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Wizards and Demons for Dummies

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Chapter Seven: Love Potion Number Nine

"Hey you are not allowed to get my pillows. And I told you before you are sleeping on the floor. Men. Really you all think you own this world." Kagome huffed as she undressed behind a screen she had put in one of the unoccupied corners. She came out in a green sleeping gown, and then laid down next to Sirius. "You know Sesshoumaru kissed me, and then I ran. Do you think it was all just a joke? Sirius I found the spell while looking in the Restricted Area of the library. I'll perform it tomorrow. So. . . . Go to sleep." Kagome closed her eyes and fell instantly into a not so peaceful slumber of Dog Demons and sugary kisses.

Morning awoke everyone in the school, with a slightly bright surprise. It was to be the last Hogsmead visit before winter vacation, and everyone above the third years who were allowed to visit were thoughtfully excited. Kagome and Inu Yasha dressed in the robes provided for them and Sango and Miroku were one and the same dressed like everyone else. Sesshoumaru after a brief explanation to the headmaster Dumbledore was allowed to go with them. Many of the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were talking among themselves when they had first seen Sesshoumaru walk out of the DADA room. After the first hour of walking about he already had a pack of raving witches fan club following him around and taking notes on his habit. Needless to say he was perturbed and annoyed at these low lives human females following him around like a pack of she-wolves, always on his trail.

Kagome and Inu Yasha walked Sango, Miroku and Shippo into the Mess Hall; they had lost Sesshoumaru somewhere by the third corridor, in a crowd of stalking females. They had felt sorry for a split second but then they were more sorry about missing the show they new was gonna be preformed somewhere in the school. As they walked by the Gryffindor and the Ravenclaw table many of the students greeted them and announced their enthusiasm for being trained in combat by Sango and Miroku. Many questions were raised by some students present.

Out of the blue a grey owl swooped down near Hermione in the Gryffindor table and dropped a folded copy of today's issue of the Daily Prophet by her plate. Giving the owl a coin and a bread roll it flew out the window again as many of the students put their attention on listening to Hermione read and try to see if Voldermont was on the move again.

"Listen to this:" Hermione said as she read the main article. " Yesterday as the last rays of the sun was leaving the sleepy town of Hogsmead there was an abnormal attack on the little wizard town near the most famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Hogwarts. A blast that was felt all the way to King's Cross Corner, was seen to be caused by the ever present minions of he-who-must-not-be-named, the Dark Lord himself was not seen but it seemed that he had acquired an armed unit of dark allies which have never been seen since the days of Merlin himself. But it seamed we ourselves are no less for allies. It was seen by some eye witnesses that the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts, miss Kagome Higurashi is a white Miko with a strong powers that was able to defeat these foes with the help of her companion a Dog demon? We have yet to identify the others present there that were able to banish the ever present threat of the Dark Lord.

It is also rumored that the ever famous Harry Potter had a run in with one of the Death Eaters, the ever growing followers of the Dark Lord. It is not specific as to what caused the decline in the defensive shield the Miko Higurashi had put up when she had first arrived at Hogwarts. The students are well and safe and under the best guidance and care they will ever have. Professor Dumbledore did not let anyone enter the school grounds under the strict accusations of not wanting another happening of last year with Professor Umbridge, whom has yet to be found since going into the Forbidden Forest June. We will keep looking for the ware bouts of the Dark Lord the Ministry of Magic has not given a specific date as to when it wishes to declare a total war with he-whom-must-not-be-named and the Death Eaters. I will keep you ever worried readers of the conditions of our children in Hogwarts and of any occurrences in the vicinity in the near by future. Written by Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet." Hermione turned towards Kagome to get her point of View of what actually happened in the town of Hogsmead they were suppose to be visiting today. All the students stayed quiet for the time being before Sesshoumaru's voice came over the whole Mess Hall.

"You indigent witches! Leave, this Sesshoumaru, alone!"

Everyone turned to the double doors as they broke open, letting Sesshoumaru in the wake of the debris as the doors crumbled into dust by the entrance. Sesshoumaru walked in with an air of indifference and annoyance well masked. His ever graceful presence was looked upon with awe and admire. Flicking the stray strand of hair from his face, ever more looking graceful, he turned to regard his brother with a malice look and the miko next to him with a little less threatening one. Turning to look at the gathered third graders whom were excited for the visit to Hogsmead, and the ever present Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh graders whom were allowed to attend the town. With an annoyed look to having to sit in modern chairs, he sat down with the grace of a god at the Gryffindor table. He was then instantly surrounded by all the Gryffindor girls trying to keep him from the rest of the Tables females, whom were ready to kill all Gryffindors at that moment.

