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Molly Weasley ran around the house trying to get her large family ready for a Muggle vacation. Her husband, Arthur Weasley, had just received a prize at the ministry. Arthur was ecstatic when he heard the news that he had won the ministry's lottery. The prize was an all-expenses paid trip on one of England's finest cruise ships. The ministry designed the trip to simulate a muggle family vacation. While the lottery was completely random the ministry felt that there was no better family to go on this trip that the Weasleys.

It wasn't every day that the ministry held a lottery for their employees. It was especially rare that a lottery would involve a muggle vacation. With so much at stake, some thought it was unwise to put wizards on a muggle vacation. What would happen if the children accidentally used magic? What if someone got hurt and they couldn't use magic? There were all types' questions that buzzed around the ministry during the time of the lottery.

While the concerns where valid, the Minister said that it was the ministry's job to ensure the safety of wizards and muggles alike. The Minister hoped this lottery would help wizards and witches want to be more involved with muggle life. The only catch to the lottery was that the winning family was required to write a report on muggle family vacations. This report would be published in the Daily Prophet and the minister thought it would be a good start to a world where wizards and muggles could live in peace.

"Bill, Charlie, are you two packed yet?" Molly asked her oldest sons. Molly was the mother of seven children and she hoped that she could rely on her eldest to take care of themselves.

"Yes mum, we have been ready for the past hour and a half!" Bill answered her with a hint of frustration in his voice after being asked for the fifth time.

Molly Weasley didn't have the energy or the time to talk to Bill about his attitude. There was too much to do at the moment. She had to make sure that her seven children were all packed, eight children if you had to count her husband. He was so excited about living with muggles for a whole ten days. He basically locked himself in his shed filled with muggle artifacts all week.

"Ha! You can't get me!" Ronald Weasley yelled at his sister while running away with her favorite stuffed animal, Ruffs. The fighting children almost knocked their mother down the stairs as she headed up to Ginny's room.

"Mummy! Ron won't give me back Ruffs!" Ginny Weasley, the youngest of the children whined to her mother.

"Ron, give her the dog please. I don't have time for this. We are supposed to be leaving in ten minutes. Everyone is not packed yet, your father is still in that stupid shed of his, and I don't have time for childish games. Please help your poor mum out and leave each other alone." Molly huffed to her children.

It wasn't every day that the Weasleys got to go on a trip. Truth be told, this was one of the first trips in years that the Weasleys were able to take. Molly wanted everything to go perfect. Knowing her family, that would be a near impossible task.

If it wasn't for magic, Molly had no idea what she would do. She cast a charm on her check list that showed her everything her family needed for the trip. The list highlighted a few essentials that she had forgotten. She silently thanked Merlin for the gift of Magic as she grabbed the last few items her family needed for the trip. After triple checking everything on her list, she was satisfied and ready to get everything in the muggle vehicle.

Molly walked down the stairs and out the door. She headed for the shed and banged loudly on the door. She heard her husband knock over something, probably after being startled from her knocking.

"Arthur Weasley, get out of that shed. If you want to make the cruise you need to get out and help the boys put our luggage in those muggle contraptions." Molly Weasley yelled through the door.

'Honestly, you would think he would be bouncing off the walls to help get everyone ready to go.' Molly thought to herself.

"Sorry dear, just wanted to make sure I studied up on the Muggle artifacts. Didn't notice how much timed pasted." Arthur explained.

"Yes I know. You always lose track of time in that stupid little shed. Now go help the boys." Molly said pointing to the older boys who were now hosting luggage in the muggle car provided by the ministry.

Molly moved back into the house so she could tell the rest of the children it was time to go. If they wanted to make the boat they would have to leave as soon as possible.

"Percy, Fred, George, Ronald, Ginny, get down here it is time to go." Molly yelled up the stairs at the children.

Molly listened for the sound of feet but instead heard a loud shriek and a thud.

"WHAT IS GOING ON UP THERE?" Molly said losing her temper.

She heard the sound of bickering followed by a few children running down the stairs. Molly looked at Percy, Fred and George and gave them an annoyed look.

"What is going on up there?" Molly asked.

"Mom Fred and George put a snake in my shoe!" said Percy Weasley.

"Did not, you tattle-tale!" Fred and George Weasley Molly's identical twins argued back.

"Yes you did," said a very angry Percy

"NO we didn't!" Fred and George said back

"THAT'S ENOUGH! Time to go! Everyone get in the muggle automobile, and hurry or we will miss the muggle boat." Molly Weasley told her children.

"Ginny and Ron you better get down here. Don't make me come up there you have ten seconds." Molly said starting to count off but stopped as she heard the sound of children running down the stairs again.

"Coming..." Ron said.

Now that the Weasley family was all out of the house, Molly was confident that they could get their belongings and everyone into the vehicle in no time.

