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Wizards, Demons and Miko Oh Hell

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Chapter One: A Regular Trip Back To Hogwarts

The hot sun beat down on the small town of little Warrington, were at Private Drive number four a young boy laid under the rose bushes trying to keep cool in the shade. He was Harry Potter, the boy who lived, nemesis of He-Who- Must- Not- Be- Named, Heir of Slytherin, Winner of the Triwizard Tournament, and Sixth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yet he lay under the window leading to his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursely, his only living relatives, Home. He was listening to the news as he wondered what was happening in the Wizarding world. The last letter he received, which was from Remus J. Lupin, spoke of Voldermont assassinating the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, Last Tuesday. Now was Sunday July 30, the day before his birthday, and yet no word came from any of the Order of the Phoenix or from his friends the Weasley or Hermione Granger.

Yesterday. . . Sixty- seven people were massacred in the city of London . . . . . Reports say there is no known cause as to why the corpse came flying out in to the street at 6:30p.m. . . . . . Officers are still investigating on the matter at hand. . ."Massacred? Oh Dear Vernon I hope Margaret wasn't there imagine. . . " Aunt Petunia screeched inside the house. "Now. Now Petunia, Marge was not suppose to arrive till 9:35 a.m. which reminds me, where is that boy?" Uncle Vernon stuck his head out the window and looked down into the rose bushes. "Boy! Why are you under the window and don't tell me you were listening to the news I wont believe any of that nonsense." Uncle Vernon turned slightly purple, for lack of air, as he starred down at Harry, who still laid in the shade of the rose bushes.

"I WAS just listening to the news, and that report about the massacre. I was expecting Voldermont to move sooner but I guess it finally happened." Harry responded boringly as he plucked a weed growing out by a baby tulip. His expression was of deep concentration as he mulled over this turned of events, in the Wizarding World, when both worlds collapse into one another.

"You are saying that . . That massacre was created by- by some- some you- know- what?" Uncle Vernon leaned more over the window still supporting his heavily greased body on the still, while continuing to interrogate him in the bushes, as to make sure his neighbors did not see him and think ill of Mr. Dursely.

"Yes. The most powerful of them all, Lord Voldermont. But then again I did not think you would believe some armed with a wand would be much trouble." Harry rolled his eyes at his Uncle's stricken expression. Really how dull could the normal world be, blaming regular people when, unbeknown to them, there was another world before them, like the crossing at King's Cross Corner to platform nine and three- quarters were the Hogwarts Express arrives. Even, at the Leakey Cauldron, a wizard pub; in the bustling city of London where it leads to the biggest Wizard mall of all 'Diagon Alley', and the largest wizard bank Gringotts, which is run by goblins.

"You- you lie.. . . none of your kind can-" Uncle Vernon didn't finish because a Small Owl swooped down and landed on Harry's stomach.

"Pigwidgeon!" Harry exclaimed, as the little brown owl hooted excitedly, trying to hop around on one leg.

"BOY! I TOLD YOU-" Uncle Vernon stopped then continued in a whisper," I told you no more owls in daylight. The neighbors will begin to ask questions for so many owls coming during daylight. It's unnatural. Go to your room, with that-that owl. NOW!"

Harry jumped up and ran for all he was worth to the small room he slept in. His own Owl, Hedwig, Hooted as he put Pig by the owl cage so he can get a drink of water. His room was littered with clothes, spell books, paper, owl droppings (curtsey of Hedwig), old Daily Prophet newspapers and some candy wrappers here and there. Cards displaying many wizards laid abandoned on the floor. Harry quickly proceeded to tear open the letter from Ron Weasley and read it:


