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Four Years Later

"Daddy!" a little girl yelled and ran over to her father, her perfect curls bouncing about.

"Hey princess." Ron said as he picked up his daughter.

"I? so proud of you and mommy, daddy." Bonnie said.

"Thanks Princess." Ron said kissing his daughter on the cheek.

After four long years Ron and Hermione had finally finished their schooling at Hogwarts. It was the most difficult thing in the world for both of them. Taking care of a little girl and finishing up their schooling was hard, but in the end it was worth it.

"Where's mommy?" Bonnie asked.

"Right here sweetheart. Mommy just went to the restroom." Hermione said.

Ron put his daughter down and watched as she ran over to greet her mother. Ron couldn't believe he was finally finished with Hogwarts. Normally it would take a regular Hogwarts student seven years to graduate. Ron and Hermione only took four. Unlike most students Ron and Hermione only allowed themselves one vacation, Christmas. Other then that they put in their time at Hogwarts. The rest of their free time was spent at the burrow taking care of Bonnie.

"Daddy, its time to go home." Bonnie said taking her fathers hand in one and her mother's in the


Ron smiled at his daughter. Even though he was finished with Hogwarts, he knew he was just moving on to the beginning of the rest of his life, with his wife and daughter. He knew this wasn't the end to his story.


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