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Wizards and Demons for Dummies

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Chapter One: The Midoriko Alley Accident

In the Middle of a hot day and by a forest in the depths of 1500 century Japan stood none other than a girl with raven hair and stormy blue-gray eyes. She wore nothing more than a 20th century school girl sailor uniform, also known as a Fuku. In front of her stood a boy or more like a demon with silver hair and amber eyes, wearing a very fashionable Heian style red Hakama, pants, red Haori, over coat and a white kosode, undershirt. They seem to be having an argument of some sort, and their friends were seen standing by the side of the forest in the shade. A monk in purple robes stood with his black hair in a pony-tail and holding his staff which jingled with the wind. A girl who was a demon exterminator stood with a two tailed cat and a giant boomerang strapped to her back. She wore a plain green kimono with a white flowered designed Haori. A young Kitsune kit stood by on a yellow backpack, licking a lollypop. Reddish- orange hair and big blue green eyes were what made him adorable. They always watched what they considered a 'regular' happening in their small hunting group.

"Look Inu Yasha I need to go home, I have many things to do. You know very well I'm flunking and that's never good. I told you classes run from April to February, and you already brought my perfect attendance and grade levels to a Zero." The girl swung her hair back, and repositioned herself to look very small and fragile, she was not. This always made Inu Yasha's demon instincts kick in. "Pretty please can I go home? I'll bring you some Ramen."

"Keh iie. You know very well that we need to find the rest of the jewel shards before that bastard Naraku does. It's far more important than that so call shu-ku-oo-ru you attend. Keh you always take forever and let Naraku get closer to completing the Shinko no Tama. No you can't go." Inu Yasha turned his back towards Kagome. He knew he was being selfish but hey he wanted her with him or where he thought she belonged. It was Inu rule to control your bitch and there was a slight confusion deciding which of the two mikos, Kikyo the dead one or Kagome the bouncy one, was his bitch. Well to bad Inutashio- Sama dropped Inu Yasha on his head when he was pup because he became Village number one.

"OSUWARI!" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs. Inu Yasha slammed face first courtesy of the prayer beads around his neck that have a spell only Kagome could control. Deciding not to waste time seeing if Inu Yasha was okay Kagome grabbed her yellow backpack, throwing the little kitsune off, and ran towards the well in the middle of the clearing. She felt rather than see Inu Yasha get up and decided his back broken is better than he going to follow her. "Osuwari, Osuwari, Osuwari, Osuwari, Osuwari, Osuwari!" Kagome jumped through the well just as Inu Yasha managed to drag himself towards the well, nope he didn't get her.

The Well glowed a bright blue as she passed through time. This well was built to dispose of demon bones in the late 1400s and it was built from what they call a time tree. Kagome had fallen from the year 1997 and ended up some where around 1497 or so. During the time when Japan was trying to be unified by Oda Nobunaga, this time was called the Sengoku Jidai, Warring states Era ranging from the late1300s to the late 1500s. Falling in present year 2001 she stepped out of the well shrine and walked towards the house located on the shrine. Her family has lived here for generation the shrine being passed down from generation to generation.

Kagome entered her house taking off her shoes before entering the rest of the house. "Tadaimasu" She said, it was the normal greeting in Japanese when entering your home, it means 'I'm Home'. Well her mother came out drying her hands on her apron and smiled that maternally smile and greeted her daughter with a hug.

"Hello sweetheart, how was you journey? Do you want something to eat? I know you been quite busy lately I don't want to bother you if you are leaving soon back to the Sengoku Jidai." Higurashi-San milled around the house following her daughter like a worried hen. "Oh and there's a letter, I left it on your desk in your room. I was quite surprised because it was delivered by an owl that was very strange but not as strange as those tourists who were down by that old pub what was its name? Mikoshi? No, um Meruki? Um, Marmora? No, uh?"

"Midori?" Kagome supplied. She and her friends, Eri, Yuka and Ayame always walk by the place when going to school or going home. Many weird people go there and there is always some weird noise coming out of the place.

