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Wizards, Demons and Miko Oh Hell

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Chapter Six: Voldemort and His Demons, DA to the Test.

As they began to walk to the Second floor corridor exit, a figure blocked the light as lightning hovered over head. Many of the students gasped, others stood still at the figure lit one of the torches and said with a sadistic grin.

"Hello, Harry Potter."

Harry narrowed his eyes as the tip of his wand gave out a bigger spark of light, There on the landing stood none other than Voldemort, a hooded slim body and red snake eyes the only thing visible from the coat's depth. Hermione and Ron looked at each other before gulping in understanding that it was all gonna go down hill from here. The other students stood in shock and fear as the Legendary Dark Lord, Voldemort, stood in their mist ready to kill them all.

Luna was the first to react, taking out her wand she pointed it at Voldemort, a small glint of fear mixed with excitement. "Expelloramus!" Her wand ignited and threw a shot of magic at the wide eyed Dark Lord, throwing him back and giving them room to get to the second floor and run to their classes to warn everyone of the treachery in the hallways.

Harry broke out of the spell that Voldemont's eyes had held him, motioning for the students to escape; he got ready for anything that Voldemort could throw at him. Hermione's eyes widen as she saw the hoard of Demons coming from the left hall, chasing some first graders who were terrified to their wits.

"Desorvois Vistais!" Hermione pointer her Wand at some of the Demons coming towards them. The First graders watched as those Demons fired upon began to melt into piles of goo. But then most of the Demons had weapons and were trying to slice at the students that couldn't think of defending themselves.

Ginny and Neville tried to fire at some of the Demons, they had practiced their spells in DA club and were getting far better than before. With a wave of their wands and a couple of demons were confused and killed. Most of the others students managed to make it pass the Demons and into the corridors that lead to their classes, in their mind engraved the message to warn everyone of the threat of demons.

Demons, demons everywhere and all those who stood their ground and fought, fought like real wizards that they someday will be great. An eerie mist clouded the hallway about a foot from the floor and made it look like they were fighting on clouds. No one noticed the little rat that ran passed everyone feet into the darkest corner of the hallway. The little packet of herbs it carried in a little pouch strapped to it's back.

Voldemort pointed his wand as he got up, at Harry, with a sneer he smiled and said, "Crusio!" yet it seemed Ron was looking out for Harry as he with a terrified voiced said a second before Voldemort, "Expelloramus!" in so causing the shot to fire at the on coming demons.

The Demons dropped to the floor and began to twitch uncontrollably. The first graders ran for their lives down the stairs to their only hope of escape, the Houses Dormitories. Demons followed them but there were some Seventh graders that interfered and blocked the demons from getting to the inexperienced fighters. With their wands they defended the first floor corridor as more students came from separate hallways and through other stairs to get to the Houses Dormitories.

One demon stood unaffected by anything, she smiled before pitching her Bow with arrows aimed at the three students before her on the Second floor corridor. Her smile sinister with dark magic and disgust. Her Dark Lord faught with one, the one that had captured all his power and left him for dead when still a child. Now revenge was hers, he Dark Lord would love her for it. Her arrows never missed and she was a Hawk demon after all.

Twang. .

The bows string sound was deafening as it neared the students, all arrows turning into a strings of dark magic, a long forgotten spell cursing through the air. Their force hit their victims throwing them out the Second corridor window, into the fray bellow where the Keeper of Keys, Hagrid, fought off a giant cat demon with red eyes and black fur with his own club and arrows. Firenze kneed some demon with his back hooves as he defended his life with some arrows of his own. Snape fired some shots at advancing demons; Flinch had put an old sword he had finished polishing to good use by slicing at many demons that came by him or his sidekick Mrs. Norris. He may have been a Squib but he's better with weapons than magic, he now saw that. All had bruises and cuts ranging from a pea size to very noticeable long time companions. Their numbers were small but the demons were beginning to die and there seemed that no more were gonna arrive any time soon.

Harry, Ron and Hermione landed with loud thud on the school grounds. Just suddenly a loud "Kyaaaa!" sounded from the direction of Hogsmead and the Demons dissolved into nothing as a stronger shield put itself into effect.

Demons were more rapidly being destroyed by those who were still able to fight, and the Dark Lord had apparently disappeared. The Teachers collapsed on the floor as more emerged from the school, students poured out of the school into the school grounds where they could see everyone. Most of the Seventh graders were present, less of the other grades emerged from hiding, about half of the school where hiding in their dormitories. Madam Prompry summoned a number of infirmary beds to the school ground to pick up the worse wounded and with a little of Pick-Me-Up potion she fixed some of the lucky ones with the less scrapes and bruises.

Dumbledore stood a distance away looking at the swirling power in the direction of the town of Hogsmead. There seemed to still be a battle going on in the town and the Professor Higurashi was still missing. Dumbledore's mood lightened as he saw most of the fighting begin to disperse and the power surges of Inu Yasha's Sword attacks become less and less. His moon shaped glasses shined as he said to no one in particular. "This seemed well planned out, by Voldemort I expected order, but it seams when he enlisted the help of demons . . . he got more than he bargained for." Turning to Hagrid who was inspecting some bruises on his face, he looked worse for wear, most of the blood was coating his upper body and a black eye was forming on his left eye. "Hagrid go back to your hut, retire for the night. I believe we have defeated the Dark Lord for the night." He smiled as Hagrid grabbed his bow and began his trek to his little hut by the Forbidden Forest. With a twinkle in his eyes Dumbledore nodded to Minerva, instructing her with a look.