How are you? I hope fine. You still aren't sad about Sirius, I mean I'm sad also but mom say's I have to move on and keep him in my memory, she also say's you should too. Well have you seen the Muggle news? Unbelievable I mean Dad's been mighty busy at work, the ministry is trying to cover it up but it's a giant breach of Security. I mean he Destroyed many of his muggle followers, and then pretty much screamed to the world saying 'I'm Back and Watch Out for Me' Any trouble with the Dursely's?, Moody said something about going to pick you up. Mom wants to know if you received your letter from Hogwarts yet? Fred and George are making good business, because people are using their firecrackers as protections against You- Know- Who. Some people did it on the attack of July 19 and 25 when he attacked the Aursburn and Dreggory, their boys Abraham Aursburn and Emanuel Dreggory had some Basic Fire Box Set Fireworks and blew some of the Death Eaters away, they were muggle followers, Sad isn't it? Well Weasley Wizarding Wheezes have become a household name and they are currently traveling all the way to Tokyo, trying to put a shop at the Midoriko Alley, they said they met a miko. Can you believe that? Well the are having fun with their business. Hermione is still in France with Krum, can you believe that! I mean what does she seeing him? Besides being a Famous Qudditch player and a Git to boot. Also is there something wrong with me for not liking Ginny to be writing to that Smith git. Do you think I should put some of Fred's Vomiting Pills inn his drink this year and make sure Ginny watches. Nah that's too risky. Well see you soon; I think Lupin is gonna go get you later on, Happy Early Birthday. I'll give you your present personal.



Harry reread the letter twice before putting it away with all the rest, under the floorboard. Taking out some parchment paper and a quill, he began to write a letter back to Ron.


Thanks for the letter and yeah I've seen the muggle news. I had expected this sooner but it better be later. I can take a huge guess as to why the Ministry is busy with trying to cover this up. Uncle Vernon is mad at me because he wants the owls to stop coming during daylight. He says ' It's unnatural.' And no I won't forget about Sirius, it was my fault that he was killed when he went through that Veil. I don't think I'll ever forgive myself. I've been practicing Occlumency, at night, and I think I'm getting better at it. The Dursely are treating me better than last year, I guess it's the threat that people would show up if I were treated badly. They are still on a diet, but I now work at Mrs. Blooms Exotic Plants and Herbs. Mrs. Bloom's a nice lady and people always come in to buy some flowers or fertilizer. I get paid enough to buy food for me, so I can survive the 'so call diet'. No you shouldn't try anything on Smith; he's still a member of the Defense Arts. I do hope Lupin comes, I end work on Friday, and then I'll truly starve. I'll see you later.



Sealing the letter Harry attached it to a very excited Pig. Then with a happy hoot, Pig flew off to get the letter to Ron while Harry again began to try and clean up his room, at best he could. Hedwig hooted, and furrowed his feathers in a perturbed manner as Harry proceeded to clean her cage.

The Dursely continued to listen to the news, reports about some American President in a Sex- Scandal, a Serial Killer in Mexico, the newest invention for the kitchen, and then the weather report as a 'gonna be another scorcher all over the nation'. Nobody noticed the slight shadow at the back yard of the Dursely's home or the way it turned its phantom face to the second storied window where Harry bussed about cleaning.

August went by in a furl and Harry had plenty of fun at the newest Location of the Order of the Phoenix Headquarters, many new people were recruited and more plans were made to keep Harry safe even if he was not in danger at any moment, he still had guards, thanks to a very paranoid Alastor Moody who kept muttering about ' they could be anywhere' and 'the boy must not get hurt, what would Lily and James think about that'. Fred and George weren't any help at all because they kept blowing up firecrackers and things that made Moody more paranoid for four more hours. Now the happy cousin of Sirius, Nymphadora Tonks, who kept trying to make fun and games with Fred and George, that they drove Moody to the Limit, which was why now they stood at the King's Cross Station Platform Nine and Three- Quarters, with a minimum guard of Fourteen people, including the Weasleys', Hermione, and Him.

"Now Harry, Dear, don't forget to behave and be a good boy. Ron here take Pig he's beginning to get excited, Ginny sweetie don't get too carried away with that Smith boy, you are still too young for love. Hermione, keep an eye on the boys and try to advice them on their actions." Mrs. Weasley began to shoo them all towards the Hogwarts Express, which was giving the last warning of departing.

"Now on the train boys and girls, don't want to miss it now do you?" Said Lupin, as he waved them away.

"Keep your eye out Harry, and ears peeled for anything suspicious. Can't be too careful with the Dark Lord after ye." Moody surveyed the students around them, who kept looking at him because of his electric blue Fake eye.

"Harry maybe next time you can show me how that lamp works okay. Jolly ho." Mr. Weasley patted Harry on the back.


"Bye!" Everyone screamed or yelled to everyone else. Then the Express began to tug away slowly, and then began to gain pace.

"Harry watch out for anyone that might-" Moody didn't get to finish, the train was already out of earshot, and was tugging away towards the dark horizon.