"Ah yes Midori. Some red headed tourist walked in there the other day when I went towards the store to pick up more ramen for Inu- Chan. They were very adorable but they didn't look much older than you sweetthing. Well anyway there's a letter in your room and I'll bring you some dinner later on." With that said Higurashi- San began to walk back towards the kitchen where she proceeded to make some dinner for her family.

The yellow envelope sat on her desk when she walked in. It was written in green ink and it said the following.


Ms. Kagome Higurashi

6213 Ryou Rd.

Tokyo, Honshu 23456

Second Floor

Second Largest Bedroom to the right.

Deciding that if somebody knew where she lived and whet bedroom too then decided to test the letter with her miko powers. A slight gold smoke arose before it disappeared. It was bewitched but not dangerous. With a slight hesitant move she opened the letter, and out came two papers. Reading the first one it said.

Dear Ms. Kagome Higurashi,

It has come to our notice that you have been fighting very much dark forces in the 1500 century era; And by your leave the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the headmaster Professor Albus Dumbledore requests that if you are able to take time from your travels to teach a year at Hogwarts on the Study of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Also we request that you refrain from bringing your friend from the Warring States Era for he will be quite the challenge and a danger here at Hogwarts (We try to make it the safest place for young studying wizards and witches.). We are in dire need of a Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, we have had bad one for five years running and it refrains from doing good to our reputation. Please if you accept this position as Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor sent an owl with a returning letter. I would most like to know you Ms. Higurashi, and see for myself you talents at Defense. You may purchase and owl at the Midoriko Alley located at the Midori Pub. Tell the Bartender that you are to sent a letter to Hogwarts Immediately, he will know what to do.


Minerva McGonagall

Professor of Transfigurations

Administration Secretary of Hogwarts

"Well if I decide to go Inu Yasha cannot follow. Well I might just go, I guess I can teach. How hard can it be anyway?" With a determined nod Kagome grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a note back and turned to grabbed her purse and took off towards the stairs going down and shouting before she left, "I'm going out I'll be back later. Ja!" Kagome walked down the shrine's steps and made her way to the bus stop nearby. 'I wonder what would I need to teach? Maybe some combat fighting and some sort of way of throwing magic through a weapon, not that I'll a good example I'm just naturally gifted.' Sighing she turned and saw who her mother had described as weird. Just on the other side of the street were two red headed boys or more like young adults walking around in cloaks and carrying what looked like two owl cages with owls in them. But the weirdest thing about it was that they had some very dangerous looking kappas in some fish tanks, which were floating. Deciding that they might be able to help her she crossed the street.

"Sumimasen, mina-san sumimasen, chotto matte kudasai." Kagome said exasperated in frustration. The boys turned with a puzzled look and looked her up and down before saying in a very British way.

"Jolly George I think we're spotted." One of the two red heads said, turning to look at Kagome with an approving look. "And this one looks to be giving off magic, jolly good ma boy."

"By Bloody Genius I think you are right Fred, want to ask this beautiful damsel some very interesting things?" George answered, they were twins but to Kagome they gave a very different aurora, so you could say she could tell them apart.

"Excuse me, sirs. I happen to notice that you have owls and well I'll sort of in a predicament." Kagome answered in a very polite English as she could muster. "I received a letter today and it said something about sending an owl, and a an alley by the name of Midoriko in the Midori pub. You wouldn't know anything about it would you?"

"By golly hell, yeah we do. Come on I'm George and he's Fred We are the Weasley Twins in the Wizarding world we sell practical jokes and very nasty things to make the students sick a Hogwarts, it's a Wizarding school up in England." One of the twins answered in a very sly smile. But that didn't fool Kagome at all, she was a Miko after all. They walked for a couple of blocks before they arrived at an alley with trash buckets and many graffiti signs all over the place. The boys looked around and then took out a long slim stick each, she could sense the magic in them and it was tickling her senses. "Portus." They tapped an old shoe lace laying on the floor. It glowed blue before it dimmed again. One of twins she knew was Fred but said he was George, "That was a portkey that we made out of useless muggle things nobody would pick up. So now we grab the portkey and it would take us to the fireplace at Midori Pub. A very nice place if I do say so myself. Come on grab on and lets go, don't you want to get to the Midoriko Post office?"