Kagome sighted, it was gonna be a long day, and even longer vacation. Sitting down with the Gryffindors she took the newspaper from Hermione and then turned to read all the articles in it. Inu Yasha sat down next to her followed by Sango and Miroku with Shippo and Kirara in both of their laps. They sat patiently waiting for Finch to come out with the list of the students that were allowed to go to Hogsmead for the last weekend before the beginning of winter vacation.

"Alright all Third graders line up, its roll call. No pushing. You can't get past me and Mrs. Norris; we'll sniff you out if you didn't turn in your slips. And its detention for those who try. Come on." Finch began to check off al the students that were allowed to go to Hogsmead. One by one frightened third graders passed by Flinch and his ever present captain-in-arms Mrs. Norris.

"You guys wait outside for the carriages, and try to behave. Me and Inu Yasha will be right there in a moment." Kagome turned to Inu Yasha who was staring at Mrs. Norris with an evil glint in his eye. "Inu Yasha leave Mrs. Norris alone and go watch the students by the carriages. "

Inu Yasha turned with a haughty expression before turning up his nose and saying in his I-am-right-because-I'm-a-demon type of voice, "That's women's work." A giant boomerang came down on his skull as Miroku raised his hand in prayer and exited and Sesshoumaru got up like the god of the world and made a graceful retreat to the outside.

Inu Yasha rubbed his head but went outside to watch the students. Harry, Hermione and Ron were standing by Luna, Neville and Ginny; all who were starting to throw snowballs at each other. Inu Yasha trotted over them and barked to get their attention, (A/N: Barked? Yeah he can do that, but then again Sesshoumaru was running around trying to get away from his Wicked Witches fan club, so he didn't see and Inu Yasha needn't be afraid of getting caught.)

"Good Morning Inu Yasha." The six students nodded to the hanyou as he pulled buyo out of his coat and began to play with him. They looked on as the cat tried to catch Inu Yasha's claw, his little fat body moving with the force of trying to get the annoying claw.

"Keh, you pups should be onboard those 'ka-ri-e-jye-su' and be getting ready to ride to this 'ho-gyu-a-ru-tsu'. Has anyone seen my annoying brother?" Inu Yasha growled and then began to laugh as he saw a miniature version of Sesshoumaru's demon form, a puppy with a crescent moon and red demon eyes. "Oi Sesshoumaru what happened, you get turned miniature by the witches that kept trying to get you?" Inu Yasha fell down laughing as the miniature Sesshoumaru growled and pounced on Inu Yasha.

Everyone looked with surprised eyes as Inu Yasha grabbed Sesshoumaru and hugged the little puppy codling and laughing like a maniac. Just then Kagome came out and said something before Inu Yasha was hugging a very angry and annoyed humanoid dog demon, who flexed his claws and got ready to strike. Inu Yasha turned around and ran in front of the departing carriages. Sesshoumaru summoned his little cloud and lifted off the ground and flew over the other carriages as Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo rode Kirara behind the rest of the carriages.

Hogsmead rose from the snow as beautiful as any day. The events that had occurred the day before were long forgotten as the damages to the city were minor, since Kagome fixed it in her sleep with her own powers and magic. The Carriages unloaded and left the students to their own wanderings, all scattered to the wind as the Shard hunting group arrived and began to wander around aimlessly, picking up candy and goodies for Shippo and some magical potions and inks for Miroku. Inu Yasha rose his nose to the air as he sniffed Sirius around in the alleys as they walked by. The group entered the Tavern and ordered some buttertoffy mead as they turned out to sit next to the table were Ron, Hermione and Harry were discussing something.

"So we need to find a way to defeat Voldermort, and be able to send all the demons back to the past." Kagome took a strong gulp of the mead and smiled sweetly as she turned to look at Inu Yasha. Her eyes fluttered and she licked her lips suggestively.

Inu Yasha took a look at Kagome and sniffed the mead as Sesshoumaru did the same to his before pushing it away untouched. Sango and Miroku failed to notice the concern of Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru as they smelled their drinks, they took a giant gulp and then put their drinks down. A drowsy feeling overcame them both at the same time and they turned to each other. Their eyes glowed and they gently but tenderly kissed before they crawled under the table for a more private meeting. Shippo looked at Kagome as she tried to get Inu Yasha's attention by unbuttoning her robe and at Sango and Miroku who disappeared underneath the table and pushed his own mug away.

"There is no chance in hell I'm gonna drink that if it makes them act that way." Shippo then checked his little bag of goodies and took out a tong changing lollipop and proceeded to suck on it. He ignored the looks he was receiving from both Inu Brothers.

Inu Yasha looked at Kagome as she began to fan herself with her robe, exposing more of her skin to his amber eyes, Kagome really needs to get a head check. He licked his lips as he smelled a sweet tangy smell that rose from her body, His own mind was getting hazy but he knew that it smelled like some type of aphrodisiac that was hell as turning him on. He was sure not immune to the scent that the girl of his dreams was giving off right now.

