope someone kills me before that happens.

I am the Hope of the Light. The Savior of the Wizarding World. I must vanquish the dark, but I am afraid.

A/N: Just some thirty second angst that popped into my head when I drove home from supper… maybe I should stop eating baked potatoes? Anyway, review it if you want. It's just a one-shot nothing…