"Centauri huh? Not the oddest name I've heard of, but it's up there. So when and where is this championship?"

Centauri handed Xander a card. "As for the when, I'll get back with you on that. A few more regions have yet to report a winner. But, I have enough champions already to make me feel comfortable that the final winner will be the best the world has to offer if they don't report in by weeks end." As Xander peered at the card, Centauri silently appraised him. Well, not too shabby, not too shabby at all. Centauri, I think you've out done yourself this time.

Xander sighed heavily; with everything that was going on, there was no way that he'd be able to get away for a competition, no matter how much he wanted to go. "Mr. Centauri, as much as I'd love to participate, there's almost no way I'd be able to get away for an extended period of time, especially if the competition is far away. I just have too many responsibilities."

Centauri nodded in understanding. "Before you turn me down Xander, I want you to know that the competition will be held in Los Angeles, and should only take a day, two at the most. And the tournament champion will claim one million dollars as his or her prize." Centauri smirked. "And you my boy, I've got a good feeling about you. I think you could be the best. You might even be better than the last winner. And I'm sure you could use a million dollars couldn't you?"

Xander thought it over. The million dollars would go a long way towards feeding and housing all of the SiT's, and would take the burden off of him financially since nobody else was bringing in any money. On the other hand, his absence, even if for a couple of days, could turn the tide in the favor of the First if it mounted a major offensive while he was away. "I'm still not sure. Can you give me some time to think this over?."

"Of course, of course. You can have till week's end, I won't be ready until then anyway. But, you won't regret taking Centauri up on his offer. I guarantee it." Centauri looked at the card in Xander's hand. "Make sure you hold onto that. Not only is it your only way to contact me, it's also your ticket into the tournament should you decide to attend." As Centauri shook Xander's hand in farewell, he looked him hard in the eye. "Just remember, that opportunities like this, never come with second chances."

"I will Mr. Centauri. And thanks." Xander shook his hand again.

"No my boy, thank you, if my feeling about you is right? Well, anyway, good luck." His business concluded, Centauri walked away and climbed into a very impressive looking sports car.

Well, if his car is an indicator of anything, this guy might just be legit. Xander took a moment to look over the card. Rylos Entertainment and Recruiting? What a weird name for a video game company.