A lone young lady sat in the third compartment of the fourth trolley. No one else were in this compartment, having seen the young lady in what it seemed to be a school uniform, holding her head towards the window with a dominant air. The door suddenly opened to reveal Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom, with their trunks followed closely by Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood.

"Excuse me, may we sit here. The rest of the compartments are full." Luna said as she took out her issue of the Quibbler, her father after all the editor. Sitting down only after she tucked away her trunks in the compartment overhead. Harry, Ginny and Neville followed her example, Harry taking care not to hurt Hedwig in the process of putting her in the compartment. The young lady mean while kept looking out the window as they made their way out in to the hillsides.

A while later the lady with the cart filled with all types of candy came in to their compartment, winking at the young lady she asked in a very kind voice." Would you like something dearies? Some Cauldron Cakes or Pumpkin Pies?" Harry bought the whole cartful, including the Every Flavored Jelly Beans, Chocolate Frogs and Everlasting Chewers.

Ginny, after what seemed like a century decided to ask the young lady something that has been on her mind since the beginning of the ride." Um excuse me, miss, uh what is your name? Cause we haven't seen you before or anything, not that we are trying to be rude, but I would really like to know."

The young lady in turn, looked at each and every one of them, stopping a little longer on Harry to survey the thunder-looking scar that poked out of the crease in his hair. Turning back to the window she said, just as Ron and Hermione came into the compartment.

"My name is Kagome Higurashi, and I'm new here at Hogwarts." Kagome said, turning to look at Ron and Hermione, then back out the window as if nothing in the world concerned her.

"Well Kagome I would like to advice you-" Hermione didn't even get to finish as Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle came into the compartment, making everyone cringe, that is everyone except Kagome who still did not paid attention to the group.

"Well, well what do we have here? Potter and his group of rejects. And who is this?" Draco turned to Kagome as she turned to look at the latest arrived group of people. "Ah a newest member of the Club Mudblood Lovers?"

"And who might you be?" Kagome gave Malfoy the scariest and coldest look that would have made any demon run like they never ran before. Of course her Powers flared a tiny but that created Ice on the windows and the doors that made everyone become wary of her.

"I'm Draco Malfoy, and you-" Draco didn't even get to finish as Kagome headed him off.

"Well Malfoy, I suggest to keep your mouth shut and quiet, you might not know who you are offending might just be a 'Mudblood' as you say, a Demon who would rip you apart limb by limb or me, the most powerful priestess who would purify you in no time if you pissed me off. Now why don't you say sorry to these other students who have been more respectful than you, and please refrain from commenting on Half-breeds and lower beings alike, before I get mad cause that means you are disrespecting a dear friend of mine who would dice you and slice you in no time for those rude comments Okay? Now say 'I'm Sorry'" Kagome awaited with the sweetest and most serine look on her face, everyone else looked in awe at her.

Malfoy gave a quick nod of understandment and said in a whisper like growl, "I'm sorry." In a louder voice he said, "Crabbe, Goyle lets go. And remember Potter I'm a Head boy, I'll be watching you." With that said Malfoy turned on his heel and walked out the compartment slamming the door shut.

Everyone just stared at Kagome as she returned to looking out the window as the fields changed to woods and then to a giant forest. Ron was the first one to speak as everyone just agreed with him. "That was Bloody Brilliant."

"Well thank you. But you should really get changing into your school clothes we are almost there." Kagome replied, getting her own clothes from a green trunk and leaving the group of people openmouthed at her exit.

"You know she's right. Well we'll see you guys on the coaches, save us a seat." Hermione turned on her heels and left the compartment followed by Ron.

Hogwarts loomed nearer as Harry, Neville, Ginny, and Luna changed into their robes. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was entering its first year into the Second War with Lord Voldermont. The old castle may have looked forbearing and a bit too scary for first years but to those who have been here before, it was a welcome home from a very dangerous and terrifying war of powerful wizards for domination.

Harry and his friends looked on with wonder at the castle that creped nearer, hoping that maybe this year they might have a normal year for once. Yet like all they may never be called normal, for this might be the most dangerous year of them all. The platform came into view and the train stopped, all students got off, to be escorted to their new home away from home, here at Hogwarts where since the Boy-Who- Lived came to study, nothing has ever been normal.

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