The boys quickly put the entire luggage in the trunk of the car. This was the first time for most of the Weasley children to ride in a muggle vehicle. What amazed them was how much room there actually was. On the outside the car didn't look like it could hold even half their family. Thanks to magic, the entire family was able to comfortable fit into the back seat.

"Is everyone here?" Molly asked counting all her children. When you have a large family counting is a must.

"Yes." The family chorused.

"Great, Kevin we are ready to go." Molly said to the driver.

The car started pulling away from the house when a little girl screamed from the back seat. The driver immediately stopped the car and turned around to see what had caused the fuss.

"WAIT! I forgot Ruffs!" Ginny Weasley said to the driver.

The driver nodded towards the house indicating for her to run and get her toy. Ginny Weasley jumped out of the car and ran into the house to grab her favorite stuffed animal, ruffs. Kevin looked at his watched. He knew that he had to get the Weasleys to the muggle boat on time without the use of Magic. They were currently running a few minutes behind.

He sighed as he saw the little girl running back from the house. He saw her pause and walk back to the door to lock it before running towards to the car. She ran up to the car and got in.

"Thank you." She said hugging her stuffed animal close to her.

Kevin just nodded and started driving towards their destination. It wasn't even thirty seconds when the sound of two boys in unison yelled out to the driver.

"WAIT! We forgot our shoes." came from the voices of Fred and George.

Molly looked at her sons silently cursing at herself that she didn't notice that they weren't wearing any shoes. Sometimes she swore that her children did these things on purpose. The driver was still close enough to put the car back into reverse so that the twins could go retrieve their shoes.

The twins jumped out of the car and ran towards the house to retrieve their shoes. After a minute the two were seen running towards the vehicle shoes in hand. The boys entered the car and said an angelic thank you to the driver. Kevin nodded in annoyance and put the car in drive when another yell from the back came.

"Wait! I forgot my book." Percy yelled.

Kevin was starting to get really agitated about the forgetfulness of these children and had to remind himself that they were only children. Percy jumped out of the car, ran into the house, and up to his room. It took him a few minutes to find the book that he wanted. Percy ran back outside after locking the door for the third time and got into the car.

"Listen here everyone. If we don't leave now you will miss your boat. I don't care if you left anything else because if it was that important you wouldn't have forgotten it do you understand me children?"

"Yes sir." The children said in unison.

"I am so sorry Kevin. I hope we are able to make it on time." Molly said apologizing to the driver. She was completely embarrassed about her children being so forgetful. She was happy that they were now on their way to the boat. She hoped the family wouldn't miss it.

Kevin turned back around in his seat, and drove on. All the children from that point on decided that they didn't like their male driver Kevin. Fred and George decided that no one talked to their brothers and sisters that way and could get away with it. Fred and George had always been the jokers of the family. They were constantly causing commotion by pulling pranks on everyone in the family. Everyone except, their mother that was. They would never pull a prank on her, fearing her wrath if they did.

What Molly didn't know about her twins, was that they were pretty good at inventing their own pranks. The two had a knack for creating potions and pranks that would impress anyone. Fred pulled out one of their bags that had a secret stash filled with their own inventions. George chuckled as he saw his twin take out a bottle that was filled with a green liquid.

Fred quietly pulled out the stopper of the bottle and poured one drop onto Kevin's head. He then put the stopper back into the bottle and stashed the bottle in the bag. It didn't take long for the potion to take in effect. Fred and George tried not to laugh as Kevin's entire body started to slowly turn green.

George glanced back into the bag and pulled out what seemed to be a giant beetle. He saw that his mother was talking to Ginny about something and his father was paying attention to some muggle artifact in his hands. Bill noticed that George was up to something, but he just smiled at his younger brother and pretended not to notice anything. George slowly moved over and pulled Kevin's shirt open. He dropped the beetle and sat back down in his seat quickly pretending to be busy looking outside.

It didn't take long for Kevin to start feeling something biting him over and over again. He swatted at his back getting irritated and looked down at his arms. They were completely green! He then looked into the mirror and saw that his whole face was green. He yelped as the bug bit his back over and over again. He pulled the car over to the side hitting his back where the bug was smashing what was in his shirt.

"Bloody Hell! What on earth did you little devils do to me?" Fred and George broke out into fits of laughter. Everyone else in the car except for Mr. and Mrs. Weasley broke out laughing.

"Kevin I am so terribly sorry about my children. Fred! George what did you do?" Molly exclaimed her face red as ever.

"YOU'RE SORRY? Look at what your little devils did to me. Do you know how long it's going to take me to get this green out of my skin? Not to mention that it will never come out of my clothes or my sunglasses I might add. What am I going to do with green sunglasses Arthur?" Kevin yelled

"Now Kevin you know their only children." Arthur told Kevin hoping that he would calm down.