"All Students with cuts or bruises are to report to the infirmary, as for the rest of you are to return to your Dormitories following the Perfects, you are to await the next set of instructions from your Head of House. Now off." McGonagal smiled as many of the students followed reluctantly their Perfects and trotted their common rooms to discuss the events of the night. Most were still shaken by the events of the night and were willing to write some letters to their parents telling them they better get better treatment for being able to fight the Dark Lord minions. Presents for their success were in order, in their opinion. Some were plotting to Write Rite Skeeter about the events that happened and how they drove the Dark Lord back while their teacher was taking care of Hogsmead. This was gonna be a good story for a while, after the incident with the Dragons on the School grounds and the Dog-Demon who was now their favorite assistant arrival to the school.

Hagrid limped towards his hut, as Harry, Ron and Hermione were lifted in stretchers and taken to the infirmary. They mulled over what happened, wondering all the while what had occurred to let the monsters and the Dark Lord into the School while in Hogsmead chaos had probably insured.

Neville, Luna and Ginny had received minor cuts and bruises but had needed the Pick-Me-Up Potion, for they were very weak from running and were trying desperately to stand straight without assistance.

Harry narrowed his eyes turning to look at the Ceiling of the infirmary as he mulled over the past events. A new teacher that was a Miko, A half-Dog demon, Attacks in the Forbidden Forest, Attack from Dragons, Sirius entered again in this world, A demon exterminator, A perverted monk and a Kitsune, not to mention a sudden attack when everything was least expected, what next zombies? He wondered as his eyes began to close, if Sirius would ever return to normal and if he could go live with him instead of his aunt Petunia or Uncle Vermont. He needed to send an owl to Mrs. Weasley see if he could go spend the Winter Vacation with them.

Peeves passed over the beds as he looked to see who were the unfortunate victims of the battle and who were the worst for where. His ghostly figure carried a bucket of dirty water as he sprinkled some into the empty cups beside the bed tables. Slugs were also poured into the concoction. He exited the infirmary as he saw Madam Prompry walking out of her office.

"Peeves, you better not be off to mischief, I'll tell Professor Dumbledore that you are molesting my patients and he'll make sure the Bloody Baron know about your pranks, Baron knows how you behave and you don't want him to take you out of his service." Madam Prompry moved to take the dirty water peeves left and put clean and clear fresh water within reach of the students. Peeves left the infirmary with a haughty insulted snort and up turn of his face.

Hermione sat on her infirmary bed reading and taking notes for the Potions test coming up, as well as preparing notes for her Herbology class They were studying Sproutistongs which was a plant heated to produce a gas that made everything it touch mist over till it was invisible to the naked eye.

"Miss Granger, do get some sleep, Tomorrow is the last Hogsmead visit before winter, and you don't want to be tired to go buying some things. Lights out." Madam Prompry turned off the lights but left every other candle on. Hermione shuffled her papers into her backpack and tucked it into the chair before laying down to sleep.

Ron was wondering what to order from his Famous brothers that were making much money with their Weasley Wizarding Wheezes Company. He might need to sick pills and maybe some Fire-Belly Dragon pops. He wondered sourly if Mrs. Weasley was gonna knit him another maroon colored sweater. Percy the little prick, was probably sucking up to the Headman Cornelius in the Ministry of Magic. Charley was taking care of the Dragon he came and picked up, surprised that the Dragons trusted them to take care of them, Thanks to Kagome communicating with them. Bill was still in Egypt working in the Gringotts goblin bank.

His blue eyes began to close as he noticed Moaning Myrtle fly by looking at Harry with a little twinkle of affection for the boy. He shuddered to think of the time Harry told him that Moaning Myrtle was in the Boy's Perfects Bathroom. He always checked afterwards that she was not present to see him naked when he bathed.

"Myrtle. . yawn why aren't you in your bathroom?" Ron asked as he focused on the startled look of the see through ghostly figure above. His blue eyes became unfocused as he struggled to stay awake.

Myrtle moved to float above Ron's bed, her pigtails bounced as she adjusted her glassed and nodded her head in annoyance. "What now I'm not allowed to be in here? Who are you to tell me that?! You . . are. . always. . . so . . so. . mean. . to . . to. . .me! WAAAAAHHHHHH" Myrtle zoomed out of the infirmary crying and wailing, waking some of the other students there before that went back to sleep. Peeves passed by with a smile on his face, as he carried a bucket of glue and feathers somewhere away from the infirmary.

Ron shut his eyes, with a sigh. Now so he could get some piece and quiet. Sleep was the best thing for the body, but tomorrow he was gonna need it. Hogsmead was one of his most favorite places to go and he was not gonna miss this visit for the whole world and a box of Chocolate Frogs. He smiled as he fell asleep.

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