Nodding with determination Kagome grabbed the shoe lace and was instantly transported to a very humid pub where everyone stopped to stare at her when she came out of the fireplace. After her came George and Fred smiling and looking somewhat bewildered.

"Jolly girl how you do that? You were suppose to hold on and wait for a minute or so not zoom right away. How you did that?" one the twins began to hop from foot to foot. The other stared at her then motioned for the bartender to come on over. The bartender was a very old looking man, but gave the aurora of a very greedy person. Small almond eyes the color of midnight and a small amount of black seaweed hair gave him the impression of being many centuries old.

"Ah master George and Master Fred. How do you do? You know very well that you are not suppose to bring in some muggle you pick up from the street while doing your mischief." The bartender turned to Kagome with a sad expression before it hit her what he said before. Her eyes glowed a very sea storm color and she flushed as she let her miko power rise and be felt from the neighboring Wizards some turned in a flash with fear in their eyes. None had seen this kind of power before, and George and Fred looked at her with a new expression of awe and fright.

"Muggle? Picked up from the street? How dare you?" Kagome's energy went up a notch and the windows of the pub began to form ice in some what thin and thick sheets. Icicles began to form on the ceiling and the wizards began to take out their wands, readying for battle. "Look you selfish wizard, I have no idea of what you are talking about calling me a muggle but I am miko born and I wont stand for this. . .this down grading bullshit. I just came here to answer a letter from a school called Hogwarts that wish me to attend so I may enlighten the students in Defense Against the Dark Arts! I will not stand here and be insulted by a man, no demon could do it nor dragon nor dark miko not even my dead incarnate revived, so neither will you!"

Everyone by now had backed into the alley way out back and began to open the pathway towards the back leading to Midoriko Alley. Too bad Kagome was beyond insulted to understand that there were thousands of wizards and all had they wands out. With a final burst of energy all the wizards including Fred and George were knocked out. Looking around with a peaceful expression she mad her way to were a giant sign read 'Owl post, a delivery for you'. Walking inside she saw a very old and frightened witch trying to hide some children.

"We don't want problems please. Please leave us alone." The witch said with red hair and sparkling old grey eyes. The children whimpered in her arms and many owls looked at them in concerned. Just then a blast of magic hit her from behind but her miko powers shielded her and the wizards that were behind the counter. Turning around she saw what she and her friends would considered a battle seasoned wizard with some onion peelings on top. Next to the old man with the weird electric blue eye and wood carved face and missing leg, stood a girl with a very rebel looking hair it was a very bright bubblegum pink and her blue eyes were just adorable.

"Hey girl back away from the counter and tell me what the dark lord is up to, or do I have to kill you?" The old man's eye rolled in a 360 degree angle and Kagome gasped at it. "You don't look like the type to cause trouble. Tell me what did he bribe you with? Money? Power? Fam-"the old man fell back as Kagome hurled a strand of miko power at him.

"I have no fucken idea of what you speak of. I just came here to sent a letter to Hogwarts saying I accept the position they were offering me. But no you stupid wizards just keep thinking I'm a muggle or a whatever of whomever you talk about. Look I just want to send a letter this would have happened if that asshole of a bartender hadn't insulted me." Sighing Kagome dropped her miko power and then narrowed it down so nobody could feel it. "Look can't I just deliver the letter?"

"Do ye have the letter girl?" the old man said turning to nod at the rebel looking wizard who in turn walked to Kagome to take a closer look at it. When the girl with the pink hair nodded he turned and said very mellow. "My name is Alastor Moody but most people call me Mad Eye Moody. This here is Nymphadora Tonks. A pleasure to meet you now Mrs. Derivan take the girl's letter and deliver it to Hogwarts to Professor Dumbledore with a fast moving owl."

The old lady straightened her dress shirt and took the letter Kagome gave her with a slight nod and gave it to a very nice fast moving eagle- owl. With a slight hoot it took off towards the sky in a blink of an eye.

Kagome sighed again and turned towards Moody and Tonks, with a deep bow of humility she said. "I'm sorry about earlier, I really didn't mean to hurt anyone I just keep having a bad day." Standing with a slight blush on her cheeks she said "But my name is Kagome by the way." Starting to walk the way she came Tonks grabbed her arm. Looking at Tonks with a puzzled look Kagome just let the other girl lead her to Mad Eye Moody.