"I have every right to drive back to your house and drop you there and leave, and you'll just have to miss your little trip of yours." Kevin yelled at him.

"Kevin I am so sorry. I will personally see to it that they will be punished." Molly said glaring at her boys who looked at her with innocent faces.

"Arthur you better control your kids. I swear to Merlin I will drive you all back. I don't care if you miss your precious muggle trip. "Kevin yelled back to Mr. Weasley

"I don't think that will be necessary. Fred, George your mother and I will have a nice long talk once we get onto the ship, but for now please apologize to Kevin." Mr. Weasley said annoyed at his sons. There was no way he was going to miss this trip. This was a trip of a life time.

"We're terrible sorry Mr. huh… Kevin. We just didn't like that you yelled at us. It's not our fault we kept on forgetting our stuff." Fred said

"Yeah we are very sorry for what we did. Even though you did yell at us, and we still think you deserved it…"

"George I thought I said an apology, this isn't sounding like one." Mr. Weasley said to George.

"Sorry dad." George said

"What I mean Mr. Kevin is that were really, really, really, really sorry, and we beg of you to forgive us." George said to Kevin.

"Yeah we would feel really bad, and would never be able to live with ourselves if you didn't forgive us." Fred added in on the apology.

Kevin glanced back at the twins for just a second. Just to see if they really were sorry. He knew that the little brats weren't really sorry; the look on their faces was enough to tell him that they were being sarcastic. He sighed knowing that it wouldn't look good on his part if he didn't accept their apology whether or not the apology was real.

'I feel sorry for Arthur he has his hands full.' Kevin thought.

"Fine, apology accepted. Sit back and be quiet. I don't want any more foolishness out of anyone back there" Kevin said obviously annoyed. He could not wait to finally drop off the Weasley family. While he liked Arthur, his kids where damn annoying.

The rest of the drive was pretty silent. They arrived at the dock about ten minutes after the twins' apology to Kevin. The Weasleys all got out of the automobile quickly, as they were running late. Kevin would normally help out with the luggage, but decided to stay in the vehicle since he was completely green. He had no idea how he was supposed to get this out. He turned to look at the back seat as Fred and George where about to exit the vehicle.

"Hey you two!" Little buggers he added in his head.

"Yes Mr. Kevin?" Fred asked innocently.

"How do I get this stuff off my skin?" He asked

"You don't" Fred said.

"What do you mean I don't? If this is permanent, I will get you little buggers back I swear." Kevin said threatening the children.

The twins laughed and ran outta the car. Arthur walked over to Kevin's door and tapped on the glass. Kevin resisted the urge to roll his eyes and rolled down the windows.

"I am so sorry about my children. You don't have to worry the green will disappear in an hour. I've seen this prank before. They poured some on Ginny one day while the misses was out." Arthur said apologizing to Kevin.

"Thank Merlin, Good luck Arthur." Kevin said and drove off after the Weasleys had removed their entire luggage.

The Weasley family turned and looked at the cruise ship where they were expected to spend the next ten days on. The children were amazed at how big the ship was. Excitement grew as they headed over to check their baggage.

"This is the biggest ship in the world!" Ron said craning his head up to see the ship.

"Don't be silly Ron of course there much larger ships in the world than this one." Percy said

"Whatever, you always have to be a know-it-all." Ron said ignoring his annoying older brother

After their luggage was check the Weasleys made their way to the bridge. Mr. Weasley handed their tickets to one of the ships coordinators. He looked at the name and told Mr. Weasley to move onto the ship.

The Weasley family walked on the dock and onto the ship. They were lucky that they had made it on time, it wasn't but two minutes they were on the ship that the ship started their voyage. The family thought it was interesting how everyone waved good bye and yelled at their loved ones from the ship. The Weasley family decided to wave to the crowd as well.

"This is so cool." Bill said enjoying the sea air hitting his face.

"Let's go find our rooms children." Molly said wanting to get settled in.

The Weasleys took their luggage up to their Cabins. At the door of their Cabin was an older man who was waiting for them. Arthur shook the man's hand. The children guessed that their father knew who the man was from work.

"Welcome aboard Weasley family. Now I hope you enjoy your stay. Your rooms have been chanted to hold you all comfortably. No one but you will notice this enchantment. If you have any questions or if you need anything I am here to assist you all.

"Thanks Mr. Pots. That is very kind of you. I hope we won't be any trouble." Molly said giving her twins a look.

The gentleman left the Weasleys to enter their Cabin. The children cooed and awed over how big and fancy the Cabin was. Soon the sounds of the cabin where filled with fighting over which bed they wanted.

It wasn't when they heard their father yelp that they all stopped to look at him.

"Oh wow, it's one of those, what you call them, fellvisons!" Mr. Weasley said happily

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