I don't trust that guy. But I'm going along with Clear because this may be our only option. We went to the morgue later that day and he was there. The weird thing is, he seemed to be expecting us.

"Hello Alex, Clear," he said. "Nice to see you again. Would you like to see your friend Carter? He's here."

I agreed shakily. I was really nervous and I knew Clear was too, but we went anyway. God Carter was pale. They'd tried to put his neck back but it still looked funny, and his face was bruised horribly. I knew they'd clean him up for the funeral but I'll still remember seeing him like that forever.

"I know you're here for help," the guy said. "You have something to tell me, don't you?"

"Um, yeah," Clear answered. "We think you're the only one who'll believe us."

"So, tell me."

"We've cheated death," I blurted out. "And now it keeps coming after us in different forms. We were all supposed to die on flight 180 but six of us didn't. The Plan, that's how Tod, Miss Lewton, Billy and now Carter died. Now there's just the two of us left and we felt we had to tell someone else. And I'm next."

"You've come to the right person," he said. "I believe you."

"Seriously?" Clear exclaimed.

"Very seriously. I think you were right to come to me," he told us. "I don't know if I can help you but I'll do my best."

"Thank you. Thank you a lot," I said.

"It's no problem. Now, you two should go. You're not supposed to be here."

Clear and I had no problem with that. We left the morgue quickly, not wanting to stick around.

"I think we made the right choice," Clear said.

"If we did," I replied, "why do I feel like we've made a huge mistake?"

I hated this. I wanted to curl up in my room and hide. But I knew even in what seemed like a safe place, there was danger. Remember the tetanus. This didn't feel right.

-*Four Months Later*-

All right, so we'd gone four months without a word from Death. We're all okay. Nothing has happened. I think I'm starting to relax. Perhaps it is possible to live a semi-normal life with the Plan hanging over you... or lurking under you... it's all around. You can't escape. But you can work with it. So I thought.



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