"Look girl I can see you don't mean any harm but try and control your power. I'm an auroro by the way, I can see people's auroras and I know you have the natural ability to do it also. That is why Professor Dumbledore wishes to have you teach Defense Against the Dark Arts to their students and some will be taking Auroring Classes which you will also teach." Moody turned around and began to hobble his way towards the Tokyo Gringotts Bank. Many of the wizards there moved away to let them pass many had been knocked out by Kagome so knew no to be near her anytime soon. "I have your key, it belongs to the vault that contains your money." At Kagome's bewildered look he continued. "Your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grand Father was a very famous Warlord Wizards. He left any of his living Relatives who were to become wizards or witches an exciding amount of gold in these goblin banks. We are to buy what you will need including a ticket to the King's Cross Station in England for the Hogwarts Express."

"Um Excuse me but how am I going to get to England if I'm half way around the world? I know you have magic but I'm not that experienced in the art." Kagome pulled out beside moody as he gave the goblin the key and the goblin called another one by the name of buck.

"Take Ms. Higurashi to Vault number 4-5-8." The banking goblin commanded and the little one walked them to an awaiting cart.

"In please." The little goblin said as he got on and switched the start switch on. The cart zoomed through the darkened and damp corridors and trail tracks. Kagome was having the time of her life while Tonks was looking like she was about to vomit. Moody didn't look perturbed by the shaky movements of the cart, but his eye kept rotating back and forth. The cart stopped in front of vault 458 and the goblin got off "Light Please." Moody handed the awaiting goblin the lamp light. "Key Please." Moody took out an rusty looking silver key. It had an a H and a rose on the back of it. The goblin took the key and opened the vault. Inside sat a mountain of gold coins, many silver ones and very few copper. Moody handed Kagome a bag and then let her pick her way through the coins and get as many as she wanted which happened to have been very few gold and mostly silver and copper. With that done they jumped back into the cart and zoomed back up into the darkness.

August arrived sunny at the Higurashi Sunset Shrine, and Kagome had spent all last month reading on every single book she, Tonks and Moody had bought at the end of June. She had gotten through mostly all, thanks to the spells she tested on Inu Yasha when he had popped up occasionally, then leaving with a very grunt-like "Bitch". She had one month before going to work at Hogwarts as the new defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. The rest of her time was spent spilled over books and trying the spell in the past when there were no 'Ministry of Magic' asking her in letters who she was and what she was doing in till she send them a letter with some of her Miko powers and the letters stopped coming. 'Really how can real powerful wizards be afraid of a lone miko? That is just smart.' She knew time was running out till she left home for a year.

Inu Yasha had sensed it in the air of the house, he was currently spying from the tree outside her window, wondering what she was up too and how in seven hell did she find magic nooks in her time when she had said there weren't none. He was not a happy puppy. Inu Yasha scratched the flower currently growing out of his right ear, courtesy of Kagome's spell book. She was suppose to make it right but she had though it cute, along with her mother, and had decided to leave it there just for the hell of it.

August 30 dawned a bright morning and Kagome had woken up to her mother telling her she was going to be late if she didn't hurry. It was a day trip to England and then she was to get to King's Cross Station by 10:30 a.m. so she may be on the Hogwarts Express. The Twins, Fred and George had given her full detail of the school grounds many secret passageways and the rundown on the reputations of the teachers and some students. Also they told her how to get to platform nine and three- four quarters where she was to get on the Hogwarts Express. With sudden jolt she sat up and got dressed quickly deciding to look like a student and dressed in her normal green Fuku uniform. Her mother being the greatest of them all drove her to the airport where she was to get a normal plane to New York and from there to England arriving at the exact time to her destination.

Inu Yasha stood out side her window in the tree and decided where ever Kagome was going he will follow too. 'She can't get rid of me that easily.' He thought. With a snort like bark he jumped from building to building following the moving car. Kagome would never have known till he decided to let her know. It was going to be an interesting year at Hogwarts.

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