Chapter 2

Fleur had hoped to continue duelling, but Maxime had called the duels off. The students scattered away laughing and talking, making their way to dormitories, Fleur on the other hand wanted some time to think. She waved her friends off and decided to take a stroll around the grounds.

She exited through the large jewel encrusted doors, and sat down on a bench in the gardens, listening to the warm breeze tickling the hedges and watching the sun slowly disappear behind the horizon. Although it was getting dark fast, the air was warm and fairly still.

Fleur sat and pondered to herself, thinking of her trip to Hogwarts, what would happen if she were chosen to represent Beauxbatons in the tournament. She got up again, strolled through the small hedge maze and sat by a large stone statue.

She looked up at the slowly fading sky, her hair spilling over her shoulders shone like liquid moonlight. Then she noticed she was not alone in the garden, a few paces away was a first year student crouched over and humming an extremely sad tune.

Fleur was about to leave; she could not stand the whining of a child. But as she stood up, she felt a feeling of remorse, a feeling of sympathy toward this first year girl. Although Fleur could not quite comprehend why, this young girl kind of reminded her of her sister, Gabrielle back home.

She quickly walked over to the girl.

"What is the matter?" Fleur said in her best soothing tone.

The girl looked up with blank lonely eyes, then they suddenly widened when she realised who was talking to her. "Oh, nothing is the matter, I'm just getting some fresh air." The little girl said in not very believable voice.

On a closer inspection, Fleur had noticed that the little girl had been crying and that she had a very bad case of acne. Fleur couldn't quite remember, but had a feeling that she had seen this girl around the school before being ridiculed. She even had a slightly sick feeling that she may have been ridiculing her once before.

"I'll see you later, good luck with the Triwizard Tournament then." The girl said before getting up, but Fleur laid a gentle hand on her shoulder stopping her escape. Fleur reached to the top of her head, wound a finger around one of her beautiful hairs and pulled it out. She clamped her hand around the hair, and it disappeared into a fine silver powder in her palm. She outstretched her fingers and the breeze lifted the sparkling powder into the air. It hung there momentarily like small stars frozen in orbit then swirled around the first year girl before disappearing.

Fleur silently walked away, inside the castle and towards her dormitory, leaving the first year girl alone in the garden, gazing open mouthed at her reflection in a fountain. Her acne had gone.