Sesshoumaru turned in disgust from the sight and smell of his brother beginning to lust after the young miko. His sense of smell caught the very potent smell of lust coming off of the girls that have been chasing him all over the school and the area. It seemed to him that someone had drugged the drinks with some love potion number nine and anyone who drank it was literally attracted to the one love of their lives. Hell most of the girls were attracted to him in some way and were now getting up to go after them. His idiot brother was ignorant to the stares some of the male population was giving Kagome in that instant.

"Inu Yasha grab your wench and lets leave, it's a trick. Someone drugged the drinks with some aphrodisiac and now the students and everyone are acting on their lust instincts." Sesshoumaru quickly got to the door and opened it up before ushering the hanyou and his wench into the streets. He turned into his demon form and convinced his brother to ride astride him, so that they may escape the insanity in the town.

He made it to the edge of the Forbidden Forest and dropped his load there. Kagome and Inu Yasha fell to the ground, Kagome trying to get Inu Yasha to stip and Inu Yasha holding her off. Sesshoumaru scoffed at their antics, they really needed to mate so that they knew their place. Right now he needed to get them in check before some of his crazed lust-driven witches fan club decided to find him and break his code of conduct.

In the shadows of the forest stood Kagura and Kikyo watching the three beings bellow. They knew what the potion was capable of, but they wanted them all lust driven so it would be much easier to take over the school, which Voldermort was at it in the moment with Trolls, Goblins and more Death Eaters. This left her, Kikyo and Kanna to deal with the other students and the shard hunting group, with the instructions that Harry Potter was to be left alone, for Voldermort to deal with. Kagura pulled out her fan and got ready to use her Ryo no mai, Kikyo strung her arrow ready to kill he reincarnate. Kanna was on the other side of the town rounding up souls from unsuspecting victims.

Kagome's energy field decided to react at that exact time, as if in slow motion, her eyes glowed silver before the potion wore off in a flash and the tree that Kagura and Kikyo were on exploded knocking the two down into the ground. Hogsmead glowed sliver before the students fell unconscious and all the all the souls Kanna had gathered returned to their bodies as the mirror exploded into a million pieces. Sesshoumaru pulled out Tojikin and Inu Yasha hauled ass with Tesaiga as he used the Kaze no Kizu. Kikyo and Kagura hopped on the feather before they were destroyed by the Inu Brother's attack and flew off to pick up Kanna. Something happened before they had a chance to kill their arch-nemesis. Voldermort must have fucked up, and they new it would be a while before they could try and kill the shard hunting group again. They retreated to the fort to lick their bloody wounds and be able to come up with another plan of attack.

A few days latter the students got ready to leave to their homes for Winter Vacation. Some were still very embarrass to look at each other longer than a few seconds, only the first and second graders found that funny, since they didn't know what happened at Hogsmead. Although they had their own dark secret, for the dark lord had visited while most of the powerful people were away when he came. Most of them all were subdued but then again not all was quiet. Kagome and Inu Yasha's arguments were more heated than usual and they were always getting into a fight for just about anything, mostly Inu Yasha getting jealous at Kagome talking to anyone that was not him and Kagome getting insulted with the usual 'Kikyo is this or that speech' that Inu Yasha kept pulling when she wouldn't respond to him or anything like that.

Sesshoumaru had disappeared after the fourth argument with his annoying brother and as he dubbed 'The weird miko', he was last seen sniffing the air leading to the kitchens. Half of his fan club trailing behind after spotting him eating something with white cream (A/N: hell I would too if I saw that, my reaction going up to him and asking if he wanted me to lick it off him hell yeah baby, nothing like sexy-maru in the morning.) Sango and Miroku were giving lessons to some students that they thought practice would make better, and that someday would be great slayers of the dark arts, but right now they were better at training than at real combat. Shippo had disappeared after jacking half of the student population's candy and running to Professor Treadwell's north tower classroom. Half of the students were still looking for him, and have yet to find him.

Sesshoumaru walked munching on some sushi, he had commanded the house elves to make him sushi or die, half of his fan club trailed behind him munching on some snacks and other goodies. He rounded the corner and trotted down the stairs, gliding like peeves who was unscrewing a light bulb to the right as he passed. Mrs. Norris passed Sesshoumaru and she hissed at the students following him, making the fan club scattered to their classes in a fury of flying robes.

"Very nice." Sesshoumaru tipped his head in a regal bow and continued on his way to the forbidden forest where he knew was the answer as to why he was here. Mrs. Norris turned up her tail and continued patrolling the halls. A rat passed through the storage door and into one of the hallways leading to the Houses dorm rooms. None saw the bottle of poison that it carried.

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