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Chapter 1: Who Am I?

The sky was dark, dark as death as it was swallowed gradually by hard black clouds; unwanted and saddening. All the stars were now invisible accompanied by the soft velvet of the world above as if it took all happiness and joy with it. It was cold, one of the coldest days of the year and shortly after the new year's beginning. The wind was an icy cold the kind that made all man bow down to nature. The sort of wind that was so chilled that at the slightest touch, the skin felt as if one thousand knives were being pierced fiercely into flesh. Most people had retreated indoors to their families and their warm fireplaces. There they would huddle together warm and safe and secure until morning, when they would come and enjoy the weather for the sun was sure to shine. The children would play with their new toys and the adults would speak together excitedly for they had come a long ways to visit. A last man ran inside as wisps of snow devoured his footprints as if he'd never been there. He ran to his house slamming his door with a bang as his laughter echoed throughout the streets. The wind howled but only one person heard it, the last person who cared not of the cold or the quiet but continued to walk alone and unseen.

This boy had no real family or friends to spend time with and in reality this was how he liked it. He enjoyed allowing his thoughts to run away with him and to look into the world as it slept. His dark crimson eyes remained heavily fixed upon the ground as his feet slowly carried him to some unknown place. For almost three hours he'd been walking like this and had really only looked up once as the last man had hurried indoors. In reality this nearly seventeen year old was several things at once. He was lonely for nobody wanted him and he didn't want them all the same. He was angry, angry at the world, which had let him live and angry with himself. He was sad and often felt as if he would break down at any second, but most of all he was afraid. This boy was afraid that all life would swallow him whole and that he would be alone for the rest of his days. Even in his dreams it refused to leave him be. There his team would be laughing at him as they disappeared and he himself was dragged under into the black abyss. He would then wake up with a start, sweating and shaking until yet again sleep overtook him.

Two years ago, the most important thing in his life had shattered before his eyes. His sister Alex had been taken from him once more and it had killed him. Then a year later he'd abandoned his team as all his hope faded and he could bare no more. Most likely they'd searched and most likely they'd still hadn't stopped even as the months passed but even in his heart the boy doubted this and continued to walk to nowhere.

Over the days that seemed like months and the months that seemed like years, he had slowly gone back to the way he used to be. His soul, which had once been whole, was now struggling to remain as the small amount of light faded more and more with each passing day. He didn't speak much nor associate himself with people. He preferred to remain to himself and his dark thoughts, to grieve for what was lost and look to his cold future, where he would only be a soldier or item in his Grandfather's evil plans.

After only a few minutes of pointless walking, the boy came to a bridge with large metal bars and an overlooking view of the water. Here his feet stopped and his eyes hardened looking down now into the world. The boy leaned against one of the bars resting one of his long legs and his elbows. He wished heavily to express his anger at everything so using his throat muscles he spit into the water below and tossed a large rock in after it. He watched as the two of them hit the large boulders and disappeared. His eyes became cloudy now as he pressed his forehead against the ledge placing his hands together behind his head. He wished to recall all that had happened.


A tall lean boy walked slowly down the cold streets of Russia alone, his hands in his pockets and his slate blue hair blowing in the light breeze. His handsome face looked towards a large brick mansion as a feeling of fear swept throughout his body. This was his destination and as much as he didn't want to go anywhere near it, he had to. He moved faster now aqueous to get it over with and to meet whatever was to happen.

Within seconds he met the iron gates as if when he went through he would go into hell itself. Gathering up all his courage he pushed them open jogging to the front door. He had no need to knock since at one point he had lived here. Wiping the sweat from his hands on to his pants he grabbed the large doorknockers and entered.

Rather than anger, the boy's eyes were now filled with fear as he faced his Grandfather Voltaire. The two met gazes and stared each other down for what seemed like ages until the boy's flesh and blood spoke. Running a hand through his greasy grey hair he smirked for this was not the way he had seen his grandson. He sensed happiness and joy not anger and bitterness like he'd raised him to be like. Feeling around he picked up a large metal pole and advanced slowly upon the boy. At least however, the blue triangles that he had burned on to his skin as a sign that he owned him were still present, but in the old man's eyes, the boy still needed to be punished.

"Kai Hiwatari, what a pleasant surprise." Voltaire voiced, as Kai's features tenses greatly. "Are you finished being happy and disobeying me or have you come to feel pain once more?"

The boy called Kai blinked heavily following every movement of the pole that was gripped by his Grandfather. He knew that he had done wrong in his eyes and that very soon his blood would stain the floor once again and he'd wish that he'd never come.

"I wish to join you again Grandfather. I have no reason to be with the Bladebreakers. They have no meaning nor purpose to me anymore." Kai answered, as his voice sounded strange to his strained ears.

Voltaire laughed coldly sending a chill up the teen's spine. He backed up against the wall closing his eyes as the pole made for his neck. Warm blood trickled down his chest as the man held him in the air, the pole Kai's only support from falling. The blader could no longer breath as all went fuzzy but Voltaire wasn't through yet. Removing the pole he allowed Kai to fall hitting his head on the floor.

"You are weak boy and if you feel the need to join me once again you must become strong and emotionless like you were all those years ago."

Kai winced looking into his Grandfather's eyes like flame to darkness. He breathed heavily as he was struck in the chest breaking three ribs and the skin. By now Kai lay in a pile of blood but Voltaire was not ready to lose him yet. He simply hit him over the head to see if his grandson understood and left him there struggling to breath and alone with his pain.

End Flashback

Kai felt his chest where the three ribs could be felt. They hadn't fully healed but he no longer felt the pain. Everyday he was beaten but after the first three times he could no longer feel anything. He felt neither pain nor happiness and this was exactly what was meant to happen. Kai stood up to his full height running a wounded hand through his hair leaving a streak of red. Closing his lonely hurt eyes he felt his long white scarf caress his cheek causing a deep cut from his eye to the bottom of one of his stripes to burn. He felt it and before he knew what he was doing, he'd made the weld even bigger. His fingernails were now stained with his own blood and his wounded hand had grown worse. He didn't eat or sleep often and was suffering severely from anorexia. Despite the weather his arms were bare and had grown quite numb.

"Why!?" he yelled into the heavens. "What did I do God!? I thought that you were supposed to be protecting me! You must be doing a bang up job then cuz I don't feel any better!"

Kai knew never to test the Lord nor yell but he didn't know what else to do. His life was ruined and nobody cared. He gripped the railing causing his knuckles to whiten and begin to bleed. So far as he was concerned he was already dead but couldn't leave because of something he was unaware of.

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